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‘SPRINGFIELD OFFICE: DISTRICT OFFICE: 316 STATE HOUSE tew2s1 83" sr. ‘SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS 62706 ‘Sumec (217) 792-0494 Bune Rupee, ILLINo's 60527 (217) 782-7012 FAX (630) 3252028 (630) 3252201 FAX JIM DURKIN STATE REPRESENTATIVE + 82ND DISTRICT HOUSE REPUBLICAN LEADER March 27, 2019 Honorable Kwame Raoul 500 S. Second St. Springfield, IL 62706 Attorney General Raoul: As you are aware, the Cook County State's Attorney Office has dismissed all charges in the Justin “Jussie” Smollett investigation. This case lef a black mark on the city of Chicago. Mr. Smollett’s falsified report amounted in countless hours of wasted work from the Chicago Police Department in a time where they are needed to fight against violence across the city. Asa former Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney, I am concerned about the integrity of this investigation and of the office. This case has shed a negative light onto an office that I had the privilege to work in for many years. For someone to falsify a hate crime and to be “let off the hook" is not only unfair but sets a dangerous precedent for high profile cases. Jam formally asking for your office to complete a thorough review of the prosecution and sentencing determination in the Smollett investigation. Sincerely, rkin Hoye Republican Leader 82" District