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writ 1133

human rights / humans write

spring 2019

• the prompt
Lynn Hunt argues that cultural artifacts not only represent the human
condition; they teach us new ways to be human. In this essay, you’ll apply
Hunt’s concepts to a contemporary cultural artifact of your choosing
(pending my approval) in order to develop an original interpretation:
What new way of being human does your chosen artifact teach its users?
And specifically how does it teach that lesson to them?
• audience
Imagine that you’re submitting this essay to a journal of undergraduate
writing. The editors are an art historian, a philosopher, and a literary
critic. They’re broadly familiar with the philosophy and history of human
rights; however, they haven’t read Hunt’s work, and so they’re not
familiar with her arguments. And although it’s possible that one of them
is somewhat familiar with the cultural artifact you’ve chosen to analyze,
the others are not.
• format
You are to format your essay in MLA style (including a Works Cited
page). See the “Formatting your work” tab on the blog.
• due dates
You’ll write this essay in stages over a period of several class meetings, in
a single document named “WRIT 1133 — your name — Essay 1.” First,
you’ll draft a summary of Hunt’s argument (due by the start of class
Thursday, 4/4); then you’ll draft of a thesis paragraph (Tuesday, 4/9);
and you’ll add a draft of the body of your paper (Thursday, 4/11). A
revised draft of the complete essay is due on Tuesday, 4/16. And your
final draft will be due on Friday, June 9.

Be sure to follow the instructions on the “Sharing your work” tab on our blog.

essay 1:
writing humanity

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