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1.) What is the importance of studying work ethics for future workers ?

- Work ethics is very important because without it your work will be in jambles
Whether in school or work, you learn and accomplish most when you show up,
on time and prepared. You can’t learn if you’re not there! And when you come
late, it’s unlikely that you’re really ready to do your best work. Good
attendance and punctuality are two important pieces of a good work ethic –and
they’re easily addressed and accomplished.
2.) As a student, do you consider the study of ethics is important? Why or why not?
- Yes. because ethics is manners and without manners you are not a good
worker if ever you want to be good with your work you should have the right
work ethics because that will be your guide in doing your work and it will be the
guide you need for future works it will be your preference .
3.) What is the value of study and application of ethics in workplace?
- The value of study and application of ethics in the workplace becomes a guide
of applicable morality highly valued by society. It is an acceptable conduct in
daily living that refers to principles directly associated with a persons honesty,
integrity, priciples and equity. It is of critical importance especially to
professionals who follows or establish a standard of behavior correlated with
the values they live by.
4.) Do you agree that the workplace can help individuals realize their potentials? If
yes in what way? If no why?
- Yes. the workplace greatly affects the workers potential through evaluations,
trainings and seminars that can further enhance the skills they have already
5.) As an employee, do you think that salary matters most for you to do your job
right? Why or why not?
- Salary basically assists employees in surviving their basic needs, it does
matter in reality due to the fact that it provides for the family and does help one
in attaining success but its still very subjective and depends on how a person
defines happiness.
6.) As a student what do you think are the importance of having credentials in
getting a job?

- credentials are college degrees, apprenticeships, certifications or licenses that

give you credibility in your work field. They show your employer and your
customers that you have the knowledge and skills to perform your professional
function. Credentials can help make it easier for a potential employer to
envision you doing a specific job.If there’s a job, there is almost always a