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Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

Technical Service Group, C.S. Department.
Authorized by; Issued by;
CS Dept. CS Dept.
May.21,2010 May.21,2010
Issue Date : May. 21, 2010 Sakutani Nambu
Bulletin No. : S030-90-K007
Subject : Hino DX Software Updated (Ver.1.0.9)
Applicable Area : All
Applicable Model : Hino Engine equipped model (SK200-8, SK210LC-8, SK225SR, SK235SR-2, SK250-8,
: SK260LC-8,SK330-8, SK350LC-8, SK460-8, SK480LC-8)
Applicable S/No. : All serial No. of YN11, YN12, YB05, YB06, LA05, LA06, YF05, YF06, YU05, YU05, YQ11, YQ12,
LQ12, LQ13, LL12, LL13, LC10, LC11, YC10, YC11, LS10, LS11, YS10, YS11

1. Background of Information
It has increased that the number of software code of Version code
the ECU for Hino engine.
Hino DX was updated to meet them.

2. Parts Information

Below new model codes of engine were registered

additionally with the latest Hino DX.

Kobelco parts No. Hino model code

YN02P00062F1 J05ETG-KSDP
LS02P00049F1 P11CUP-KSDD
Version code
LS02P00042F1 P11CUP-KSDE
LS02P00035F2 P11CUU-KSDB

Therefore, please replace current version Hino DX

with latest one.

Version code

This bulletin is issued for information only and is not

an authorization for warranty claim submission.

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