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How to add satellite to satellite DB:

1. It is possible to connect to the SBC or via laptop or via the CCU.

2. It is necessary to connect to SBC by "ACU -> Connect" and then put the correct SBC
IP address:

3. Open the MTSdoc and go to the "ACU -> get Satellite".

4. It is necessary to save locally the file on your laptop or on the CCU:

5. The file was saved on your laptop as a ZIP file:
6. Unzip it and open it as a notepad.

7. Copy one of the lines that represent the satellite: "s|ABS-1 (75.0E)|75.0|C_Ku|" and
change it accordingly. For example, if you need to add new satellite named "XYZ"
and its location is 99 east, you will have to edit the line as follows:
"s|XYZ (99.0E)|99.0|C_Ku|" – Please note that the format MUST stay the same!
8. Save the file – The name of the file must stay the same name:

9. After the file was edit with the new satellite and saved with the same file name – no
extension, it is necessary to put it back to the SBC.
a. Via MTSDOC "ACU -> Put any Relevant File -> Copy files"

b. Reboot the SBC.