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Booking with Customer Profile Information System

For Sheila’s Park Family Resto & KTV

A family restaurant and KTV is a resting and entertainment place best for occasions, family

bondings and holiday celebrations, Sheila's Park Family Resto & KTV is located at Balmores St.,

Brgy. Sto. Nino, Koronadal City. The family resto and KTV provides games such as dart, board

game, experiences such as bonding with family and friends, or just relax at their welcoming

neighbourhood atmosphere while enjoying the taste of their comfort food. The business caters and

serves around 500 customers per month, this includes people who books the place and uses the

function hall.

The proponents navigated through their transactions and discovered flaws with the process

of their data and information especially in keeping records of their customers and booking method.

In line with giving them the solution to fix their problems, the proponents propose a Booking with

Customer Profile Information System for Sheila’s Park Family Resto & KTV, the proposed system

is divided into three records, the KTV, restaurant and Function hall, the three records are supplied

by a booking system that sorts the customer information and organizes them based on the place

the customer books.

The customer profile contains the information for their name, the date for booking, the

reason for booking, their age, birthday, gender, number of persons to occupy a booking place, and

the occasion. The KTV, restaurant, and function hall records contains the information for the

customers that will book the place. The administered personnel manages the information and

organizes it using the proposed system. The amount of expenses used will be recorded and

generates a billing statement to present to the customer.

The objectives of the proposed system is to provide the client with a satisfactory and

acceptable system that eases their work and remove all possible flaws that the manual and hand-

held transaction caused.

The proposed system is focused in recording and managing the customers that will book

the place. The system will return feedbacks to the administered personnel if the place is already

booked at a specified date in order to avoid multiple bookings and incorrect dates, it will also

generate the list of customer, the customer profile and the billing statement to avoid additional


The system is limited to the recording of damage expense to the place, the loss of customer

property during booking period and the employee service records that takes place during the

occasion for booking period.