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This planning application is open for public comment until 05 April 2019 Reference no PLN-19-0022 Site 10 UNION STREET LONGFORD Proposed Partial change of use to distillery, bond store & cellar door & signage (heritage listed place in heritage precinct, within 100m of residential use) Development Zone UGHT INDUSTRIAL ZONE - Heritage listed, Heritage Precinct Use class Resource Processing Development i iscretionan oon Discret v | CL po — Witten cepresentations may be made during this time tothe General Manager; malled to PO 80x56, Longora, Tasmania 7303, selvered to Counaloffies or «pdf letter emailed to (no seca form required Pun19-0022 EXHIBITED PLANNING APPLICATION Proposal Description ofproposal .nScHiANGE OF.026. Te, PACT, Beng To. ABT GEO G0 Sole TEBREET ATION BREA, BOO TOBE ne nnn (otac oo eet acca applying fra ich creates. a new road, please supply three proposed names for the road, in order of preference: Estimated cost of project S.SBLCS, Incl cn of odping ark tf conmerl inte et ‘Are there any existing buildings on ths property? yes / (Ne) {yes main blng i use. DENT LOR SENE Sr, RED ENCE. EXHIBITED