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face Mask

Unging, Tangkwa, Pink, Wise

- A press on makeup face mask for a finish look
- Sealed in the package
- Customer is able to customized their own
style through the smart machine:
- select your facemask size, evaluate skin type/color,
select the makeup, and pick up the product.
Idea come from
Daily routine:
- don’t have enough time to do makeup in the
morning/rush hours.
Makeup problem:
- couldn’t do well on makeup
- casually make an error and spending too much time
fixing makeup
Target market
Working women and teenagers

Our machine will provide a system that help

suggesting the popular look to satisfied the
customer who aren’t able to mix and match their
● Saving time/ offer an easy
● Provide various look for
each day makeup
● No need to buy a new
package of makeup
products when you want to
change styles/ don’t do a lot
of makeup
● All in One
○ One pieces will provide everything that is needed for makeup.
● Log in account: face size saved for the next use
● Matching: looks, reduce risk in allergy and skin type
Company’s Management team
● Unging: a beauty blocker who desire the distinct makeup
looks that match with everyone.

● Pink: earned a master degree in faculty of Science and

Technology from Lancaster University, UK.

● Wise: makeup artist who work with lots of superstar and

● Tangkwa: a Cosmetic lab technician