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5G Air Interface - Non-Standalone

Course Description

The 5G air interface is a key part of the 5G system which will facilitate Enhanced Mobile
Broadband and Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communication, as well as the support of Massive IoT.
The course focuses on the initial NSA (Non-Standalone) operation, also known as EN-DC. In so
doing it identifies the 5G NR (New Radio) air interface, from the physical layer operation to higher
layer support of services. In addition, modification to existing LTE procedures are also examined,
as well as NSA based mobility.

Prerequisites: LTE Air Interface

2 12


learning CPD Learning Level: 3
Credits (Advanced)
This course will contain the following sections:

1. 5G New Radio 5G Physical Layer Transmission

Topic areas covered include: and Reception (cont.)
• 5G Phases: • 5G Frequency Bands:

--NR (New Radio) Phases. --Definition of Frequency Ranges.

--5G NR Roadmap. --5G NR Bands.
--EN-DC Band Combinations.
• EN-DC Architecture: --Baseband Processing Combinations.
--5G RAN Deployment Options: --Harmonics and Intermodulation for EN-DC.
-- Option 3, Option 3x, Option 3a, Option 2, --5G Carrier Numbering.
Option 7 and Option 4.
--Standalone Architecture. • 5G Waveform: CP-OFDM and DFT-s-OFDM:
--Non-Standalone Architecture. --OFDM Subcarriers.
--EN-DC UE Protocol. --Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing.
--C-RAN for EN-DC. --Cyclic Prefix.

• EN-DC Bearers: • NR Numerology and Frame Structure:

--EN-DC Terminology: --Numerology.
-- MCG, SCG, PCell, PSCell. SpCell and SCell. --Slot Length.
--EN-DC User Plane Bearer Options. --Frame Structure.
--SRB3. --NR Slots.
--MCG Split SRB in EN-DC. --5G NR Time Unit.
• EN-DC in the RAN: --NR Cyclic Prefix.
--NR Physical Resource Block:
--EN-DC X2 Setup.
-- PRB Options.
--EN-DC Configuration Update.
--Resource Grid:
-- Resource Element.
--5G NR Transmitted Signal.
2. 5G Physical Layer Transmission --Slot Format Configuration.
and Reception --Uplink/Timing.

• Channel Bandwidth:
Topic areas covered include:
--Maximum Transmission Bandwidth.
• 5G NR Duplexing:
--Carrier BWP (Bandwidth Part):
--FDD and TDD Duplexing Modes. -- PRB and CRB.
--SDL (Supplementary Downlink). -- Point A Definition.
--SUL (Supplementary Uplink).

CPD Learning
ITP accredited

LiveOnsite, LiveOnline,
Credits course OnlineAnytime
3. 5G Massive MIMO and 4. 5G Physical Layer Details
Topic areas covered include:
Topic areas covered include:
• NR Physical Layer Processing:
• Why Massive MIMO?
--Key Specifications.
--Requirement for Massive MIMO: --Code Block Generation:
-- Antenna Elements. -- Scrambling.
-- Antenna Arrays. -- Channel Coding.
--Increasing Capacity. -- Rate Matching.
-- Code Block Concatenation.
• MIMO in 5G:
--Code Block Group:
--Summary of Transmission Path in 5G NR: -- NR CBG Size.
-- Codewords, Layers and Antenna Ports. --Codewords to Antenna Ports.
--MIMO Spatial Multiplexing.
• NR Channels:
--Logical Channels:
• Beamforming (Massive MIMO): -- BCCH, PCCH, CCCH, DCCH and DTCH.
--Spatial Multiplexing vs Beamforming. --Transport Channels:
--Creating a Beam. -- BCH, DL-SCH, PCH, UL-SCH and RACH.
--Narrow Beams and Beam Steering. --Mapping Logical Channels into Transport
--Beamforming Nulls: Channels:
-- Null Beam Steering. -- DCI and UCI Mapping.
--Massive MIMO Antennas. --Physical Channels:
--MIMO in a Handset.
and PUCCH.
--Multiple Panel Antenna.
--Mapping Transport Channels to Physical
• NR Beam Management: Channels.
--Synchronization and Reference Signals.
--Beam Sweeping.
--SS Block: • Downlink Physical Channels and Signals:
--Downlink Synchronization Signals.
--Beam Management Reference Signals:
--PSS and SSS:
-- CSI-RS and SRS.
-- PCI Identification.
--Transmission Configuration and Quasi Co-
--Physical Broadcast Channel:
-- DMRS for BCH.
-- TCI, QCL and QCL Type.
--Physical Downlink Control Channel:
--Single and Multiple CSI-RS:
-- CRI (CSI-RS Resource Indicator).
-- CORESET Configuration.
-- PMI (Precoding Matrix Indicator).
-- PDCCH for SFI.
--Transmission Based on SRS. -- PDCCH for Pre-emption.
--SS Burst and Burst Set. --Physical Downlink Shared Channel:
--SS Block Locations. -- PDSCH Configuration Setup.
--SS/PBCH Block Index Indication. --PDSCH DMRS:
--Beam Measurement, Determination and -- Type A and Type B.
Reporting. -- DMRS Configuration Parameters.
-- Configuration Type 1 and Configuration
• Transmission and Ports in NR: Type 2.
--Downlink Transmission: • NR Uplink Physical Channels:
-- Codewords.
-- DMRS Ports. --Physical Random Access Channel:
-- NR Preambles.
--Uplink Transmission.
-- RACH/PRACH Configuration.
--NR Downlink Antenna Ports. -- PRACH Configuration Index.
--NR Uplink Antenna Ports. -- PRACH SCS.
-- Preamble Formats for NR.
--Physical Uplink Shared Channel:
-- Configuring PUSCH.
5G Physical Layer Details (cont.) 6. 5G EN-DC Operation
--Physical Uplink Control Channel: Topic areas covered include:
-- PUCCH Formats.
-- PUCCH Location. • Attaching and EN-DC Operation:
-- PUCCH Configuration. --Initial E-UTRA Attach.
--UE Capabilities:
• Additional 5G Reference Signals:
-- UE NR Capability Parameters.
--CSI-RS: -- UE MR-DC Capabilities.
-- CSI-RS Configuration.
-- ZP and NZP CSI-RS. • E-UTRA Measurements for EN-DC:
-- CDM Types. --E-UTRA Measurement Configuration Options:
-- Examples of CDM4 and FD-CDM2. -- RRC Measurement Configuration.
-- Periodic and Semi-Persistent CSI-RS.
-- CSI-RS Frame Location. --Measurement Objects.
--Sounding Reference Signal: --Report Configuration:
-- SRS Mapping. -- Event B1 NR.
-- Wideband and Sub-Band SRS. --LTE Events Summary.
-- SRS Usage. --Measurement Identities.
--Phase Tracking Reference Signal: --NR Measurement Timing Configuration:
-- PTRS Location. -- SMTC.
-- PTRS Configuration. -- MTC.
-- PTRS Conditions. --Identifying Suitable NR Cell.
--Measurement Report.

• PSCell Addition:
5. 5G Layer 2 and Layer 3
--SgNB Addition Request and Request
Topic areas covered include: Acknowledge.
--RRC Connection Reconfiguration.
• EN-DC Radio Resource Control:
--Reconfiguration with Sync.
--RRC EN-DC Features. --PSCell Split SRB.
--RRC States. --PSCell Split DRB.
--RRC Messages: --Secondary Node Release.
-- MIB.
--Random Access Process.
-- RRC Reconfiguration.
-- Measurement Report. • Radio Link Failure:
--E-UTRA RRC for EN-DC Operation:
-- UL Information Transfer MRDC. --RLF Configuration.
-- SCG Failure Information NR. --Out-of-Sync and In-Sync.
--Failure Report.
• NR Packet Data Convergence Protocol:
--PDCP Services. • Beam Failure:
--PDCP Functions. --Beam Failure Parameters.
--PDCP Profiles. --Beam Failure Detection.
--PDCP Protocol Data Units. --Beam Failure Recovery.

• NR Radio Link Control: • Power Control:

--Transparent Mode. --Downlink Power Allocation.
--Unacknowledged Mode. --Uplink Power Control.
--Acknowledged Mode.
--RLC Protocol Data Units.

• NR Medium Access Control:

--MAC Services and Functions.
--MAC Control Elements.
--NR RNTI Identities.
--MAC Headers.
7. 5G Scheduling
Topic areas covered include:
• NR Scheduling:
--Downlink Control Information.
--Search Space.
--PDCCH Aggregation Levels.
--Resource Allocation Type.
--Allocation Type 0.
--Allocation Type 1.
--Dynamic Switch.
--PDSCH and PUSCH Scheduling.

• NR Downlink Resource Allocation:

--PDSCH Time Domain Resource Allocation.
--Table 1 and Table 2 PDSCH/PUSCH MCS.
--Transport Block Size.
--Downlink Configured Scheduling.
--Discontinuous Reception.

• NR Uplink Resource Allocation:

--PUSCH Time Domain Resource Allocation.
--PUSCH MCS Index.
--Uplink Configured Scheduling.

• NR Feedback:
--Buffer Status Report.
--Power Headroom Reporting.
--Scheduling Request.
--Channel State Information.
--Channel Quality Indicator.

• EN-DC Resource Coordination:

--Resource Coordination Signalling.
--Coordination Resource Bitmap.

8. 5G Mobility with EPC

Topic areas covered include:
• EN-DC Mobility:
--Mobility Options.
--NR Measurements.

• EN-DC Change of Secondary Node:

--Secondary Node Triggered.

--RRC Reconfiguration.
Watch a Sample
--Measurement Gap Configuration.
Video Online
--Handover Restriction List.

• Inter MeNB Handover with EN-DC.

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