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Name : Nur Rahmah

Reg. Number : 085204081

Class : Education C

School Is Bad For Children

(John Holt)

The main ideas for each paragraph

1. Actually, the children have learned everything, before thet got in school’s environment.
2. The children just come to school for learning in passive process.
3. The school did not give the children an oppurtunity to satisfy their curios, find out who they are, and what
they want.
4. The children learn that to be wrong, uncertain, confused are a crime, so they answer the question and do
their work in tense situation.
5. The interaction between a child and another child is less at school’s environment.
6. The school did not give much time for the children to see the real life in the world.
7. School is a place where everybody does not say anything truthful and where everybody play plays a kind
of role.
8. Abolish compulsory school attendance is one of the way to reduce the criticsm at school.
9. Several places where we can find the children whether the school stayed just the way they are or not.
10. The school needs to get the children out to learn about world at the first hand.
11. We need to bring some adults to school, so the children have an interaction with them and know their life.
12. The teacher should let the children to learn in Paired-Learning.
13. We should let the children to judge their own work.
14. We could abolish the fixed curriculum, because it does not answer the important question and solve the
problem of our time.