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Disadvantages : -cost ; operation and maintenance

-This type of parking is more expensive than surface parking.

There is a greater construction cost per space

-The possibility of a house fire if something goes wrong with the car while parked

-The biggest concern is toxic emissions leaving the garage space and entering the living unit.

-It requires a maintenance contract with the supplier.

-serviceability issues, such as cracking of concrete elements

- code issues, such as requirements for ventilation, exiting, and fire protection


-Find park in short time

-Make better use of valuable urban space

-Users find the best spot available, saving time, resources and effort.( ) more comfortable - cooler in
summer/warmer in winter

-cars are securely parked

- makes use of space which could not otherwise be used
- keeps car cleaner of dust, dirt
- driver's clothes/shoes stay cleaner getting to car (no mud, wind, etc)