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Topic: Engineering and Technological Advancements on Weaponry for National Defense

Stand: The government should NOT support and fund engineering and technological advancements
on weaponry when it comes to national defense.

Possible Arguments of our side

 Advanced technology on weaponry increases mortality rate on the enemy side and even on the
ally side
 The concept of morality or ethics can be ignored by prioritizing winning
 Biological weapons can cause pandemics and epidemics
 Too costly, government spending can cause more debts
 Environmental risks from production to testing, and usage of technology
 Makes the impression of being a threat to neighboring countries, or to non-ally countries
 More prone to hacking, due to increased threat
 Can be fatal if put in the wrong hands, especially to parties with internal conflicts
 Soldiers can be too reliant on the technology
 Computers assisting pilots or others are still prone to malfunction (once malfunction happens,
lives can be lost)

Possible Arguments of Government Possible Rebuttal

Better chance of fighting wars No, because once we upgrade our technology,
other countries will also upgrade their technology
and let’s admit it that they have more funds than
Easier to find targets It does not guarantee easier finding of targets
Can decipher data faster and more efficiently
Less human error
Possible less human casualties No, it would create more casualties because of
triggering a war. Since the weapons are more
efficient, its probability to kill is higher
Weapons are more accurate
Greater communication capabilities
Ability to identify friendly forces
Fly and shoot in bad weather and low visibility
Allows military personnel to engage the enemy at a safer