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Sour Service Valve Applications
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Vogt Valves
Sour Service Valve Applications
ENVIRONMENT”? Most alloys and particularly ferrous metals,
Fluids, notably petroleum crudes and whether hardened by heat treatment or
gases, containing water (H20) as a liquid cold work to hardnesses above Rc-22,
are susceptible to SSC. Heat-affected
and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) are considered
zones (HAZ) in welds with hardnesses
to be “sour environments.” Piping and above Rc-22 are also susceptible.
components transporting these fluids are
considered to be in sour service.


The “Sour Environment” problem has exist-
ed for decades but became a major con-
cern in the 1970’s with the increased pro- WHAT’S NACE?
duction of H2S bearing hydrocarbon National Association of Corrosion
crudes and gases which caused a notice- Engineers. This highly respected organiza-
able increase in failures of materials. tion has recognized the problem and
issued Standard MR-01-75 and Revisions,
Valves operating in a sour environment
have prematurely failed as a result of a
corrosion process known as sulfide
stress cracking (SSC). SSC is a hydro-
gen embrittlement phenomenon that
occurs in high strength steels and in the
heat-affected zones (HAZ) of steel weld-
ments. It occurs as an unexpected brittle
failure in materials when subjected to
stresses that are even less than their yield


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Vogt Valves
Sour Service Valve Applications
WHAT’S MR-O1-75 ABOUT? DOES VOGT MEET THE 2. Non Exposed Bolting:
MR-01-75 is a material standard—not a CHALLENGE? Bolting which is exposed to the open
design standard. It is an aid in the selec- atmosphere rather than the sour environ-
Yes. We offer a number of valve series
tion of materials for those “Sour ment.
that are manufactured under a controlled
Environment” applications with conditions manufacturing system that assures all
present which could result in SSC. The materials, welds, and fabrication processes WHAT’S THE “BEST” TRIM?
standard discusses the sour environment meet MR-01-75 and can be certified No single trim is “Best” for all sour envi-
and presents guidelines in the H2S concen- on request. ronment applications, particularly when
tration and pressure relationships where H2S, CO2, and water containing chlorides
SSC can occur in sour gas and sour multi- All Vogt forged steel valve bodies and bon- are present.
phase systems. The standard has an excel- nets meet NACE MR-01- 75. However, we
lent listing of ferrous and non-ferrous mate- exert extreme care to control the manufac- Vogt makes maximum use of 13% Cr.,
rials that are resistant to SSC. Copies of turing process for valve trim parts, bolting, 316 stainless steel and Monel trim pack-
MR-01-75, including revisions, can be and pressure boundary welds to maintain ages which offer superior corrosion
obtained by writing: appropriate chemistry and mechanical resistance when matched to the sour
NACE INTERNATIONAL, properties which are resistant to SSC. environment and considering CO2 and
P.O. Box 218340, water containing chlorides.
Houston, Texas 77218.
WHAT’S THE BEST BOLTING? After your careful analysis of the “Sour
Environment” conditions, the selection of
Vogt ASTM A105 NACE valves use ASTM
ANY OTHER CONSIDERATIONS? A193 Gr. B7M or B8M CL1 material for
trim materials may be made from the fol-
Yes. In addition to H2S, carbon dioxide lowing “trim suggestions” chart.
exposed and non-exposed bonnet bolt
(CO2) and water containing chlorides applications. For temperature to -50˚F,
may also be present in crude oils and Vogt ASTM A350, Gr. LF2 valves use
gases. This environment can lead to ASTM A320, Gr. L7M or B8M CL1 bonnet
degradation of exposed material by bolts for exposed and non-exposed bolt
weight loss corrosion (pitting, crevice applications.
and general corrosion) and other forms of
environmental embrittlement. NACE MR-01-75 addresses bolting
requirements in two categories:
MR-01-75 covers only materials resistant 1. Exposed Bolting:
to SSC but other considerations must be Bolting which in service is exposed
recognized and properly dealt with to directly to the sour environment or which
assure efficient and safe control of haz- will be buried, insulated or equipped
ardous media. with flange protectors or otherwise
denied direct exposure to the open
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Vogt Valves
Sour Service Valve Applications
Service Also Present Temperature Range Vogt
Suggested Trim

Oil/Gas H2S and H2O -20˚F to 800˚F 316 or 13 Cr.

Oil/Gas H2S, H2O, CO2 -20˚F to 800˚F 316, 13 Cr. or Monel*

Oil/Gas H2S, H2O and Chlorides -20˚F to 800˚F Monel* or 13 Cr.

Oil/Gas H2S, H2O, CO2 and Chlorides -20˚F to 800˚F Monel* or 13 Cr.

See Figures No.1 and No. 2, NACE MR-01-75.
* In multiphase systems significant general corrosion may occur at temperatures above 300˚F when CO2, H2S and chlorides are present.
For sour service valve applications outside the scope of NACE Standard MR-01-75 SSC region requirements, Vogt suggests that our standard carbon steel valves containing
13 Cr., Type 316 stainless steel trim (F8M) or Monel (mm) trim be used.

TRIM SUFFIX DESIGNATIONS are used with series numbers to indicate the special characteristics
of a valve for sour service applications.
Suffix for NACE Trim Designation Special Characteristics
Monel Trim
Monel/Flexible Graphite Spiral Wound Gasket
MBS Flexible Graphite Packing
(Monel) B7M Bonnet Bolting
Full Rating

Solution Annealed 316 Trim

316/Flexible Graphite Spiral Wound Gasket
MB8 Flexible Graphite Packing
(316SS) B8MCL1Bonnet Bolting
Hard Faced Seats and Gate (or Disc)
Full Rating

MB6 Soft 13 Cr. Trim

(13 Cr.) 304/Flexible Graphite Spiral Wound Gasket
Flexible Graphite Packing
B7M Bonnet bolting
Hard Faced Seats and Gate (or Disc)
Full Rating

Flow Control Division

Vogt Valves
Sour Service Valve Applications
TYPICAL Description Pressure/Size Material Series Number
VOGT VALVES Designation Body/Bonnet Trim Threaded Socket Weld
Globe Valves
MATERIAL Bolted Class 800 A105 316M Trim★ 12141MB8 SW 12141MB8
REQUIREMENTS Bonnet 1975 psi@ 100˚F B8MCL1 Bolting
OF NACE OS&Y Sizes 1/2 - 2
Gate Valves Class 800
MR-01-75 Bolted 1975 psi@ 100˚F A350, 316M Trim★ 32111MB8 SW 32111MB8
A number of outside Bonnet Sizes 1/2 - 2 Gr. LF2 B8MCL1 Bolting
screw and yoke (OS&Y)
and inside screw (ISS) OS&Y (to -50˚F)
valves utilizing materials 316M Trim★ 12111MB8 SW 12111MB8
selected from NACE Gate Valves A105
B8MCL1 Bolting
MR-01-75 are offered. Bolted Class 800
These valves are carried Bonnet 1975 psi@100˚F Monel Trim 12111MBS SW 12111MBS
in stock and are OS&Y Sizes 1/4 - 2 B7M Bolting
available with written
certification to NACE Soft 13 Cr. Trim 12111MB6 SW 12111MB6
A105 B7M Bolting
Standard MR-01-75
when specified. For
a more complete list of Gate Valves Class 800 A105 Monel 2801MBS SW 2801MBS
Vogt valves meeting Welded 1975 psi@ 100˚F
NACE MR-01-75, see Bonnet Sizes 1/4 - 2 A105 316★ 2801MB8 SW 2801MB8
Vogt V V200 Catalog. OS&Y
Order by size and
number Gate Valves Class 800
Union 1975 psi@ 100˚F A105 Monel 59851MBS SW 59851MBS
Bonnet Sizes 1/4 - 2
Gate Valves Class 1500
Bolted 3705 psi@ 100˚F A350, 316M Trim★
Bonnet Sizes 1/2 -2 35111MB8 SW 35111MB8
Gr. LF2 B8MCL1 Bolting
OS&Y (to -50˚F)
316M Trim★
Gate Valves A105 15111MB8 SW 15111MB8
Welded Class 1500
Bonnet 3705 psi@ 100˚F Monel Trim
OS&Y Sizes 1/2 - 2 A105 B7M Bolting 15111MBS SW 15111MBS
Soft 13 Cr. Trim 15111MB6 SW 15111MB6
A105 B7M Bolting
Gate Valves
Welded Class 1500 A105 Monel 15801MBS SW 15801MBS
Bonnet 3705 psi@ 100˚F
OS&Y Sizes 1/2 - 2 A105 316M Trim★ 15801MBS SW 15801MB8
B8MCL1 Bolting

GLOBE ★ Discs and integral seats are hard faced. The trim is solution annealed after machining to assure Rc-22 Max. hardness.
GATE ★ Seats and wedge are hard faced and trim parts solution annealed after machining to assure Rc-22 Max. hardness.
Most Vogt valve designs can be furnished in accordance with NACE MR-01-75 including special design requirements. 5
NOTE: All forged steel fittings shown in our current catalogs meet the requirements of NACE MR-01-75 and are available for immediate shipment from our warehouse or Vogt distributors’ stock.
Flow Control Division

Vogt Valves

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