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My name is Jiratchaya Nimitpanya. My friends and family call me Unging.

Now, I am currently 18 year old and is going to turn 19 this year. According to my

childhood memories, I recalled that I was the person who consumed food hardest in

my family. Before one year to toddler, I could not drink milk from the milk bottle like

others. I could only drink it from a small spoon. Thus, it took longer for me than for

other children. Afterward, when I was three years old, I learnt in kindergarten at

Learthlah school. I recognised that I cried almost everyday in the morning for two

months because I did not want my mom left me alone with teachers and friends.

However, when I was year 2 in kindergarten, I had a lot of friends and became the

class representative. Being a class representative in kindergarten back then was

way easier and did not have much burden as in high school. I only had to make beds

and set the table before lunch and break. Then, in year three in kindergarten, I was a

cheerleader in the morning and a running athlete in the afternoon during the sports

day. It was so fun back then, I also got a gold and silver prizes from winning the


After finished year 3 in kindergarten, I regretted so much because I had to

move school to Saint Joseph Convent school which is located in Silom. I learnt here

for 9 years, from year 1 to year 9. However, I did not enjoy it that much because my

house is located farther away from this school and took more than one and a half to

go there. It was very exhausting. Moreover, there were many disciplines and

regulations that students must followed. It totally tortured me! Apart from this, in

grade one I did not have many friends. Although there were overwhelming students

in this school. I had only one best friends. Nevertheless, when I grew up and get
older, I had more friends and that made me appreciate and enjoy my school life.

Talking about the foremost stress in school, it would be the first day of school of

each grade. Every year, when students graduated one grade and begin the new

grade, they would change room and friends as well. It made me stressed out so

much. I did not know which friends were in my class. Are they good or bad people, I

really had no idea.

In grade 4, I had an opportunity to go to Japan in December for the first time. I

knew that while the plane was landing, I was really surprised and wished to buy all

Sanrio- girl’s toy store in Japan because it was cheaper here than in Thailand.

Everything fascinated me. It liked I was entering into a whole new world. Moreover,

the cold weather made me extra excited. It was like opening the air conditioner on

the road all day all night. I really enjoyed it. Afterward, I went to travel abroad every

year, for instance, Taiwan, Hong kong, Myanmars, Korea, and many more.

I realized that grade 5 was the laziest year of my life. I did not do any

homework nor read any books before exams. While teacher was teaching, my

friends and I were talking and eating chips in the class. Moreover, this year was the

turning point of my life, I gained weight approximately 7 kilograms and became a pig

then. Furthermore, I became a shy and unconfident student because of my fatness.

The happiness did not stay with me for long and totally faded away while I

was in grade 9. My mom decided that I should change school for better English skill.

So, I moved to MUIDS in grade 10. Before I went to learn in this school, there were

roughly 6 months for relaxing. I decided to exercise and lose my weight by running

and eating clean food. However, I lost around 13 kilograms. I was very proud of

myself. Furthermore, in July, I got an intensive class that school held for preparing to
attend MUIDS. I realised that I did not understand the lessons clearly and hesitated

to ask any questions to the teacher during the lessons. I believed that was because I

was from Thai program school, so it might caused some struggles for learning.

Through grade 10 to 12, my life is going well. I can adapt myself to English

better than the first day that I learnt in intensive classes. However, now, my life is

filled with trouble again due to the overwhelmed stress about my future university. I

already had an exam in BAScii which is the faculty about technology and business in

Chulalongkorn University and I knew that I did not do my best. I could not finish the

exam on time and it was a bit hard. It made me so puzzled about the answers.

Moreover, I did really bad in the interview exam, I did not answer the questions

immediately. I had a dead-air a lot and I looked at the ceiling more than five times

because I could not think about the answers. It made me feel so bad after I did these

two exams. However, I knew that my life should go on, I would register others faculty

that suit for myself and future job.