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Passage IV Proposal

Ella Kundts, Sofia Cordova, Madeline Donley & Jennifer Lopez

I. Introduction
We have always really enjoyed making art, ever since we were young it’s been a passion of ours.

We remember how excited we felt walking into the art classrooms and seeing the colorful

supplies and how messy the rooms were. We have spent a good amount of money on art supplies

over the years and would like to put them to good use. Additionally, we hope to improve our art

skills and gain our own art style rather than imitating other artists’ work. With this passage, we

intend to learn more about and try some different art mediums. We don’t know a lot about

different art styles so we want to answer the question, what are some different art types and

mediums? Also, we would like to know about the history. Where did these art styles originate

and why did they come about? How have they changed to be the way they are now? What

cultural significance have they served? This passage will take the form of a book dedicated to the

history and evolution of different types of art and art that we have made in the process of this

project. We intend to research and create around 5-10 different types of art. We want to do this

so that we can learn more about the intricate cultural history of different art types and improve

our own art ability. In order to engage the community in our passage, we will be bringing some

of the art we create to beautify different classrooms. Hopefully this will help to make the

classroom environment more welcoming and personalized.

II. GPS Domains

This passage will fit under all four of the GPS Domains. It falls under Investigate the World

because we will be researching the cultural history behind different art forms and their

significance. It falls under Recognize Perspectives because we will be recognizing the

perspectives of different people throughout history and why or how they have affected the

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different art types. This falls under Communicate Ideas because we will be communicating our

findings through an art history book. This fits under Take Action because we will be taking

action to research and make different types of art and using the product to improve the visual

feeling of the community.

III. Form
The form of this passage is a poster with the process of our experience and a book organized

with the history and evolution of art forms. This book will have images of the art that was made.

Another product will be the completed art pieces that will be distributed to classrooms around

the school.

IV. Learning Objectives

● We will improve my art skills
● We will improve my knowledge on the origin of different types of art
● We will study the evolution of art and how it has reached where it is today
● We will form an understanding of the cultural significance of art throughout history
● We will produce a lot of different kinds of artwork
● We will successfully collaborate with others

V. Timeline
Date Event

Prepare for meeting and discuss plan

Committee Meeting ​(Invitations done and

handed out)

Different art types chosen to do and write


Create list of materials needed to make art

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First Art Project & History Done

Second Art Project & History Done

Third Art Project & History Done

Fourth Art Project & History Done

Fifth Art Project & History Done

Decide if time for additional Art Projects &


Passage Completed By (Finished Art and

History Book)

Final Poster Presentation & Signature

Sheet documented in binder

VI. Preparations
To do this passage I will need:
● Art Supplies
● Transportation
● Computer
● Printer
● Camera
● Phones
● Committee Members: Rounds and

VII. Challenges/Personal Growth

Ella: The greatest challenge for me will be the making of the art. I’ve always really had a

structured way of making art, but I’ve never really found my own style and way of going about

it. I’m kind of nervous to be using materials that I’m unfamiliar with because I want the results

to be aesthetically pleasing and that’s hard when doing something I’ve never done before. I don’t

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think that doing the research part of this will be a challenge, but I’m hoping the information I’m

looking for is accessible.

Sofia: I will have two big challenges in this project. My biggest challenge will probably be

producing the work as I am not a great artist. I know that my pieces might turn out a little ugly

but it is necessary to put in all of my effort despite this knowledge. My other challenge will be

time management as it is not my strong suit. Hopefully I will be able to manage my time and

create something that looks okay.

Jennifer: The biggest challenge for me will producing a product that is presentable and I feel

good about. I am not artistically inclined, therefore, my confidence is very low. Another

challenge will be patience and time management. I have a short attention span and very little

patience both of which origami requires. I procrastinate a lot and fall behind on school work

pretty easily. I am hoping to overcome both challenges.


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