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XIV – 1987 Philippine Constitution

Education, Science and Technology,
Arts, Culture and Sports
- Section 3. Every citizen has a right to select a profession or course of study, subject to
fair, reasonable, and equitable admission and academic requirements.

We choose to study law aside from being a childhood dream is to have an

advancement in the field work. We believe that if one is equipped with legal knowledge,
we may be able to tell what is legally right to morally right. After which we may apply it
in the performance of our functions as Government employees to many and as Private
employees to some. It is indeed that we, are in dire need of this study of law especially
most of the law students are in the Government service such as judiciary staff, Police
officers, State College employee, LGU employees and CPA. Thus, the comprehension
of the law is necessary by the employees in the Government.
If the closure shall pursue we may never enrich ourselves through the study of law.
Since the nearest Law School is Angeles University and a more expensive than Pres.
Ramon Magsaysay State University-College of Law (PRMSU-COL). Tarlac State
University and Bulacan State University are a prospect but are not doable because of
the difference in the tuition fee and the distance from place of work going to said
schools. In Sec. 1 of Art. XIV of 1987 Philippine Constitution states that:
“The State shall protect and promote the right of all citizens to quality education
at all levels and shall take appropriate steps to make such education
We are taking advantage of the accessibility of COL offered by PRMSU such as 1.
Distance; 2. Tuition fee; 3. Convenience in terms of class schedule considering students are
full time Government employees. Should the closure continue study of Law will not be
accessible to us ordinary citizen who wish to study law. Study of law will now be accessible to
Executive class was primarily offered to cater the full time government employees in
harmony with Sec. 1 of Art. XIV of the Philippine Constitution, to those who wants to study law
or pursue it as career or use it as advancement in the field of work. It is anyway that the study
of law shall be made generally available and higher education shall be equally ACCESSIBLE
to all on the basis of merit as provided in Art. 26 (1) of Universal Declaration of Human Rights.