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Rules & Regulation

1. To abstract the important rules and regulations of gymnasium usage.

a. Please register at the counter, present your ID cards and show your towels to
the staff before entering the gym. This is to ensure only authorised personnel
can use the facilities at TARUC and any damage done to the gym facilities
could be tracked by using the ID cards.
b. All gym users must be appropriately dressed in sports attire. Do not take off
your T-shirt when inside the gym area. Jeans, jacket, slippers, sandals and
barefoot are not allowed. This is because to protect yourself and other gym
users when working out in the gym, without proper attire the gym user might
suffer from sprain because the attire might not be flexible enough for the
activities done in the gym.
c. Towels are compulsory. Kindly use it to wipe off your sweat when using the
gym equipment. Gym users are not allowed to share towels. This is because it
will ensure the gym equipment and gym environment are clean and hygiene
for a better gym experience.
d. Only plain water or isotonic drinks contained in proper “non-spill” sports
bottles are to be brought into the exercise area. All other fluid shall be
consumed outside the compound of the gym. This is because other drinks
might be sweet which could attract pest like ants to the gym, ultimately
damaging the gym equipment when spilled.
e. Re-rack weight plates and dumbbells when done with your exercises. When
using the strength machines, control the movement and do not drop or clang
weights. Do not monopolize equipment. This is because it would prevent
accidental injury to gym users when gym equipment accident falls and injured
a gym user because of misplacement of gym equipment or sprain yourself
because you release the gym equipment too fast.
f. Please roll up the yoga mats and return to its place once done using it. This is
because to prevent gym equipment lost and keep the gym clean and tidy.
g. Do not hog the machines. Cardio machines are restricted to 30 minutes per use
during peak hours. All other equipment shall always be shared among gym
users. Free weights are not to be taken out of its designated area. Safety collars
must always be used. This is because it allows all gym users have chance to
use all the gym and equipment safely and without losing or damaging the gym
h. All gym users must observe the instructions and safety precautions pertaining
to the use of the exercise equipment. If in doubt, gym users are advised to
consult the staff on duty.
i. All gym users enter and use the gym at their own risk. Neither TAR UC, nor
its staff shall be liable for any loss or damage to property or death or personal
injury arising from the use of the gym.
j. The University College reserves the right to bar anyone who does not observe
the TAR UC Gym Rules & Regulations, abuses equipment or shows
disrespect to other students and staff or are in violation of the Student Code of
2. Current Development and Issues in Gym Workout
a. Choose an article on any current issue regarding health & fitness. Write your
personal opinion regarding the issue in 180 – 200 words & attach the issue.
Based on this article, it is about 2019 Malaysia’s government healthcare expenditure on
improving health in Malaysia. From 2017 to 2018, the health expenditure has increased in
9.5% said by Datuk Seri S. Subramanian. But based on another article by The Star,
Malaysian Medical Association President Dr Ravi Naidu it is said the expenditure is “too
little” and half comes from private insurance or out-of-pocket payments. Based on this issue,
I think we could improve the average Malaysian’s health with another options.
In my opinion, our available options are instead of hiring more nurses and doctors in
hospital, we as Malaysians we could help educate our friends and families on the important of
self-regular exercise like Gym workout. We could achieve it if we try something like holding
a gathering session with your friends and families in a Park where the core activities would
be exercising and catching up sessions. This is because the cost is less compared to hiring
new doctors and if we exercise regularly we can keep our body healthy and even keep our
body looking good in shape. We always tend to rely on medicine to help us when we are sick,
if we exercise regularly we could prevent minor sickness from ever happening in the first
place because we are healthy of exercising.
3. What did I learn from this course?
a. I have learnt many things after attending this course. Firstly, I have learnt the
proper ways of doing Gym workout, there are specific ways and technique for
you to properly workout. Because if you do it the wrong way you might risk
injuring yourself from spraining. I have also learnt to be patience because
building muscles is not something to be rushed, it takes determination and
patience to build day by day. If rushed, you might risk injuring yourself and
unable to further Gym workout. In conclusion, proper techniques, patience and
determination are important lesson to me because just like in our daily lives,
for example academic, we must be patience and never give up so that we
could someday achieve our goals.
4. What should I do in further develop my soft skills and technical skills?
a. I should further develop my soft skills and technical skills by first finding
myself mentor because without a proper mentor, I may be learning or doing
things inefficiently. So, in our case of Gym technical skills, I may able to seek
a trainer to further my knowledge in advance Gym workout in building my
body muscles and the diet requires for such activities. In term of soft skills, I
may be able to start by teaching some of friends or junior where they have no
experience in Gym, on the basic Gym techniques I have learnt in this
Curriculum lesson. I believe this would help strengthen my soft skills in
leadership and communication skills.


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