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1. Last Saturday my teachers, my classmates and I went to camping site in Batu, Malang.

It was
our school holiday program. We departed from school at 6 in the morning. We went there by
2. We arrived at the camping site around 1 pm. First we did water sports at the river near the
camping site. We had so much fun.
3. After that we bulit tent together at the camp site. Then at night we cooked dinner together.
We roasted sausages and marshmallows. The food was delicious.
4. The next morning we played games that hold by our teachers. We played in team and my
team won the game. We were really exited.
5. At the afternoon, we went horse riding. I was afraid of the horse that I did not hold the rein
tighly. Suddenly I fell down from the horse and broke my hand. It was really hurt.
6. We went home at evening. Altought I broke my hand, I was very happy to had holiday
together with my clasemates.

1. Who went holiday to Batu Malang?
2. Why did the writer fell from the horse?
3. What did the writer and her/his friends do after build the tent?
4. Who managed the games?
5. What did the writer feel of the holliday?