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Quiz Bowl Mechanics

General Guidelines

1. Registration shall be around 1:00 pm of March 28, 2019 at Saint Paul

University Surigao SHS Building, International function hall.

2. Each school is entitled to have three (2) representatives who will

compose a TEAM. They should be bona fide students of their respective

3. Each TEAM shall bring their own scientific calculator. The calculator will
be checked beforehand by the Quiz Bowl Committee.

4. The contest is divided into three (3) phases: the Easy, Moderate, and
Difficult Phases.

5. Questions shall be of Multiple Choice Type for the Easy Questions (20
items) and Moderate Questions (10 items). NO choices shall be provided
for the answers to Questions for the difficult phase (10 items).

6. In between phases, there will be a two-minute lull.

7. At the end of each phase, the cumulative score of each team/contestant

will be computed.

8. At the end of the contest, the group with the highest cumulative score
will be declared the Champion. The next two highest scoring teams will
be declared First and Second Runners up, respectively.

Reading Mechanics
1. Questions during the Easy phase will be limited to fifteen (10) seconds
per question. For the Moderate phase, it will be limited to thirty (15)
seconds per question. For the Difficult phase, it will be limited to sixty
(60) seconds per question since the questions for the said phase require
or need quite long computations.

2. Questions will be read twice by the quizmaster. After the second

reading, the quizmaster shall say “GO” and only then the team be
allowed to write the answer. Automatically the respective time limit for
each round will begin with the word “GO” by the quizmaster. If a
question requires enumeration or needs computation, the time limit will
be extended to five (5) more seconds.
3. After the time and the buzzer sounds, the team should STOP writing and
raise their writing boards. The answer of the team violating this rule will
be considered void.

Answering Mechanics
1. Each TEAM contestant will be provided with official writing boards.

2. Answers must be written legibly on the writing boards as instructed. If

the question item is a multiple choice, the answer must be written in
PRINT BIG LETTERS such as A, B, C, and D.

3. Only complete answers will merit credit. Incomplete answers shall be

considered wrong answers for the problem-solving type questions in the

4. The audience must observe silence while the contest is going on.
5. One point shall be deducted from the total score of the TEAM
contestant for every violation of any of the contest rules. Any violation
will be signaled by a VIOLATION CALL which will be done, identified and
confirmed by the Officer of the Academic Contest Committee.

Scoring Mechanics
1. The quiz contest will follow a point system of scoring.

2. Points shall be awarded as follows:

Point Values For Each

Phase No. of Items Correct Answer

Easy 20 1 20
Moderate 10 3 30
Difficult 10 5 50
Overall Total 100

3. Aw
Protest Mechanics

1. A protest may be raised by any contestant or coach. All protests shall

be forwarded to the judges for decision.

2. Protests regarding a particular question will be entertained only before

the next question is read. Once the next question is read, no protest
regarding the previous question will be entertained.

3. During the protest, the contestant has the privilege of consulting any
reference, provided they are relevant to the subject of the protest.

4. The Board of Judges shall be given a maximum of two (2) minutes to

resolve the protest after which the contest shall go on. Should the
judges fail to resolve the protest within the allotted time, the said
question shall be held in abeyance until the same has been resolved.

5. The Board of Judges will act on any concern regarding the questions
and answers ONLY.

6. The decision of the Board of Judges shall be final and non-appealable.

Tie Breaking Mechanics

1. In case of a tie at the end of the last phase of this contest, a tie breaker
will immediately ensue and will be sudden death in nature.

2. Questions of any difficulty and type will be asked until one contestant
gains an advantage in score over the other.

3. The first contestant to gain an advantage in score will be declared the

victor of the tie and will merit the corresponding award.