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Good day po.

I write this letter to respectfully ask your favor regarding the confirmation of employment experience as
Radiologic Technologist of my sister-in-law, in Zamboanga City.

is currently working at King Fahad General Hospital in Jeddah as Radiologic Technologist on her last year
in her three years contract. The Saudi Council investigated and called Dr. xxxxxxxxxxxx who appears to be
the owner of laboratory, unfortunately, he stated that she never worked with MEDNET.

My sister-in-law was indulged by the offer of the Chief X-ray technologist, Mr. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, to pay
a certain amount in exchange for the 2 years’ experience which she did not truly served.

I wish to contact Dr. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, the owner of laboratory to approach him personally but according
to his HR Staff, Ms. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, he and his family have already settled in Manila.

Then I got an idea that you might have communication with the owner. We went to your department
earlier, however, accordingly, you are attending a convention. Doc, please help us reach Dr.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. I actually know him personally because we have attended seminars sponsored by him. I
will never forget that he already had helped me before with my job application last 2010.

I hope and pray that Dr. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx will consider to affirm her employment experience to allow
her to finish her contract without being blacklisted from the Saudi Council. Currently, the hospital admin
is pressuring her about the discrepancies on her documents. She is so scared because she was told that
they will hold her and not allow her to come home. Her income from her present employment helps her
mother for her anti- hypertensive maintenance. Too bad, that she was able to acquire this job through a
fake experience. She learned her lesson in a hard way. But she is desperately looking for ways to at least
not be held by the Saudi Council and face harsh consequences. Please help us doc.