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Pharmacy On Wheels

Project Proposal



Submitted by

Faizan Ahmed Raza

{05120172201004 }

Malik Kashan
{05120151201001 }

Department of Computer Science,

Muslim Youth University, Islamabad.

1. Introduction

We would like to decrease the efforts of cv making by android development

app. We propose android application that will help the user to make cv in
proper format.

We would like to automate the methods used by the hospital to prescribe and
provide medicine to the patients. This project will focus on medicinal delivery
from hospital to the patient using a courier service, e.g. TCS, DHL, to reduce
hassle of patients and remove unnecessary congestion in large hospitals of
routine medicine pickup from pharmacies. It will create a profile of patients so
that when the doctor assigns them particular medicine and dosages, the data
will be available to the patient and the hospital which will reduce errors.

2. Objective

The objectives of our project is to get entries from user and in the output it
gives a proper cv that will obey some of formats that are introduce by

To create a medicinal delivery system with data management of patients in

the hospital and integration/collaboration with courier services for medicine
distribution right to their doorsteps.

3. Problem Description
To describe the basic problems that we are catering for are that every time for
a routinely medicine pick up you have to get the doctors signature, get
verification from the medical officer, stand in line at the pharmacy, wait for the
staff to gather all the prescribed medicine and then go to your car in a
crowded parking lot and make your way slowly out the facility. Keeping in
mind hospitals like CMH, MH, Shifa, PIMS, etc we aim to tackle this problem
by automating this part of a routinely process to reduce hassle for doctors,
staff and patients. The problems that can arise while trying to implement this
project may be difficulty in registering patients online, creating a digital
signature of the doctor, an online prescription form. To automate this we will
need to train doctors and staff to upload the prescription of respective patients
on the portal that we will create and the staff to access and update any other
medicine related information in the database.
The patients will be informed if any alternative medicine is provided to them
and dosages of each medicine. The benefits can be a lot in practicality even if
they don’t sound a lot on paper. There are always large congestions in
hospitals, the patients have to walk a lot from the parking spot especially
elderly patients, stand in long lines, the pharmacy staff are always in panic
mode and increase the possibilities of mistakes and the doctors are
constantly asked for signatures while they are busy with other patients. We
will aim to tackle all these problems in our project.
4. Methodology
We will use PHP to create the web portal. Have a database and possibly an
android application if we study that course. We will work on understanding
this section more when we study advance programming. We have not studied
the relevant courses yet to fully understand the methodology phase of the

5. Project Scope
We will be looking to apply our system in large and advanced hospitals, and
we will assume that they have an inventory system implemented already for
the pharmacy and all hospitals of that scale have a basic profile of a customer
on their database. Using already made systems and database of hospitals we
will try to implement our project to facilitate everyone involved. For patients
from Armed Forces the medicines are free so they only need to pay the
delivery charges, saving in fuel and time. For private patients we will have
cash on delivery method.

6. Feasibility Study
i. Risks Involved: The possible risks that we can assume at this
point in time are the inability to implement a digital signature, create a
stable database for large data processing.
ii. Resource Requirement:
Front End : PHP (5.5)
Back End : MYSQL

7. Solution Application Areas

We believe that the project can be useful in the industry because many
hospitals and patients face the problems mentioned above and our system
can tackle those problems so that if there are no need for examinations then
patients and doctors and staff can avoid the whole process of routine
medicine allotment and just deliver the medicine using any courier service.

8. Tools/Technology
Hardware Requirement:
Processor : Intel Core Duo 2.0 GHz or higher.
RAM : Minimum1 GB or Greater.
Hard disk : 20 GB (Free Space).

Software Requirement:
Software : XAMPP, Adobe Photoshop, Visual Studio
Operation System : Windows 7 or higher.

9. Milestones

15-Oct 15-Nov 15-Dec 15-Jan 15-Mar 15-May 10-Jun


Division of Workload

Primary Secondary
Requirement Faizan Kashan
Design Faizan Kashan
Planning Faizan Kashan
Development Kashan Faizan
Coding Kashan Faizan
Testing Faizan Kashan
Deployment Kashan Faizan
Conclusion Faizan kashan

10. References


 Stack overflow

 PHP and MYSQL (4th edition by “W.JASON GILMORE”)
 JavaScript and JQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development, by
Jon Duckett