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A volumetric pipette has an accuracy of 1:1000 The one precaution to be followed with a specimen for

bilirubin determination is to: Protect from light

A pipette with a bulb close to the delivery tip is used for
vicious fluids and is called a Ostwald-Folin pipette Which of these substances cannot be preserved by
freezing Lactic dehydrogenase
the last drop is to be blown out after the Serum should be drawn at the same time on successive
The etched rings on the top of a pipette means pipettes drains days to avoid Diurnal variation
Which of the proteins is soluble to water Albumin
Standard solution from which 99.95% of the chemical The alpha-amino acids constitute the basic building
can be retrieved are referred to as Primary standards blocks of proteins. The amino acids are joined together to
A percent solution can be prepared form a chainlike structure through Peptide bonding
When preparing solutions from a volumetric solution

A solution in which the molecules of solute in solution Which of the four elements in proteins differentiate this
are in equilibrium with excess undissolved molecules is class of substances from carbohydrates and lipids? Nitrogen
referred to as Saturated Which amino acid cannot rotate polarized light Glycerin
Pure water has a pH of 7 Proteins may become denatured when subjected to
mechanical agitation, heat, or extreme chemical
A 1x10 -6 N solution of hydrochloric acid (HCI) has a treatment, Denaturation of proteins refers to an: Alteration in tertiary structure
pH of 8
The hemoglobin measurement technique employed for
The statistical term that most specifically describe blood donors is Flotation technique of Philips
analytical precision is the Coefficient of variation The ratio of velocities of light in two different media
refers to the Refractive index
Quality control should be used with all procedures to
determine Reliability The most anodic protein on electrophoresis at pH 8.6 is Albumin
DELETED DELETED Proteins are dipolar or zwitterion compounds containing
A procedure has a 2 SD variation from a mean value. both positive and negative charges. When a protein is at
How many values from a normal population will the 2 its isoelectric point, the protein will have a not zero charge
SD include 95.45%
Svedberg (S) number refer to protein Ultracentrifugation
Material with physical and chemical properties closely
resembling the test specimen and containing The macroglobulin’s belong to what sedimentation class 19.08
concentrations of the substances being measured is
known as Control As urine is heated, a precipitate appears at 60C and
disappears at 100C. The substance present is a Bence Jones protein
Directly proportional to the
Optical density, according to Beer's law is: concentration The process of separating albumin from globulins using
The difference between serum and plasma is that serum sodium sulfate is known as Salting out
does not contain Fibrinogen The conversion of protein nitrogen constant to protein
content depends on the factor: 6.54
Two control sera are desirable for each general chemistry Which of the following is NOT true of the bluret is relatively free from interference by
procedure chemistry procedure. Which of these Mean of normal range and abnormal reaction? lipids and hemoglobin
combinations would be appropriate (high)
Sodium fluoride is used in specimen collection to: Prevent glycolysis In acute renal failure which nonprotein nitrogen rises the
fastest? Blood urea nitrogen
The concentration of oxalate recommended to be used as
an anticoagulant, in mg/ml blood, is: 1-2 Why is bromocresol purple the preferred indication for There is less interference from
Ethylenediamine tetra acetic acid (EDTA) works as albumin dye binding mechanics pigment
anticoagulant by: Chelating calcium
A disease state associated with an elevation of
Which reagent is employed in the serum protein serum uric acid is Gout
determination Biuret
The most common reagent employed in uric acid
Hemolyzed serum should not be used for total protein Hemoglobin is absorbed at the same methodology by alkaline oxidation is Phosphotungstic acid
because wavelength as protein of biuret reagent Ultraviolet absorption peak at 290 nm
The uricase method for uric acid assay depends on before and after treatment with uricase
Turbidity in serum is associated with the presence of Chylomicrons The most precise method for amino acid
determination is Gasometric ninhydrin reaction
Glycoproteins and mucoproteins are usually bound to Galactose and mannose the urea clearance test is an indication of Overall kidney function
The creatinine clearance is based on the assumption
All of the following are glycoproteins except Cryoglobulin that creatinine Passes into the ultrafiltrate
Which of these statements is not applicable to hormones and coagulation proteins are Which of the clearance tests offers the most
mucoproteins included in this class accurate measure of glomerular filtration? Insulin
Which of the clearance test offers the best measure
How many immunoglobulin classes are currently
of tubular function p-aminohippurate (PAH)
recognized? Five
A creatinine clearance test is performed. The 24-
When performing an immunoglobulin electrophoresis, Excess antibody and constant through hour volume of urine is 770ml; serum creatinine is
there must be present distance between antibody and antigen 2.0mg/dl and urine creatinine is 240mg/dl. What is
A normal serum protein electrophoresis has the clearance expressed in mL plasma cleared per
approximately 60% albumin and5-10% each of the other minute, assuming average body surface 60
4 factors. If an electrophoretic pattern shows 30% the usual determination of osmolality involves
albumin, 4-10% of other fractions except gamma which measurements of Freezing point depression
is 45%, you would expect what condition to exist in the In the glucose tolerance test (GTT), one
patient monoclonal gammopathy may be faced with a normal blood glucose,
Which of the following is true of blood glucose accompanied by a positive urine glucose
Which of the following applies to cryoglobulins? They are temperature-sensitive proteins
Patients with borderline blood glucose levels are
Which of the following statements is true of albumin It is produced in the liver further investigated by performing 3 hour glucose tolerance test (GTT)

Biuret reagent with trichloroacetic acid The test that gives a two to three (2-3) month
To measure urinary protein, you can use pretreatment of urine picture of a diabetics glucose levels is Hemoglobin A,C
A 150 g/day carbohydrate diet for 3 days
An elevated creatinine value is most likely to be Elevated blood urea nitrogen, 10x prior to the test, a fasting state before
accompanied by which of these values creatinine value Which of the following precautions is necessary to glucose is given, no undue stress before or
ensure validity of the glucose tolerance test during the test
The conversion factor for blood urea nitrogen to urea is 2.14
Contamination of the glucose reagent with catalase
By the urease method, urea is enzymatically converted to Ammonia is a problem with which glucose method Glucose oxidase
Untreated urine can be used for the determination of urea The hexokinase methodology for glucose
by the diacetyl monoxide method because The method is not measuring ammonia determination is based on reduced coenzyme read at 340nm
urinary creatine may be elevated in which of the
following muscle destruction Proteins are precipitated by which of the following
The measurement of creatinine is based on the formation reagents in the Folin-Wu method Tungstic acid
of a yellow-red color with Alkaline picrate
The interfering reducing substances in the Folin-
The classic creatinine reaction is that of Jaffe Wu glucose method may be removed by Zinc-barium precipitation
In the copper reduction method for glucose,
The specificity of the Jaffe reaction can be enhanced by Adsorption with Lloyd’s reagent measurable color is developed through the
formation of Molybdenum blade
The most frequently employed automated method Reduction of alkaline ferricyanide to
for glucose uses ferrocyanide
When sugars are separated by chromatography, the In a zero order reaction, there will be no further
application of anisaldehyde/sulfuric acid/ethyl alcohol increase in velocity because All enzyme is bound to substrate
spray will identify galactose as what color spot Grey Lipase catalyzes the hydrolysis of Glycerides
Seliwanoff's test detects Fructose Which of the following is true of the isoenzyme LD-1. Present in the greatest amount in
Xylose excretion is helpful in the determination of Intestinal malabsorption It is normal heart tissue
Lactate + NAD → Pyruvate + NADH. The catalyst in
Prehepatic bilirubin has which of the following for a the reaction is Lactate dehydrogenase (LDH)
protein carrier? Albumin Serum creatinine kinase is clinically significant in
diseases of the Muscle
An increase in indirect-reacting bilirubin is suggestive of Hemoglobin
Creatine kinase is frequently elevated in disorders such
as acute myocardial infarction (MI) and Duchenne muscular dystrophy
Direct-reacting bilirubin is Bilirubin diglucuronide Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide -
Bilirubin is converted in the intestine to which of the reduced from (NADP) is changed to
following urobilinogen the kinetic or rate enzymatic methodologies, optical nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide
density decreases as (NAD)
Which of the following will interfere with the Evelyn and Creatine kinase, aspartate
Malloy method for bilirubin hemolysis In myocardial infarction, the clinically significant aminotransferase, lactate
enzymes are dehydrogenase
The "port wine" color of some urines can be attributed to Porphyrins
During a suspected myocardial infarction, you should
Para-dimethylaminobenzaldehyde is a constituent of perform creatine phosphokinase isoenzyme and lactate MB fraction of creatine kinase and the
which reagent Ehrlich dehydrogenase isoenzymes to demonstrate the LD 1-2 flip
Both porphobilinogen and urobilinogen form a red
colored compound with Ehrich's reagent differentiation Solubility of urobilinogen in In muscular dystrophy, the clinically significant Creatine kinase, aldolase, aspartate
enzymes are aminotransferase
can be obtained by: chloroform
bilirubin will develop a violet color after which of the
following is added methyl alcohol ceruloplasmin is an alpha1 globulin that binds Copper

A urine specimen that exhibits yellow foam on being

shaken should be suspected of having an increased Possibly the most sensitive enzyme indicator of liver
concentration of Bilirubin function, particularly in obstructive jaundice, is: Alkaline phosphatase

An enzyme may be defined as a Biological catalyst In acute viral hepatitis, which of the following would Alkaline phosphatase increases greater
NOT be suspected? than aspartate aminotransferase
Hemolysis will interfere with all of the following enzyme
measurements excepts: Aspartate aminotransferase What is the optimum pH for acid phosphatase? 5
The clinical significance of an elevated acid
A high alkaline phosphatase level in the presence of other phosphatase Prostatic disease
negative liver function tests is indicative of Obstructive jaundice If an acid phosphatase test cannot be performed
A metal ion is sometimes necessary in an enzymatic immediately after collection, how should the serum be
reaction to Act as an activator of the enzyme treated Either acidify or freeze
The electrophoretic property is different Tests for acid phosphatase detect levels of the enzyme
Which of the following is true of an isoenzyme for each isoenzyme from tissues such as Liver, spleen, prostate, and platelets
As the temperature is increased from 25C to 37C in the
aspirate aminotransferase reaction, the activity of the The substrate for the Cherry-Crandall lipase method is olive oil
reaction Almost doubles
Substrate concentration and rate of Because ionized calcium can be changed without
the Michaelis-Menten constant in the rate of conversion dissociation of enzyme substrate affecting the total calcium level, what other parameters
of substrate to product is determined by complex must be known to properly evaluated calcium pH and protein
The classic clark-collip method for calcium is based on Precipitated as an oxalate and converted
the assumption that calcium will be: to oxalic acid