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V Semester B.C.A. Examination, December 2010

(New Scheme)
Analysis and Design of Algorithm (5 BCA 2)

Time : 3 Hours Max. Marks : 80

Instruction : Answer all Sections.


Answer any eight questions : (8x3=24)

1. Which are the five distinct areas to study of Algorithm ?

2. Define Asymptotic Q (omega) notation. Show that 100 n + 5 A (n).

3. Write an algorithm for Bubble Sort.

4. Explain divide and conquer design technique.

5. What is the Control Abstraction for greedy method ?

6. What is the worst case, best case and average case of linear search ?
7. Write the difference between divide, conquer and dynamic programming.
8. Write an algorithm for binary search.

9. What are Np-Complete and Np-Hard problem ?

10. Explain the constraints that are used in Backtracking.


Answer any four questions : (14x4=56)

11. a) Write a note on Asymtotic Notations.

b) Explain Horner's method of evaluating a polynomial at a given point. (6+8)
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LZ. a) Explain merge sort with an algorithm.
b) Multiply the two.mafices usiqg Strassen,s ma0jx mtltiplication.

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13. a) ,Find the optimal solution for the given constraints using Greedy Knapask

m=40, n=4 Weights :20,25,10, 15

Profits : 2A, 40,35, 45

b) Explain Prim's Algorithm to find given directed graph. : ' :


14. a) Explain Prim's Algorithm to find minimum spanning,tree.

b) Find the optimal comb.ination of chained matrix mukiplication given.
andn=4 (7+7\
15. a) Explain how backtacking is used to solve Four eueen,s problem.
b) Explain sum of subsei problem. (8+6)
16. .Write short note on the following :

a) Optimal storage on tapes.

b) Ordered searching in compration ffees.
c) Kurskul's algorithm. l4