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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

145th Volume - Issue No. 14

Trio of
Fair projects
Buildings are going up
and coming down,
...see page 3
Novi men arrested
after Sunday night
break-in at Fronney’s

Photo provided
By Maria Brown
Lydia Schlanderer uses her artistic skills to illustrate her book ‘The Distracted Hero’ to help
spread awareness about ADD and ADHD. CAPAC — Three men from
Novi have been arrested after

Young Almont author

they allegedly broke into
Fronney’s Foods on Sunday
According to a press release
from St. Clair County Sheriff

School safety
shares ADD insights
Tim Donnellon, the suspects
were arrested in Oakland
County in a matter of hours and
Dryden Schools earns have since been lodged in the
state grant for upgrades, St. Clair County Intervention
...see page 15 Lydia Schlanderer hosts ‘Distracted Hero’ book signing at library and Detention Center.
The suspects have not been
By Tom Wearing grader at Almont High School ences on what it’s like to have named but were expected to be and devoted Girl Scout in pursuit ADD,” says Lydia. “I found that arraigned on multiple charges
of her Gold Award, knows of in my early school years, it was today, April 3, in district court.
ALMONT — A young what she speaks. particularly difficult because They are 23, 25 and 26 years-
author has successfully managed Having been diagnosed with there was little I knew about it old.
to peel off the veneer of the often ADD in early grade school, Lydia and little others around me knew Deputies were dispatched to
misunderstood disorders, ADD decided to write a book that about it.” Fronney’s around 10 p.m. on
and ADHD, in her first published shares her personal experiences Noting that because her Sunday, March 31, for a break-
book, entitled “The Distracted with the uninitiated and others friends at the time did not under- ing and entering alarm call.
Hero.” dealing with the disorder.
Lydia Schlanderer, an 11th “I have firsthand life experi- Author page 6 Thieves page 6

Time travel
Reenactment troop to ‘Meet the Heroes’
event is Saturday
visit Ruth Hughes library,
...see page 22

Past and present Imlay City Fire Department

is subject of new exhibit at historical museum
By Catherine Minolli group of men hoped to tanks, which carried more reduce those risks. water and were faster to
The first Imlay City move to a fire location.
IMLAY CITY — Not Fire Department was orga- Later still, horse drawn
long after what was then nized with William tanks were developed,
called the village of Imlay Gooding at its helm. The which also increased the
was settled in 1870, the department consisted of a response time.
population began to grow. bucket brigade—a labor- “It is said that the first
Just 18 months later, more intensive effort to reduce man to arrive at the engine
All-American than 500 people called the
village their home. It also
damage and whenever pos-
sible contain a fire.
house with his horse was
the one to receive the pay
Photo by Catherine Minolli

Imlay City’s Joe Harper housed a school, two Picture numerous pails for the horse,” says muse-
places at nationals, hotels, four general stores, of water, which were filled um historian Marilyn
two hardware stores, a fur- at a hand pump and sent Swihart.
...see page 17 niture store, a drugstore, down a line of men hand- This Saturday, resi-
two carriage and black- to-hand. The buckets were dents can dive into the his-
smith shops, a saw and often handed up a ladder to tory of the Imlay City Fire
TRI-CITY planing mill, a livery sta-
ble, and an elevator.
another crew located on
top of a burning building
Department, and step
through its evolution to the
This photo hangs on the wall of the Imlay City
Historical Museum. It was taken by Life
All of those buildings, tasked with pouring the modern day as the Imlay Magazine photographers, who visited Imlay
TIMES plus about 100 more, water onto the fire. City Historical Museum City in 1949 for a feature story about the fire
department. This photo was taken on M-53,
were—like all structures— Later, Imlay firefight-
ONLINE at risk for fire. In 1876, a ers used man-pulled water Heroes page 6 looking north at the Third Street intersection.

Busker Fest Auction

returns on Saturday
Doors open at 5 p.m. for
fundraiser at Castle Creek
The Tri-City Times By Tom Wearing The doors open at 5
is printed on p.m. and admission is free.
Food and beverages will
Photo by Tom Wearing

recycled paper
IMLAY CITY — You be available for purchase.
can help support Imlay Sponsored by the
City’s 2019 Michigan Imlay City Area Chamber
Busker Fest by joining in of Commerce, money
the fun and bidding at raised from the fundraiser
Not all the items going up for bid at Saturday’s Michigan Busker Fest Saturday’s (April 6) will go toward the cost of
Auction are intended for big people. Michael Hamel is shown with some- Busker Fest Auction at
thing he hopes his mom and dad will bid on at the annual fundraiser. Castle Creek Golf Course. Auction page 13

Quilt show returns in April

‘Finer Points of
CAPAC — Plans are underway for the 11th Genealogy’ to be
discussed April 16
Annual Capac Quilt Show, April 11-13 at St. John’s
Lutheran Church Parish Hall.
Quilters who would like to display their creations
are asked to drop them off at the church hall April 3-6
from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily. The church is located at By Catherine Minolli Society.
109 E. Kempf Ct. Family research is not
For more information, contact Linda Sue at 810- new to both Cindie and
824-6159 or Patti at 810-310-2114. TRI-CITY AREA — James ‘Jim’ Wade. The
If you’d like to delve into couple has many of years
the “finer points of genea- of experience researching
logical research,” you can

Photo provided
their family history.
BOB’S Got the Smoker Rollin’ do just that on Tuesday,
April 16 at the First
In doing so, they have
traveled extensively,
At the Allenton Tavern! Presbyterian Church of
including to the Latter Day
Saints archives in Salt James ‘Jim’ and Cindie Wade will offer geneal-
Ribs • Chicken • Pork Butts/Pulled Pork Beginning at 7 p.m., Lake City, Utah. ogy tips at an upcoming meeting of the Lapeer
Almont residents and his- Cindie, a member of County Genealogical Society.
Brisket • Lenten Special – Smoked Salmon torians James and Cindie the Daughters of the
Stop by for Wade will present a work- American Revolution, has Community College. Jim Genealogical Research.’
Lunch and Dinner shop aimed at helping visi- written a history of the is the current president of All are welcome to
tors begin and/or continue Walton and Pickleman the Almont Historical attend the April 16 meet-
Favorites their journey into genealo- families, and Jim is a mem- Society. ing. The First Presbyterian
759 Capac Road gy. The workshop is being ber of the SAR. Both have The subject of their Church in Lapeer is locat-
presented by the Lapeer been on the teaching staff presentation will be the ed at 433 N. Calhoun Street
in Allenton County Genealogical at St. Clair County ‘Finer Points of in Lapeer.

Your Local Agent State Dept. of Treasury dispels misinformation TRI-CITY AREA — Michiganders that a 25 years. In return, the state A PRE exempts a resi-
- for - Call Me For
The Michigan Department Principal Residence Treasury Department and dence from the tax levied

of Treasury is reminding Exemption–known as a local assessors are experi- by a local school district for
PRE – does not expire. encing a surge in inquiries school operating purposes
A Quote!
CASH PAID Inaccurate posts being from residents who are try- up to 18 mills. To qualify

shared on social media are ing to verify this misinfor- for a PRE, a person must be
claiming that Michigan tax- mation or submit unneeded a Michigan resident who
for Old Gold payers will experience a paperwork. owns or occupies the prop-

surge in property taxes due “Simply put, there isn’t erty as a principal resi-
WE BUY to their PRE expiring after an expiration date on a
Principal Residence
For more information
Tri-City Times Exemption,” said acting about property taxes, go to
Silver Coins
   Published weekly by Delores Z. Heim. Office: Deputy State Treasurer
594 N. Almont Ave. • P.O. Box 278, Imlay City, Anne Wohlfert, who over- ertytax or follow the state
Gem & Diamond MI 48444. USPS No. 014440. Additional entry
application pending.
sees Treasury’s State and Treasury Department on
Local Finance programs. Twitter at @MITreasury.
Specialist    Subscriptions: $30 per year Lapeer & St.
“Homeowners who
Clair Counties; Out of Counties $32 per year,


Senior Citizens $27 per year In-County. Out-
of-State mailing $40 per year. Outside USA $60
per year. Single Copies 75¢.
have claimed a Principal
Residence Exemption do
ALMONT CAPAC METAMORA    Periodicals paid at Imlay City. not have to refile the
Tue-Fri 10:30 - 5:30 required form unless they
798-3946 395-4366 678-3655 Sat 10:30 - 3:00
   Postmaster please send address changes to
P.O. Box 278, Imlay City, MI 48444. move.” 724-2615

Leagues Forming Now

CALL 724-6967
3 8 0 1 H A I N E S R O A D HOLLY
Bring Your Friends Out to . . .

3 Miles North Off I-69 On Lake Pleasant Road to Haines, 3 Miles West on Haines Golf • Bowling • Sportsbar
Banquet & Entertainment Center
4855 Capac Rd.
Lake Nepessing Enjoy any Day at
The First Tee at Lake Capac, MI 48014

Nepessing Golfland

Go lfland Golfland!
Target: One hour classes designed for golfers ages 5-6. Designed
to be fun and introductory. Child must be 5 years old by the start
of the session. Classes will be held on Friday mornings from 8:00
• Awesome Mini-Golf Course • Go Carts-Are a hit
Golf Leagues
to 9:00 am and run for six weeks.
with kidslevel
ages 7 •andDriving Rangeare 1- Serious

1: Entry up. Classes 1/2 hours
eachand beginning
session. golfers
Introduction to thecan practice
life skills theirfocus
experience: gameon the
9 core •values,
Golf Lessons • Hand-Dipped
interpersonal skills and basic golfIce technique.
Cream Child
must be 7 years old to enroll. No exceptions. Participants will
• Group Rates, Birthday Parties, Church Groups
Women’s, Mixed & Men’s
be grouped by age for every class. Classes will be held on Friday
9:30Golf Program
to 11:00 am and run- The for First Tee
six weeks.

Summer Bowling Leagues

1 OFF $
1 OFF $
1 OFF Call for Details
Miniature Golf Go-Kart Ride Bucket of Balls FISH FRY Book Your Fundraisers
One with coupon One with coupon One with coupon FRIDAYS! & Parties with Us Now!



c a s creek

810.724.0851 Lum, Michigan

Drug ‘take back’

at Imlay City PD
Goal is to keep prescription drugs
out of hands of those who abuse
By Tom Wearing drugs were obtained from family and friends — and
very often from a medicine
IMLAY CITY — The cabinet in the home.
Imlay City Police Studies further show
Department is now a col- that unused and expired
lection site for U.S. DEA’s medicines have become a
(Drug Enforcement significant threat to the
Administration) National public health and safety;
Prescription Drug “Take leading to misuse, acciden-
Back Day” program. tal poisoning and overdose.
The goal of Take Back In 2018, more than
Day is to provide a safe, 4,700 law enforcement
convenient and responsible agencies participated in the
means for people to dis- National “Take Back” pro-
pose of unused, unwanted gram at nearly 6,000 col-
and expired prescription lection sites.

Photo by Tom Wearing

drugs. In the process, more
The program also pro- than 457 tons of unused
vides an opportunity to prescription drugs were
educate the public on the turned into those sites last
potential dangers of abus- year.
ing prescribed medications, Drop off at ICPD
and of leaving such medi- In Imlay City, the The old fair office has been leveled to make way for a new year-round facility at the Eastern
cations in medicine cabi- police department is accept- Michigan State Fairgrounds.
nets and other locations ing “pills only” in its col-

Old fair office razed

where they can be found lection box inside the
and used improperly by police station Mondays
others. thru Fridays, between the
The DEA’s 17th Annual hours of 8:30 a.m. - 4:30
“Take Back Day” is April p.m.

while new one built

27, when police and law For medications in liq-
enforcement agencies uid form, representatives
nationwide unite to keep from Lapeer County’s
prescription drugs out of Families Against Narcotics
the hands of those who (FAN) organization will
would abuse them. collect them at the Imlay
According to a 2017
national survey on drug use
City police station later in New year-round facility to include
the month.
and health, an estimated six For further information free meeting space for non-profits
million Americans misused about the DEA’s National By Tom Wearing 30-foot-by-100-foot heated
controlled prescription Prescription Drug “Take and air-conditioned facility
drugs. Back” program, call the to include two bathrooms, a
The survey also Imlay City Police I M L AY   C I T Y   — kitchen and a large meeting
revealed that the majority Department at 810-724- Buildings are going up and room for use by local
of abused prescription 2345. coming down at the Eastern Scouts, service clubs and
Michigan State other not-for-profit entities.
Fairgrounds. Kempf noted some of
With construction of a the advantages of having a

Photo by Tom Wearing

new $125,000 Eastern year-round facility at the
Michigan State Fair office entrance to the fairgrounds.
well underway, efforts “The office will now be
shifted this week to the located up front by the tick-
demolition of the old office. et booth — where it needs
On Thursday, a crew to be,” said Kempf. “The Fair Manager Ian Kempf said the new office
from Novak’s Supply & large meeting room will be should be complete by the end of the month.
Equipment was busy tear- available to non-profit
ing down the deteriorating groups and organizations at Kempf noted that Fair “Jim is a longtime sup-
structure that since the no cost. artifacts and memorabilia porter of the fair and
1970s had housed a PX and “We’re not looking to have temporarily been the fairgrounds,” said
later the Fair office. compete with our local moved to another building Kempf. “His support
Fair Manager Ian banquet halls,” he contin- for safe storage. Those has been invaluable in help-
Photo by Tom Wearing

Kempf said the old build- ued. “The meeting room is items will eventually be ing to make things hap-
ing’s former footprint will not going to be used for transferred to the new pen.”
be replaced with asphalt to birthday parties or showers building Barring unexpected
accommodate additional or similar events. Kempf acknowledged delays, Kempf anticipates
vendor space and improved “We want to provide a Jim Novak of Novak’s that construction of the
Diana Boyne, Imlay City Police Dept. walkability for visitors. free space for the segment Supply & Equipment new Fair office will be
Administration Asst., places items in the ‘Take Taking the old build- of the community that for demolishing the old completed by the end of
Back’ collection box at the police station. ing’s place will be a needs it.” office. April.


Saturday, April 6, 2019
Castle Creek Golf Club
5191 Lum Road, Attica
Doors Open 5:00pm • Live Auction 6:00pm
Thank You 2019 Busker Fest Auction Donors • (More to Follow Next Week) Woods-N-Water News •
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Food and beverages will be available for sale! Variety of New Selections...
Great Lakes Perch!
Rowley's Aring Children 5 & Under
uction EAT FREE
Ray Krako
Proceeds benefit the 2019 Busker Fest! 1949 S. Cedar & I-69 810-724-3664

Ag relief effort ongoing

Donations for flood-ravaged Midwestern farmers
are being accepted at Helena Agri-Enterprises
By Maria Brown Helena’s Eddie Fahley and disaster relief needs list Austin Rossen. include tool kit items such
According to Farm as flashlights, buckets, gar-
IMLAY CITY — News Media, the organiza- bage bags and more; power
Donations are still being tion spent four days col- and hand tools including
accepted to help flood-rav- lecting items before head- crow bars and rakes; any
aged farmers in the ing west on March 21. kind of building materials
Midwest. Ag Community Relief is a and fencing supplies such
Donations can be non-profit group that as barbed wire, wood posts,
brought to Helena Agri- assists farmers across the wire cutters and more.
Enterprises in Imlay City country overcome natural All donations should be
now through April 11 as disasters. new or gently used.

Michigan Farm Bureau photo

part of a campaign being According to Steve Donations can be
organized by Ag Nelson, president of the brought to Helena, 2272 N.
Community Relief. Nebraska Farm Bureau, 70 Van Dyke Rd., daily
Last month, a contin- of Nebraska’s 93 counties between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.
gent from the area deliv- have been declared “disas- Monetary donations
ered hay, bagged grain and ter counties” with hundreds can be made at agcommu-
first aid kits to Verdigre, of millions of dollars in A complete Ag Community Relief’s Eddie Fahley, Chad Schultz, Austin Rossen and
Nebraska. loss estimates. list of needed donations can Jody Holbrook delivered donations to Nebraska in late March and items
Among them was Currently, the group’s also be found at that site. are being collected for a second trip later this month.

Choose EPIC Rehabilitation

After Surgery or Hospitalization

We Help Create
and Maintain
Healthy Smiles
Jay C. Vanderest, DDS
Lois E. Meek, DDS
WellBridge of Romeo makes 810-798-3941
rehabilitation easier with our Serving the Almont Area Since 1986
smart design, innovative
concepts, authentic hospitality, Greater Yale Medical Clinic
and commitment to our guests. Accepting New Patients

of Romeo

Excellence ∙Passion∙Innovation∙Care
375 South Main Street, Romeo, MI 48065
Phone: 586.589.3800 Matthew Luttrell PA-C Marisa Rhein, FNP
Family Medicine • Same Day Appointments • Walk-ins Welcome
Sports Physicals, X-Ray, Lab, D.O.T. Exams
7685 South Brockway Rd., Yale, MI 48097 (810) 387-3205

your bridge to Monday 8:30 to 5, Tuesday 8:00 to 5, Wednesday 9 to 5,

Thursday 8 to 6 and Friday 8:30 to 4:30

recovery and wellness Mitchell Medical Office

1209 10th Street, Port Huron • 810-985-8170
Open Saturday 8am - noon

Boost for peer program in Capac

By Maria Brown 2014, the program’s goal informed practices,” a press “Dedicated, passionate has been to help students release from the school teachers and staff in public
resolve conflicts through stated. Training and month- schools are what help pro-
CAPAC — Capac Jr./ peaceful methods. Trained ly meetings are coordinated vide opportunities to learn,
Sr. High School’s Peer student mediators meet by the school’s counseling grow and build brighter,
Mediation Team is the with two or more students department. stronger futures for stu-
recipient of a $2,500 grant involved in a dispute to The Four County grant dents in our communities
from the SET SEG work out issues. This model funds were also used for and state.”
Foundation and Michigan is designed to reduce the training purposes. Capac was one of 10
Association of School amount of time administra- The monetary award schools selected from a
Boards through the organi- tors would spend on stu- will be formally presented field of more than 200

File photo
zations’ 2019 Education dent discipline, fights, sus- to school officials at the applications. In addition to
Excellence award. It’s the pensions and expulsions district’s board meeting on the funds, Education
second time in the last six and, at the same time, April 18. Excellence recipients will SET SEG Foundation is the latest organization
months that the team has empower students to “It’s an honor for us to also be gifted with a trophy to support Capac’s Peer Mediation program
been awarded grant dollars. resolve disputes for them- recognize Capac and “Education Excellence with a grant to training.
In late 2018, the Peer selves. Community Schools and Winner” road sign.
Mediation Team was given “Award money will their educators, and to help The SET SEG students to pursue enrich- scholarships, grants and
$2,860 in funds from the expand the program and support and advance their Foundation is a branch of ment opportunities that financial support directly to
Four County Community properly train staff and efforts,” said Lisa Truscott, SET SEG and, according to advance learning, leader- Michigan public schools
Foundation. members of the Peer SET SEG Foundation the press release, is “fueled ship and civil responsibility and Michigan public school
Since it was created in Mediation Team in trauma- Executive Director. by its mission to enable by providing services, students.”


GOLF OUTING! Laura Zelenak D.O. Michelle Simpson N.P. Susan Reuter N.P.
Board Certified Board Certified Board Certified

Ask About Our Express Sick Visits

Now Offering Cornerstone Wellness
For every referral you send us, you and those Weight Management
• In Office Lab Testing • X-Ray • Lesion Removal
you have referred, along with our VIP members • Wart Removal • Well Baby Visits • Immunizations
will automatically be entered in the drawing. • Diabetes • Hypertension • Women’s Wellness
• Sports Physicals • Same Day Sick Visits • Care Management
The more referrals, the more entries! • Joint Injections • Most Insurances Accepted
6672 Newark Road • Imlay City
Drawing will be held July 1st, 2019 (810) 724-0591
Noffert Dental Visit us on the web:
2034 S. Almont Ave., Imlay City Follow us on Facebook! • BILINGUAL OFFICE STAFF AVAILABLE •

Place Marian Says Hello!

24/7 Care
• Home Cooking
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• Brick-paved Patio
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includes Room and Board to Assisted Living to Hospice
ALL Services Two Large Suites Available that are suitable for Couples
Assistance Served Family Style
208 E. First Street • Imlay City • 810-721-0065 VACANCY AVAILABLE • MALE/FEMALE/COUPLES

Heroes: Fire Dept. subject of exhibit

from page 1 Swihart found both inter- fire hall was taken down
esting and humorous. when the new city hall,
kicks off its newest exhibit “It’s a photo of a fire- located on the northwest
at their ‘Meet the Heroes’ man holding a lightbulb corner of Almont Avenue
event from 1-5 p.m. over a bale of hay trying to and Fourth Street was built
The Open House and find out how long it would in 1903, with space for the
Reception features historic take to ignite the hay,” fire department. The fire

Photo courtesy Imlay City Historic Msueum

artifacts and photos from Swihart explains. “The bell was placed on top of
the department, as well as caption on the photo says this new town hall...and
retired and current fire- ‘not too long.’” taken down and placed in
fighters of the present day. Visitors can also learn storage when sirens were
There is no charge to about the fire bell—which installed in the building.”
attend; light refreshments is still visible at the Imlay In 1968 when the cur-
will be served. City Fire Hall downtown. rent fire hall was built on
Visitors will be able to “The fire bell was east Third Street, the bell
thumb through a large placed in an 8-foot steeple was taken out of storage
compilation of historic on the original engine and placed there. In 2019
photos, including one that house,” Swihart says. “The when the new hall is built, The first Imlay City Fire Department was organized in 1876 by William
Gooding and consisted of a bucket brigade.
the historic bell will find Visitors can also take a numerous artifacts, hun-
its new home as well. look at fire gear used dreds of photos, vintage
Also of interest are through the decades, and newspapers, tools, clothing
several photos and infor- see a list of every person and items that tell the story
mation from a 1949 visit who served as the depart- of the Imlay City area
by photographers and writ- ment’s chief since its throughout the decades.
ers from Life Magazine. inception. Memberships are available
The popular periodical The Imlay City for a nominal fee. Seasonal
of the time did an exten- Historical Museum is hours run from 1-4 p.m.
sive feature story on located at 77 Main Street every Saturday. For more
Imlay City’s Fire and contains several per- information call 810-724-
Department. manent exhibits as well as 1111.

from page 1
Photo by Catherine Minolli

stand her disability, they

would sometimes get frus-
trated with her.
“This is why I chose to
write a children’s book to
help boys and girls of ele-
Old photos and fire gear fill a display case at the Imlay City Museum. mentary school ages to
have more awareness about
this disability,” says Lydia.
The ‘I.C.F.D. 25 “I wrote the book targeting
Year Club’ evolving children ages 8-10 and
plaque is part of wrote it in a way that
the permanent brings awareness about
installation featur- ADD/ADHD, but in a way
ing the history of that is a fun story for kids
the Imlay City Fire to read.”
Department at the Lydia says the book
museum. not only fulfills her wish to

Photo provided
educate others of the dis-
ability, but also serves as
her Gold Award project.
“In order to achieve Almont student Lydia Schlanderer with ‘The
Gold Award status in the Distracted Hero,’ a book she wrote and illus-
Girl Scouts of America, trated for her Gold Award Scout project.
one needs to produce a
project that is sustainable lished using money she Memorial Library on
or ongoing,” she says. raised to fund her Girl Saturday, April 6 from 11
“I decided to write this Scout Gold Award project. a.m. - 1 p.m.
children’s book and donate Not only did Lydia The library is located
copies to various schools, write the story, her hand- at 213 W. St. Clair St. in
libraries and ADD/ADHD drawn illustrations can be Almont, west of Van Dyke.
counseling offices.” found throughout the book. For further information
In an introductory let- “It is my hope and about Lydia Schlanderer’s
ter to Kay Hurd, Librarian prayer that this book will book signing, call the
at Almont’s Henry remain in circulation for library at 810-798-3100 or
Stephens Memorial many years to come,” says visit
Library, Lydia requested Lydia.
that copies of “The She adds that readers
Distracted Hero” be made
accessible to library visi-
are encouraged to provide
feedback to an ongoing Thieves:
tors, so they, too might online survey listed at the from page 1
Photo by Catherine Minolli

become better informed of back of the book.

the challenges that children April 6 book signing They found that the men
with ADD and Kay Hurd said Lydia used a pry bar to gain entry
ADHD face. has agreed to sign copies to the store.
Lydia was able to get of “The Distracted Hero” “They then went to the
her book printed and pub- at the Henry Stephens pharmacy area of the store
in an attempt to steal medi-
cations. However, the


pharmacy has not been
open for some time, so
IMLAY CITY PRESCHOOL ROUND-UP they left empty-handed,”
Donnellon stated.
When Fronney Foods
first opened their doors in
2015, the store included a
Rogers Pharmacy depart-
ment that has since closed.
Deputies reviewed the
store’s video surveillance
system and developed a
suspect vehicle description
as well as a license plate. A
April 1 111,, 2019
2019 ~ 9:30-1
9:30-11 1AM
“be on the lookout” bulle-
Thursday, 3-6:30PM tin was developed and

Weston Elementary
Elementary School
broadcast to area police
Weston School agencies.
“About an hour and a
275 Weston
275 WestonSt.,
City 810-721-9453
810-721-9453 half later, St. Clair County
Central Dispatch relayed a
FREE PRESCHOOL PROGRAMS message to deputies that
the suspects had been
and Walled Lake Police
Please bring the following documentation: Por favor traiga la siguiente documentación: Departments in Oakland
Please bring the following documentation:
¥Child’s Original Birth Certificate Por
¥ favor traiga la siguiente documentación:
Certificado de nacimiento original del niño County and that the sus-
¥Child’s Original Birth Certificate
¥Child’s Current Immunization Record/Waiver ¥Certificado de nacimiento original del niño
Registro / exención de vacunación actual del niño pects had been taken into
¥2018 Federal Tax Return
¥Child’s Current Immunization Record/Waiver
(for income documentation) Declaración de impuestos federales 2018
¥Registro / exención de vacunación actual del niño
custody,” Donnellon said.
¥Child Support Documentation (para la documentación de ingresos) St. Clair County
¥2018 Federal Tax Return (for income documentation)
(if applicable) ¥Declaración de impuestos federales 2018 Sheriff detectives traveled
¥Two Proofs of Residency (utility bill and driver’s license/state ID) Documentación de manutención de los hijos (si corresponde)
¥(para la documentación de ingresos)
¥Child Support Documentation (if applicable) to the Wixom Police
¥Child Custody Documentation (if applicable) ¥Dos comprobantes de residencia (factura de servicios públicos y
¥Two Proofs of Residency (utility bill and driver’s license/state ID) ¥Documentación de manutención de los hijos (si corresponde) Department to take custody
¥Emergency Contact Information licencia de conducir / identificación estatal)
¥Child Custody Documentation (if applicable) ¥Dos comprobantes de residencia (factura de servicios públicos y of the suspects.
¥Documentación de custodia de los hijos (si corresponde)
licencia de conducir / identificación estatal) The prosecutor’s office
¥Emergency Contact Information ¥Información de Contacto en caso de Emergencia
¥Documentación de custodia de los hijos (si corresponde) plans to charge the men
with breaking and entering
¥Información de Contacto en caso de Emergencia of a building with forced
Apply Online: entry and malicious
destruction of property.
Apply Online:
*Free Preschool is based upon income and other eligibility factors. For example, a family of 4 can make up to $64,375 and qualify.
*El programa preescolar gratuito se basa en los ingresos y otros factores de elegibilidad. Por ejemplo, una familia de 4 puede
Michigan State Police
ganar hasta $ 64,375 y calificar.
troopers assisted in the
*Free Preschool is based upon income and other eligibility factors. For example, a family of 4 can make up to $64,375 and qualify. investigation.
*El programa preescolar gratuito se basa en los ingresos y otros factores de elegibilidad. Por ejemplo, una familia de 4 puede
ganar hasta $ 64,375 y calificar.

Imlay board considers bond proposal for Nov. 2019

Measure would include upgrades district-wide
By Maria Brown Using bond money, the ered “true needs.” district would consider Additionally, discus-
building additions, safety sions have been held about
IMLAY CITY — The improvements and the pur- two potential projects at
vision of what a November chase of new technology. the high school—the con-
2019 bond proposal could At that same meeting, struction of an auditorium
look like is starting to shape representatives from archi- and relocation of the dis-
up. tectural firm, French and trict’s Venture High School
Although the school Associates, and project program. Currently, the
board has yet to formally manager, Barton Malow, alternative high school is
approve putting the mea- provided an overview of housed in a former com-
sure on the ballot this fall, the work they’ve performed mercial building on Almont
district leaders are deep and their project concepts. Ave.
into discussions about how In an effort to improve Other projects could
they could use bond monies safety, they recommend include parking lot
to improve and expand entrances at Weston and improvements, roof repairs,
Imlay City Schools facili- Borland elementaries and a district-wide surveillance
ties. the Middle School be re- system, the purchase of
At their March 18 configured to direct all visi- collaborative furniture,
meeting, board members tors immediately into the new computers and more.
were updated on both the buildings’ offices. In November, the board
financials of such a pro- At Weston Elementary, authorized Cameron to

Image provided
posal and the projects under considerations are being explore the creation of a
consideration. made for the construction capital projects fund and
Supt. Dr. Stu Cameron of a new wing that would voted to contract with
said “there’s no price tag accommodate six class- architecture and design
yet” but they’ve identified rooms on the west side of firm French and Associates A rendering shows the proposed plan at Weston Elementary for a build-
a way to secure bond fund- the building. As a result the to develop project con- ing addition, school drive extension and relocation of the playground.
ing without an additional current bus loop would cepts. The board remains in
burden on taxpayers. need to be reconfigured. To the a bond “exploration”
Cameron noted that the improve parking and traffic phase.
district’s debt millage rate flow at the school, plans Last year, Barton
is due to “drop off” in the have been drawn up that Malow completed a facili-
2021 tax year from 6.56 to would extend the current ties study. Many of the
1.15 mills. That’s when drive and add more spaces. needs identified at that time
Imlay City Schools will That would result in the were similar to those the
payoff bonds associated school’s playground being district named when they
with the 1993 construction moved further west. sought two sinking fund
of the current high school. The results of a recent proposals. Voters denied
The district could ask vot- capacity study showed that both proposals, one each in
ers, through a ballot pro- Weston was at 101 percent 2016 and 2017.
posal, to keep the debt mill- for utilization of instruc- Following those
age rate at the current level tional space. defeats, the school board
or some rate higher than Cameron stressed that directed Cameron to
1.15 mills and use those the security measures, explore options that didn’t
funds to finance the issu- Weston addition and the include a tax or millage ST. NICHOLAS CHURCH
ance of bonds. school’s drive are consid- increase.
Adults: $10
Children 12 & under: $5
Fridays Mar. 8 & 22, Apr. 5 & 12
Children 5 & under: Free 4:00–6:30 pm or until sold out
Meal includes Baked or Fried Fish,
French Fries or Baked Potato, Mac & Cheese,
Coleslaw, Roll, Dessert, and Beverage
4331 Capac Rd., Capac • 810/395-7572 • Carry-Out Available

5th & 12th
4pm-6:30pm or
until SOLD out
ADULTS: $12 • SENIORS: $11
Bring in a can/box of food and receive $1.00 OFF your meal!
Facebook photo

Knights of Columbus
1405 N. Van Dyke Road • IMLAY CITY
810-724-8563 •
First graders at Weston Elementary read newly-donated books last PROCEEDS DONATED TO VARIOUS CHARITIES THAT THE KINGHTS OF COLUMBUS SUPPORTS.
month. Leaders are considering a bond proposal that would fund an
addition at the school with six classrooms.

Observe requirements
for yard waste pickup April 5
Adults • $12
DPW picking up brush on first and third Monday Cod Fried or Baked
Senior Citizens • $11
Children 12 & older • $12
By Tom Wearing to the curb as possible, access private property to Soup, Baked Potato or Children 5-11 • $6 with cut ends parallel with gather brush. French Fries, Vegetable,
Children 4 & under • Free
the curb. •Brush piles that are Coleslaw and Dessert
IMLAY CITY — •Brush piles should be not neat and orderly will
With weather conditions
improving, many resi-
stacked neatly so branch-
es do not become entan-
not be picked up.
•Brush piles that are
dents have begun the pro- gled. placed out too soon or too
cess of cleaning up their •Brush should be a late will be required to be
(In the Banquet Room) 810-724-1954
yards and properties. minimum of 3 feet and no removed from the curb-
In conjunction with more than 10 feet in side until the next sched-
“spring cleanup” season,
Imlay City DPW crews
length. Limbs should be
no more than four inches
uled pickup date.
•Once the DPW’s Good Friday Fish Fry
have begun picking up thick in diameter. chipper has been down a
brush on the first and third •Do not block the street, it will not return All you can eat fish and chips buffet
Mondays of the month — sidewalk or the street. until the next regularly
thru November. •Do not stack brush scheduled pick-up date. ► Battered Atlantic cod
Residents wishing to with yard waste. Yard Garbage collection ► French Fries
have their brush picked up waste cannot be chipped. Effective April 1, the Date: April 19th, 2019
by the DPW are asked to Yard waste must be prop- city’s garbage hauler will Time: Buffet 4-8pm ► Coleslaw
observe the following erly bagged in approved pick up bagged yard
requirements: bags or containers that are waste.
(Until quantities last) ► Mac and Cheese
Carry out 3-7pm
•Brush should be marked “yard waste” to Yard waste should be ► Dinner rolls
placed at the curb no more be picked up by the city’s placed in containers Price: Buffet $10 per person
than two days prior to the garbage hauler. marked “Yard Waste” or $5 kids 6-12yrs old ► Cookies
scheduled chipping date, •Brush stacked for in biodegradable bags. 3 piece carry out dinner $8 ► Coffee and water included
and by 7 a.m. of the sched- collection must not con- Yard waste containers Reservations accepted for
uled chipping day. tain nails, wires, debris, cannot exceed 40 pounds. groups of 8 or more ► Soda, beer, wine, full bar
•The DPW will not roots, vines, litter and As a courtesy, res- available for purchase
chip full trees that have non-brush material. idents are asked to not Heather Hills Golf Club
been taken down. •Residents should note rake yard waste to the 3100 McKail Rd Call with any question 810-798-3971
•Stack brush as close that the DPW will not curb. Romeo, MI 48065

Our Opinion Letters from our readers...

Let the sun shine in
on state government
The problems with Almont’s spruce
It seems that the And so it must go, to be and make a mess! What is M-53, and pine trees have

W e applaud State Rep. Gary Howell

for keeping his word and moving to
bring transparency to state government.
Almont DDA (that many
of us only very recently
rose up in defense of)
replaced (in the same spot,
mind you) by a much
smaller, punier version of
it with nature anyway? Is
the DDA just trying to
make work for itself? To
shallow roots. The electric
service for lighting the tree
is also “maxed out,” there-
wants to get rid of the itself (which hopefully justify its existence? fore the lights flash on and
Howell recently voted to approve a majestic spruce that graces will not grow, thrive, or May we remind the off throughout the season.
bipartisan package of bills to make state our four corners. The arti- become a focal point). short-sighted DDA that Schall also indicated that
government more accountable to the peo- cle on page 15-A in last Maybe they should replace many of us, not so very the owner of the Speedway
ple it serves. He co-sponsored both bills. week’s issue doesn’t state it with, wait, I’ve got it! an long ago, when asked to station, where the tree is
what exactly is the prob- artificial tree, guaranteed contribute to the memorial planted, had to pay thou-
Michigan is one of just two states that lem with it. Is it unwell? Is not to grow, or thrive, or tree’s upkeep, did so. If sands of dollars to relo-
exempts its governor and the Legislature it a hazard? Has the vil- do much of anything, cer- they pursue this folly, I, for cate their sewer system
from open records laws. The bipartisan lage’s insurance company tainly not capture our awe one, want a refund. because of the tree, and it
solution approved this week would end found it to be, oh no!, an or wonder. Maybe we —Janis Grant was their wish to have the
these exemptions and increase transparen- unacceptable risk? It should replace *all* the Almont Twp. tree come down. For more
seems only that it is doing trees with artificial ones. Editor’s note: DDA information about the situ-
cy in state government. Though there are what God and nature How many times have Director Kim Schall said ation, email Schall at
numerous exemptions and some limita- intended it to do. It grew. It those been replaced, the tree is a public safety
tions with regard to review of request thrived. It became a focal DDA? More than once, I concern as it is starting to or call the DDA office
denials, the legislation is definitely a step point in the community. know, and still they grow, lean at the top toward 810-798-8125.
in the right direction. The bills are again
in the hands of the Senate for approval.
In recent history, and for some 4-H auctions at Lapeer Center Building
unknown and inexplicable reason, the The 26th Celebrity 0341 or email msue.lap- used, signed Red Wing H.W. Bush, President
Senate has been opposed to adopting Autographs Auction will be sticks, Priscilla Presley Jimmy Carter, Colin Powel,
transparency legislation, which has regu- held on Friday, April 5 from The 4-H Spring book, Magic Johnson, Theresa May, Tony Blair,
larly been approved by the House for the 5:30-9 p.m. at the Lapeer Auction follows on Sat., Bobby Hull, Jim Palmer, Angela Merkel, and more
Center Building. This 4-H April 6 with thousands of Tim Allen jerseys, Hershel are up for grabs.
past several years. fundraiser will have more items of merchandise, busi- Williams photo and Iwo We look forward to see-
In an interview with Detroit Free Press than 350 autographed items ness services and collect- Jima sand. ing you at the auctions!
writer Kathleen Gray, Senate Majority such as balls, CDs, books, ibles. Admission is free for Autographs from YoYo —Dyle Henning
Leader Mike Shirkey (R-Clarklake) indi- comic art, sticks, cards, both. Ma, Kelly Clarkson, Joan 4-H volunteer
posters and photographs up Examples of the auto- Baez, Pat Boone, Mary Lapeer County MSUE
cated that the Senate will not ignore the for grabs. For a detailed graphed items available on Wilson, Leann Rimes, Doly 4-H Youth Program
bills, as they’ve done in the past. auction flier, call 810-667- Friday include four game- Parton, President George Lapeer
However, Shirkey acknowledged that

Many honored at Spring Achievement

whatever action the Senate takes, “it
won’t be exactly like what the House is
sending over.” Shirkey said he has con-
cerns regarding “the free flow of ideas The 2019 4-H Spring •Capitol Experience: Achievement-Isaac Conley, Collections-Alexis
Achievement/Style Revue Sydney Gavan Brittany Evans; Leadership Hedgcock; Vet. Science-
between legislators as they contemplate was held recently at the •Jr. Agricultural Society -Isaac Conley, Sydney Emma Bloss; Recycled
the language of bills and put personal North Branch American Members: Amber Gavan, Sydney Kapushinski Crafts-Avis Schapman;
communications at risk.” Legion Hall in North Spudowski •Project Medal Horticulture/Gardening-
It is unfortunate that our elected offi- Branch. •Key Club: Isaac Winners: Swine-Amber Alexis Hedgcock
Evening honors for Conley, Sydney Bennett, Rowan Conley, •Cover Design Contest:
cials in the Senate continue to drag their youth included: Kapushinski Mackenzie Johnston; 1st-Abigael Fox; 2nd-
feet when it comes to bringing transparen- •4-H Ambassador •National 4-H Congress: Horses-Brittany Evans; Sabrina Kosa
cy to the people they serve; to those who Court: Senior Ambassador Isaac Conley PEP-Sydney Kapushinski; Lapeer County 4-H
elected them to office. We hope that this Emma Bloss, Sydney •Great Lakes Natural Sheep-Xavier Hosler, Avis State Awards Participant:
will change. Taxpayers deserve to know Gavan, Isaac Conley, Resource Camp: Abigael Schapman; Rabbits-Emma Arianna Wright-Mark of
Sydney Kapushinski, Fox, Avis Schapman Bloss; Cats-Emma Bloss; Excellence
what’s going on in the state government Brittany Evans •County Awards Medal Camp Counseling-Sydney •Teen Council
that they fund. It really is as simple as Junior Ambassadors: Winners: Agriculture- Gavan; Poultry-Amber Representatives: Abigael
that. Avis Schapman, Xavier Emma Bloss; Citizenship- Bennett; Food/Nutrition- Fox
Hosler, Addison Schultz Sydney Kapushinski; Brittany Evans; Hobbies & The Lapeer County 4-H
Program also recognized

Delicious fun at ‘Newspapers & Nosh’

adult volunteers, clubs, and
outstanding supporters of
4-H at the Spring
Achievement program.
4-H clubs were recog-

“N ew bar owner says

no go go girls”
reads the headline from a
Coordinator Mandy
Summers comes up with a
‘newspaper hat’ craft for
nized with a $50 award for
outstanding programming.
North Branch Finish Line
June, kids; Tracy somehow finds Swine received honors for
1973 newsprint deli wrap to the Best Club Educational
story on serve the food on and digs project; Busy Beavers 4-H
the out historic newspapers Club won the Best Fun &
‘Capac from her own collection, Social Award and Rough
Journal’ and library board member Riders International won
page of Cynthia Strobel puts her the Project Group
the Tri- chefs hat on and cooks up Community Service Award.
City a culinary storm for the A special award was
Times. Observations in ink... after-work soiree. As given to honor Friends of
The always, Cynthia goes all 4-H. It went to Jennifer
Catherine Minolli
Photo by Tom Wearing

huge and out with her innovative Hiltz, Jim Riehl’s Friendly
some- skills in the kitchen, Chrysler, Lapeer and
what unwieldy bound book assembling chicken wrap Virginia Sheeks.
that holds that issue—and sandwiches, brie and apri- 4-H volunteers are all
six months worth of other cot jam, cucumbers with extraordinary people who
weekly editions of your lime and tahini, cheese and do extraordinary things to
“hometown newspaper” is crackers with fresh grapes, help kids, but every year the
sitting on a long table in a delicious and slightly Imlay City historians Marilyn Swihart and Tom Whitkopf take a look at an 4-H Program honors volun-
the Stella MacDonald spicy artichoke dip, historic issue of the Imlay City Times newspaper dating back to the teers who have gone above
Reading Room of the Ruth yummy mini-quiches with 1800s during the ‘Newspapers and Nosh’ event at the Ruth Hughes and beyond by recognizing
Hughes Library in Imlay and without sausage, news- Library. them as 4-H Leaders of the
City. It’s one of a dozen or print wrap ‘cones’ of cara- Year. This year the honor
so bound books containing mel corn and spiced nuts can eat just one. Friend perfect illustration of how sort of love and enthusi- went to Thresa Schumitsch,
vintage issues of the Imlay for the kids, and the cutest Paula brings hummus and looks can be deceiving. asm that comes from the volunteer leader of the
City Times, the Almont little confection called vegetables, and library Driving by the Almont hearts of people who truly Young Pioneers 4-H club.
Times Herald and the Tri- ‘belly buttons’ consisting staff member Jessica Avenue building it looks O u t s t a n d i n g
City Times that date back of small pretzel rounds Bostian makes a loaf of rather small but I’m here Lifetime Leader Award was
to the mid 1950s and up to filled with melted milk ‘Don’s Bread’ in honor of to tell you it’s anything awarded to Virginia Ankley,
the present day. chocolate and topped with the beloved and highly but. The first floor stretch- leader in Moo Crew.
Colleagues and staff two pastel-colored missed library benefactor es out long toward the Elizabeth Schumitsch, a
members Maria Brown— M&M’s. Don Davenport. Suffice it back, and along with the project leader in Young
the assistant editor—and Friend Deb brings her to say it’s a feast and a Stella MacDonald Reading Pioneers 4-H club, received
Tom Wearing—writer, ‘simply amazing’ peanut delight. The entire event Room hosts stacks of the Meritorious Leader Awa
reporter, and the newspa- butter cookies (simple was free, and in a word, it books, high top tables ala rd.
per’s sole professional because they contain just was FABULOUS. cafe style, quiet rooms, a —Kathy George
drummer/musician and three ingredients, not one The Ruth Hughes bank of computers and 4-H Youth Program
myself haul those books— of which is flour) and Library is an absolute gem much more. The spacious Coordinator
and other Tri-City Times amazing because no one in the community. And a lower level houses special Lapeer County
memorabilia and of course events, workshops, and Lapeer
our most recent Michigan any number of activities
Press Association awards and happenings featuring Library board member
(15 of them but who’s local businesses and entre- and advocate Cynthia Guest Columnist
counting...) into the library preneurs who rent the Strobel’s mini quiches Have a differing opinion about a
for a special ‘Newspapers space. with spinach and hot topic? Want to further
and Nosh’ event coordinat- We applaud and appre- cheese served on explain your side of the story?
ed for March is Reading ciate the amazing Ruth newsprint deli wrap. You can share your thoughts by
being a guest columnist. Anyone
month. Hughes Library and its may submit a guest column, but
From the moment the equally amazing, outstand- care about what they do,
Photo by Tom Wearing

we ask that the information be

idea was conceived to the ing and passionate staff. If and who constantly strive accurate. The columns can be a
actual event itself on you haven’t stopped in to be the best at it. maximum of three typed, dou-
ble-spaced pages. Send them to:
Thursday, March 21, lately, we urge you to A big ‘thank you’ to Tri-City Times, P.O. Box 278,
library Director Tracy check it out. Whether it’s Tracy and all the staff for Imlay City, MI, 48444 or run the
Aldrich and her brilliant the latest best sellers, refer- an amazing ‘Newspapers idea by the editor by calling 810-
staff were totally on board. Chipotle and chicken wrap sandwiches were ence books, Kindles or and Nosh’ night at the 724-2615 or email them to: tct@
And as usual, totally cre- ‘in the news’ during the Newspapers and Nosh DVDs, you’ll find all that library! The newspa-
per reserves the right to edit or
ative about the whole hosted by the Tri-City Times and the Ruth and more within its walls. Email Catherine at reject any column considered
thing. Children’s Activities Hughes Library in Imlay City. Most of all, you’ll find the inappropriate for publication.

Belle Valley Band heralds in spring

Concert is Sun., April 7 at 3 p.m. in Imlay City
By Tom Wearing is free to the public. include “Liberty Fanfare” Goodwill donations will by John Williams; “National
be accepted at the door to Emblem” by E.E. Bagley;
I M L AY   C I T Y   — help pay for new music, “St. Louis Blues” by W.C.
Members of the Belle Valley instrument repairs, promo- Handy; “Fandango” by
Community Band return to tions and other band-related Frank Perkins; “Die
the concert stage Sunday, costs. Meistersinger” by Richard
April 7, for its 2019 “Spring Sunday’s program will Wa g n e r ; “The
Concert” at the Imlay City be co-conducted by Steve Beachcomber” by Clive
High School. Burns and Dave Coon and Richardson; and “English
In their role as the Tri- feature a variety of instru- Folk Song Suite” by Ralph
City Area’s traditional har- mental music suited for Vaughan Williams.
bingers of spring, admission springtime, and any time. The program will con-
to the band’s Spring Concert Featured selections clude with the band’s ren-

File photo
dering of Alfred Reed’s “A

Erna’s garden wisdom Jubilant Overture.”

Following the concert,
band members will host an
The Belle Valley Community Band will perform their Spring Concert this
Sunday at 3 p.m. at Imlay City High School.
Don't fork or spade soil Warren hoe to the common “afterglow reception” for
until it is dry enough for grubbing or nursery hoe, concert-goers in the school’s than 250 outstanding musi- experience. The band is Community Band, 1849
the clods to crumble when curved blade of the cavex cafeteria. cians have been listed on the always seeking new mem- Stoldt Ave., Imlay City, MI
they fall. hoe, or the “action” variety The Belle Valley band’s roster over the years; bers, who are often required 48444.
—The Gardener’s Bed- with its push-and-pull fea- Community Band is con- including many local high to audition. For questions or further
Book by Richardson ture, and finds them lack- cluding its 30th season as school band directors and Those unable to attend information about the band,
Wright, 1929 ing in performance. the local harbingers of clas- conductors. the April 7 concert, but who or to set up an audition, con-
Erna uses the sharp sical and popular instru- The band’s current ros- would like to support the tact Belle Valley Band
T his time of year I recall
my friend Erna
Hermann and her weeding
point to whack under the
weed’s root to extract it
from the soil. Then she
Founded in 1989, more
ter features 52 musicians of
varied ages and playing
band, may make checks
payable to Belle Valley
President, Art Smith, at
methods. drops the weed on the earth
First, she collects her
for the sun to dry out the
roots. Unless the nuisance
has gone to seed or rainfall
‘One more thing. Oh. And just one more thing’
robe: is pending, she leaves it for “Peace is not the concerned for them than for tucked in there among love to have you join us for
long- natural compost. absence of trouble. Himself. As He walked, He them, was that blue sticky the rest of the series at the
sleeved “In a small garden, you It is the presence of said, “One more thing.” note picture. Imlay City Christian
shirt, can gather weeds, but not Christ in the midst of that “ more thing. It all made sense Reformed Church (next to
pants, in a large plot or vineyard. trouble.” “Oh. And this one more together. Three people had Silver Grill on Cedar
socks Honest Living...
Turn the blade sideways to
skim the soil for aeration
and leveling,” Erna says.
T hose words were
scrawled on a blue
I had seen that blue
sticky note picture before;
in recent days made the
transition from this life to
the next. One was old, and
Street, aka N. Van Dyke).
Worship is at 10 a.m. every
Sunday. I’m finishing this
shoes. Iris Lee Underwood She also uses the
spade’s point to dig fur-
note and
laid out
but this time around, in
light of that message series,
her death was timely. One
had been much younger,
on Sunday afternoon
(because the column didn’t
rows for planting and on an I noticed something. The and he had died very sud- write itself in one sitting);
Second, she takes up her weeding between narrow open Post-It was stuck right denly. And one was an and this morning’s message
Warren hoe. rows. There’s no doubt Bible. A below one of those “One infant, still in utero. And was yet another “One more
Third, she works with a about it. Erna’s Warren hoe picture of more thing” passages. Jesus was holding out hope thing.” So come on out and
smile and song, a sanguine is the star of her gardens, that went Right below where Jesus to those left behind. Hope hear more of the story and
disposition inherited from lifting weeds like they viral. said He would not leave not as the world gives, but stay for a time of fellow-
her father, a German born were sprouted in soft but- Until I Perspectives... them comfortless, He said eternal hope. And what bet- ship. Hear what the blue
immigrant who obeyed his ter. All other tools are looked a this: “Peace I leave you; ter time to speak of this sticky note is all about as
relative when he said, replaceable. little Willene Tanis my peace I give you. I do kind of hope than right here well as what Jesus meant
“Come to America!” Yes, I imagine Erna’s more not give to you as the in the period when we when He kept saying, in
When Erna left Romania gathering her garden para- closely, I world gives. Do not let commemorate the period essence, “Oh! And this one
at thirteen-years old, weed- phernalia about now. She’s didn’t notice that the verse your heart be troubled and between Ash Wednesday more thing before I leave
ing had already settled walking and watching her just above it was from do not be afraid.” and Resurrection Morning! you.”
deep into her bones. She’d yards, the sky, and listen- words Jesus had to say to I saw the blue sticky If you’d like to hear Email Willene at
learned how to till the earth ing to the birds and weath- His closest friends just note again this morning. more about this hope, we’d
with her father’s Warren er forecast. before His crucifixion. Very early this morning.
hoe in his gardens and “The soil shouldn’t be For a little background As in...“I can’t sleep any-
After she married Wally
too wet, but damp,” I hear
her say. “You don’t want to
to why it’s appearing in this
column, I will reference
way so maybe I’ll see if
what’s going through my Academic All-Star
and moved to Romeo, they till the day before a rain- Pastor Alex Snider’s most head and heart will line up
planted vineyards and a storm because the weeds recent message series. in formation and turn into a
vegetable garden. you’ve removed won’t Three messages in a row column.”
Orchards. Berry patches. have time to dry out and were titled something like: Right about bedtime a Alayna Panduren
Flowers. You name it, they most will re-root.” “Oh! And just one more friend had called to say his Senior ~ Almont High School
grew it. Dear Reader, several thing...” mom had died. It was the
Erna tilled their Romeo mornings ago, I read I think it was kind of kind of news that was • Alayna is the daughter of
vineyard twice a year with Erna’s garden wisdom like this. If you are a par- expected—hoped for and Angela and Chad Panduren.
her father’s hoe. The again in Richardson ent, you know the drill. waited for, in fact—even • She has a 3.8 GPA.
“entire” vineyard, she likes Wright’s The Gardener’s Whether your children are though it is still always • Her hobbies include playing
to emphasize. Now at sev- Bed-Book. Those two old enough to stay home hard to let go. So my heart soccer, going snowmobiling
enty-something, there’s no often agree when it comes alone or you are leaving a and my head didn’t want to and baking.
thought of retiring her pri- to cultivation. sitter in charge, you leave a shut down to sleep. • Alayna’s career plans are to
mary garden tool. Wally I see my yellow-check- last-minute list of instruc- I clicked on the com- attend Grand Valley State
has the heart-shaped blade ered long-sleeved blouse in tions meant for the welfare puter to type, checking first University and focus on her major; which is yet to be
sharpened at the ready. my closet. I hear Erna hum and safety of your children. to see whether that update, decided.
“To me, Dad’s hoe is with pleasure, her father’s O.K. And maybe also for plus perhaps another I had • She most admires her mother. “She handles three
more versatile than any Warren hoe striking the your own peace of mind. been anticipating, had been kids, works a full-time job as a nurse and remains
other. Maybe I prefer it earth—sweet and fruitful Weighed down as Jesus posted. strong through everything.”
because I’m left handed. music, an overture of had to have been during It was there. The other • If she could, Alayna would like to be able to rescue
This is the only spade I’ve praise for another growing that walk from the last I had been half-expecting every stray dog, even those in shelters; and create a
ever used for the past fifty season. meal He shared with His was not there. But there dog ranch in her back yard.
years,” Erna says. Email Iris at little group of special were two others about • Alayna fears that technology is reducing opportuni-
She compares the friends, He was even more death and dying. Also, ties for face-to-face communication.
• Alayna’s school activities include participation in
the Rachel’s Challenge group and LINKS program.

Measles warning from Lapeer County officials • Her favorite musical artist is country singer/song-
writer, Thomas Rhett.

Editor’s note: The fol- infected person has left the Complication from measles deaths were reported annu-
lowing was submitted by
Kathy Haskins, Director
and Health Officer for the
Symptoms include
high fever (often spiking to
can be severe and include
pneumonia, encephalitis
(inflammation of the brain),
ally in the United States.
However, it is likely that
the average number of
Academic All-Star
Lapeer County Health over 104° F), cough, runny ear infections (which may cases is closer to 3 to 4
Department. nose, red, watery eyes result in permanent hearing million/year, as most cases
On March 13, 2019, (conjunctivitis), tiny white loss), preterm birth and/or were not reported. Of the Hailee McKinney
Michigan Department of spots on the inner cheeks, low birthweight babies in reported cases, approxi- Senior ~ Almont High School
Health and Human Services gums, and roof of the pregnant women. mately 48,000 people were
(MDHHS) and Oakland mouth (Koplik Spots) two Measles is a vaccine- hospitalized from measles • Hailee is the daughter of Rob
County Health Division to three days after symp- preventable disease. Most and 1,000 people devel- and Sara McKinney
announced a confirmed toms begin, and a rash that cases occur in unprotected oped chronic disability • She has a 3.9 GPA.
case of travel-related mea- is red, raised, and blotchy. individuals. Cases are rare from acute encephalitis • Hailee enjoys running, taking
sles, visiting from Israel The rash usually starts on in vaccinated persons and (swelling of the brain) photos, telling jokes, playing
following a stay in New the face, and spreads to the they are not considered at caused by measles (Ref: piano and being with her
York. Since that date, the trunk, arms and legs three risk. Dr. Mark Hamed, Since friends and family.
number of cases has grown. to five days after symptoms Medical Director for the 2000, cases in the U.S. • Her favorite performers are
As of Monday (April 1) begin. Lapeer County Health generally occur as the Elevation Worship, a contemporary worship music
evening there were 30 con- Measles can be spread Department, is urging all result of importations by band from Elevation Church in Charlotte, North
firmed cases of measles, four days before the rash those needing it to get vac- people infected while visit- Carolina.
and the numbers are develops through four days cinated as soon as possible. ing countries where mea- • Hailee’s career goal is to study nursing at Oakland
expected to increase. after the rash appears. Vaccine may be obtained sles is still endemic, and is University and become a pediatric oncology nurse.
Measles is a highly Symptoms usually begin from your primary care more likely to spread and • Her dream would be to take part in a mission trip to
contagious respiratory ill- 7-14 days after exposure, physician, or you may con- cause outbreaks where a ‘third world’ country and put her medical skills to
ness caused by the rubeola but can appear as long as tact the Lapeer County groups of people are insuf- good use for the people.
virus. It is easily spread by 21 days after exposure. If Health Department at 810- ficiently vaccinated. • The person Hailee most admires is her mother,
person-to-person direct symptoms develop, do not 667-0448 to schedule an Additional information because she is such a strong woman. “Even when
contact and through air- visit your doctor, urgent appointment or to inquire may be obtained from the going through leukemia, she kept her joyful spirit
borne droplets when an care or the emergency regarding walk-in or spe- following websites: and was, and still is, the best mom.”
infected person coughs or room without first calling cial clinics. •CDC: https://www. • She feels the challenge of her generation is to prove
sneezes. An individual can ahead so they can take pre- History: Before the live to others that they are not living life carelessly.
be infected with measles cautions to prevent expo- measles vaccine was •Children’s Hospital of • Hailee’s school and community activities include
just by being in a room sure of other individuals. licensed in 1963, an aver- Philadelphia https://www. track and field, the Rachel’s Challenge group,
with an infected person and Measles can make indi- age of 549,000 measles National Honor Society and being a student leader at
for up to 2 hours after the viduals very ill. cases and 495 measles and-influenza-outbreaks Orchards Community Church.
Page 10-TRI-CITY TIMES-APRIL 3, 2019

Town Talk
Editor’s note: Due to space Saturday of every month 9 Memorial Library in Conference Room. For time and have their blood pres-
constraints announcements
will be posted one week in Free Meals, Food a.m.-noon. Food distributed
at 74903 McKay Rd., Bruce
Richmond at 6:30 pm on
May 7, 2019. Everyone is
and more info, call 800-635-
7490 or visit www.marlet-
sure read for free.

advance of the event. Notices

must be received in writing by First Congregational Church,
Twp., 586-336-4673. www.
welcome to attend.
noon Monday prior to the United Church of Christ, of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) TOPS 620 Lapeer weight-
Imlay City operates a Food meetings are held every loss group meets Tuesday West Berlin UMC, 905
publication date.
Pantry every Thursday from
2 p.m. to 4 p.m. The pantry
Museums Saturday at 10 a.m. at West
Berlin United Methodist
nights at the Hunter’s Creek
Mobile Home Park Club
Homes Rd., Allenton, will
show “Ragamuffin” on
For Senior Citizens is open to people needing
food assistance who live in
The Almont Community Church, Allenton. House, 725 DeMille Rd. in
Lapeer. Weigh-in from 6-6:30
Friday, April 5 at 6:30 p.m.
for their Free Movie Night
Historical Society Museum is Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) event.
Gentle Yoga Tuesdays from the Imlay City School open Saturdays from 1-4 p.m., meeting from 6:30-7:30
District. Located at 275 meetings are held every p.m. For more info call 810-
9-10 a.m. at First p.m. Please stop by and learn Monday night at 8 p.m. at St. Spring is in the Air Luncheon.
Congregational Church in Bancroft in Imlay City. For about your community. 667-0999. Thur., Apr. 11, 11:30 a.m.
more information, contact Paul’s Lutheran Church in
Almont. Practice led by Dina Society meetings are held at Imlay City. -1:30 p.m. Romeo Parks and
Miramonti, RYT. the church office at (810)
724-6207 or on Facebook at
the museum on the second
Monday of the month at 7 Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Fundraisers Rec Center, 361 Morton St.,
Romeo. Lunch, music, danc-
Imlay City Senior Center @FirstCongregational UCC. p.m. For more info call 810- and Al-Anon meetings are ing and entertainment. Doors
“Texas Hold ‘Em” 12:30 p.m. ImlayCity. 796-3355. held every Wednesday night Woman’s Life Chapter 855’s open at 10:30, lunch served
For info 810-724-6030. at 8 p.m. at the Capac United Bottle & Can Drive continues at 11:30. Fee charged. Call
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church The Capac Historical Society all year round. Funds sup-
Council on Aging ‘Food for Families’ kitchen is Methodist Church, Capac, 810-752-6543 for info.
is open to visitors daily from MI. port those in need as we con-
Membership is open to indi- open to the public for free, 1-3 p.m. and 1-4 p.m. on tinue to fight hunger and
hot meals every Monday and Consumers Education -
viduals 18 and older. The Sundays. Call 810-395-2859 Grief share. Tuesdays at 1 homelessness in our commu- Identity Theft. Wed., Apr. 17,
Capac Senior Center is open Wednesday from 4-5:30 p.m. for more info. p.m., Imlay City Sr. Center, nity. Call 810-392-5136 for a 10:45 - noon. Romeo Parks
8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. week- Lamb Steele building on drop off point, or pick up and Rec Center, 361 Morton
days. We offer a variety of This Heart Loves Food The Dryden Historical
Pantry is open the 1st Third St. New series starts service for a large donation. St., Romeo. Program edu-
activities such as fitness and Society meets at 7 p.m. the Aug. 6. For info or to register Make a difference today by
Saturday of each month from first Wednesday of the month cates on how to reduce the
craft classes, a book review 9 a.m.-3 p.m. at Gateway call Tracy at 810-724-6030 or donating! risk of identity theft and
group, cards and bus trips. and the museum opens every Ginger at 810-724-5772.
Assembly Church, 2796 S. Monday from 5:30-7 p.m. The Imlay City Christian what to do if you become a
For info, call Lori at 395- Van Dyke Rd., Imlay City. victim. No charge. for info
7889. Lapeer Area Citizens Against School has discount cards
Meet the Heroes. The Imlay Domestic Assault meets 1-3 available for sale. Proceeds call 810-752-6543.
The Attica United Methodist City Historical Museum will
Almont and Dryden area Church will be holding a free p.m. every Wednesday in the benefit the school’s athletic, Zumba Gold. Combines
senior citizens meet the 2nd open its 2019 season on Lapeer Court House for per- music and PE programs. For
community meal on the 2nd Saturday, April 6 from 1-5 dance steps with a low impact
Tuesday of the month at 12 and 4th Tuesday of each sonal protection order clinic. more information call Imlay routine. Bring water and a
p.m. at the Almont Lions p.m with an open house. The For info 810-246-0632. City Christian School, Mon.-
month from 4:00-6:00 p.m. museum will host active and face towel. Every Monday
Hall, 222 Water St., for a pot- For more info please call 810- Fri. 8-4, 810-724-5695. and Wednesday 10:30 -
luck and program. Call 798- retired firefighters of the 10A Friday AFG Family
724-0690 or visit www.atti- Imlay City Fire Department Groups meeting. Imlay City 11:30 a.m. Washington Parks
8210 for more info. with a “Meet the Heroes” FOC Lutheran Church, 7191 Craft Shows/Bazaars and Rec Center, 57880 Van
Dyke, Washington Twp. Fee
reception. The newest exhib- Imlay City Rd, Imlay City.
Adults 55 and over are invit-
ed to Berlin Twp. Senior
The Attica Food Bank at the
Attica United Methodist it, the History of the Imlay Contact Ginger Miller at Rummage Sales charged. Call 586-752-6543
Center to play cards from City Fire Department, will be 810-724-5772 for more infor- for info.
Church, 27 Elk Lake Rd., is Crafters/Vendors Wanted!!!
noon-3 p.m. every other open from 2-4 p.m. the sec- unveiled at that time. The mation. 2019 Spring Sale North Sculpt, Flex and Stretch.
Thursday. Bring a sack ond and fourth Monday of public is invited to join muse- Branch Masonic Center Beneficial weight training.
lunch, beverages provided. um volunteers as they honor Romeo Washington Parks
the month. Proof of residency and Rec. One on one grief Friday, May 3 at 9 a.m. - 5 Every Monday, Wednesday
Senior chair exercise on and need required. local firefighters. Light p.m.; Saturday, May 4 at 9 and Friday. Washington
refreshments will be served. counseling provided at both
Tuesdays 10-11 a.m. Potluck Romeo and Washington a.m. - 2 p.m. Address: 4058 Parks and Rec Center , 57880
luncheons will be served the The Capac Community Food Huron Street, Downtown Van Dyke, Washington Twp.
4th Tuesday of every month
at noon. For info, call 810-
Pantry, 112 S. Main Street, is
open each Wednesday from Youth Events Centers. By appointment
only, please call to set up North Branch Contact Nancy
Birkenhauer 810-441-5177
Call 586-752-6543 for times
your appointment today 586- and prices.
395-4518. 1-3 p.m. Please call LOVE, Ready, Set, Go! Workshop. Or nancybirkenhauer@
INC. at 810-245-2414 in 752-6543. Free of charge.
Dinner and card playing,
50/50 raffle and prizes of
advance to ensure your food
voucher will be received
This is a FREE workshop for
3-5 year olds & parents/care- FOR WIDOWED MEN &

givers! Enjoy fun projects WOMEN: Lunch-Cards-
Medical Care
high and low for each table before you stop in to shop. that will develop your child’s Friendship. Join us every 3rd Imlay City Christian School
every 3rd Monday at the Any questions, please call skills and prepare them for Tuesday of each month from
Joyce Kaufman at 810-395- invites you to stop in for a
Washington Senior Center, school! Children also enjoy a 11:45 a.m.-4 p.m. at Cavis visit. Experience the safe,
57880 Van Dyke, Washington 7532. Lapeer County Health
snack, story time, and a free Pioneer Restaurant, 5600 Department, 1800 Imlay City confident education you are
Twp., MI 48094, from 4-8 book! Call the Family Lapeer Rd. in Kimball Twp. wanting for your family!
p.m. For info, call 586-752- The Capac Kitchen serves Rd., Lapeer - Regular
free meals every Tuesday Literacy Center today to 48074. No RSVP necessary. Immunization Clinic Hours: Wednesdays in April, 9-10
6543. reserve your seat at 810-664- For more info call Joanne K. a.m. Please RSVP to office@
from 4:30-6 p.m. at Zion (held in 2nd floor clinic area)
Swing Dance Lessons at the United Methodist Church. 2737 and for more info on at 810-324-2304. This activity Walk-In, Mondays 1-3 p.m.;
Port Huron Senior Center, dates and times. is sponsored by Widowed By Appointment Only,
Free meals for people in need Friends, a peer support Wednesdays 8:30 a.m.-11:30 Free tutor training for people
600 Grand Avenue, Port Play groups available. Free 6 who would like to help others
are offered at the North group www.widowedfriends. a.m. and 4-6 p.m., Thursdays
Huron, every Tues. from Branch Senior Center on week sessions. At these FREE in our community improve
7:30-9 p.m. and the 1st and org. 1-3:45 p.m. Hepatitis vaccine
Monday and Thursday eve- 90-minute playgroups, chil- English skills. Volunteer
3rd Thurs. of the month from dren will participate in story- Widowed Friends invites all is now available. For addi-
nings from 5:30-7 p.m. Call tional info, to check if we basis. Please call for orienta-
7:30-9 p.m. with instructors 810-441-0322 for more info. time, developmentally appro- widowed to join us for break- tion before training at 810-
Lyle Malaski & Kristina priate games and crafts, fast and friendship in a safe accept your insurance, or to
schedule an appointment 664-2737.
Morton. For info, call 810- Orchards’ Cupboard Food learn new skills, and enjoy a setting every 2nd and 4th
984-5061. Pantry is open the 3rd snack and social time with please call 810-667-0448. Volunteer for the Habitat for
Monday of the month at 9
other children. Parents will a.m. at Sero’s, 925 Gratiot in Free hearing and vision Humanity of Lapeer County
have the chance to talk to Marysville. For more info, screens for children of pre- at the office. Interested par-
other adults with same-age call Julie at 810-388-0868. school age are available at ties can call 810-664-7111 and
children. Register now for the Lapeer County Health speak to Carolyn, Cheryl or
the next session! Numerous For those that have experi- Department. To schedule an Pete at 810-660-7823.
locations and dates available. enced the death of a loved appointment please call 810-
For more info and to sign up one, a support group is avail-
call the Family Literacy able facilitated by a trained
United Hospice Service
667-0448 or 810-245-5549.
Club News
Center at 810-664-2737. Capac Pharmacy is teaming
(UHS) bereavement volun- with Support Million Hearts Veterans of Foreign Wars
Support Groups teer. Marlette Regional
Hospital, 2770 Main Street in
by offering in-pharmacy
blood pressure screenings,
(VFW) of Imlay City, Post
2492, 598 N. Almont Ave.
Marlette, hosts this support 136 North Main St. in Capac, (Fairgrounds Rd.) Overseas
Woman’s life Chapter 855 group the 1st Tuesday of each Tuesdays, 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Veterans Meetings 2nd
will meet at the Lois Wagner month in the Administration Everyone is invited to come Thursday, every other
month, 7 p.m.; Post Meetings

c 
1st Thursday every month, 7
p.m.; Auxiliary Meetings 1st
Saturday of every month, 10
Almont/Dryden Masons
meets 7 p.m. every 2nd
Thursday of the month at
Holy Redeemer Light of Christ
St. Paul’s Masonic Center in Almont.
Lutheran Church Lutheran Church Community The Imlay City American
(ELCA) 4538 Dryden Rd. • Dryden, MI Legion Post 135 meets the

200 North Cedar (M-53) 4411 Newark Road 810-796-3951 2nd and last Wednesdays of
Imlay City, MI Attica, MI 48412 2720 Winslow Road the month at 7:00 p.m. The
810-724-1200 810-724-2702 EASTER SERVICES Imlay City, MI 48444 post is located at 212 E. Third

Worship 8:30 & 11:00 a.m.
email: Maundy & Thursday 7 pm
Good Friday 1 pm & 7 pm 1 Mile South of I-69 Overpass Street. Contact them at 810- Easter Sunday 7 am & 10 am 724-1450 or americanlegion-
Sunday School 9:45 a.m. Sunday Worship 10:30 am
Pastor Tim Martin Pastor Steven Helms
Pastor Alan Casillas
19 Sunday 10 a.m. Service 19 Christian Preschool Available
19 Phone: 810-724-6999 19
The Evening Star Quilt Guild
Attica U.M.C. Capac Imlay City Almont
meets the last Wednesday of
27 Elk Lake Road, Attica, MI U.M.C. C.R.C. First Baptist Church each month at the Davison
Senior Center, 10135 Lapeer
(810) 724-0690 14952 Imlay City Rd., Capac 395 N. Cedar (M-53)
Sunday Worship: 10 a.m Church 810-395-2112 Wayne Boyd, Pastor Rd. in Davison. Meetings
start at 6:30 p.m. and doors
Attica Food Bank: Sunday School - 9:15 am - All Ages Worship 10:00 a.m. 881 Van Dyke - 810-798-8888
Serving those in 48412, Sunday Service: 10:30 am Sunday School 11:15 a.m. Sunday Bible Classes: 9:45 am open at 6 p.m. For more info
2-4 pm, 2nd & 4th Monday Junior Church and Nursery Available Youth Ministry Worship Services call Lisa, 810-358-7294.
of the month. Bible Studies Every MOPS Program 10:30 am & 6:00 pm
Community Dinner: Bible Study Wednesday 7:00 pm
Monday and Tuesday Evenings Community Men’s & Women’s
2nd & 4th Tuesday, 4-6 pm Bible Studies
Tuesday Morning Live Webcasting Sunday all worship services
Pastor Ron Rouse 9:30 am 11:00 am 810-724-4315 over Come as you are - everyone is welcome!
19 19 19
Come Grow With Us! 19 Proclaiming the Sovereign Grace of God
Every Sunday The Lapeer
Dryden Imlay City Sacred Heart - Imlay City
St. Nicholas - Capac Goodland GATEWAY ST. JOHN’S LUTHERAN CHURCH Center’s Flea Market is open
(ELCA) 109 E. Kempf Court • Capac, MI 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. with up to 75
Pastor: Rev. Noel Cornelio
Saturday Mass (810) 395-7557 booths inside and outside
Corner of 4th St. & Almont Ave. 4:00 pm - St. Nicholas • 6:00 pm - Sacred Heart

5394 Main Street - Dryden (Across from the Library) Sunday Masses 2796 S. Van Dyke Road - Imlay City  selling a huge variety of items
9:00 am - Sacred Heart • 11:00 am - St. Nicholas
Monday - Friday: 9:00 am - 2:00 pm to the public. The Lapeer
810-796-3341 Like Us On
6:00 pm (Spanish) - Scared Heart
Morning Worship - 9:00 a.m. & 11:00 a.m.
Center Building is at 425
10:30 a.m. Worship 2008 N. Van Dyke Evening Service - 5:00 p.m. 
Pastor Patricia Hoppenworth Tuesday at St. Nicholas at 8:30 am
Wednesday at Sacred Heart at 10 am County Center Street. This
Nursery Available
First Thursdays at St. Nicholas at 7 pm Imlay City, MI 48444 Wednesday Family Night - 6:30 p.m. Sunday 10:00 a.m.
Sunday School - 9:30 a.m. Jr. Church for K-5th grade
First Fridays at Sacred Heart at 7 pm Supervised child care during all services long-running community
Youth Group 6th-12th grade
Worship Service - 11:00 a.m. 5pm-6:30pm Sundays
First Saturdays at Sacred Heart at 8 am
Confessions 810.724.1747 Sunday School event is sponsored by The
Phone: 810-724-8110 9:00 a.m. September thru May Lapeer Center, a 501(c)3
Worship Service: 10:00 am19
Saturdays 3 pm St. Nicholas • 5:30 pm Sacred Heart
EVERYONE WELCOME! Rev. Dr. Marcel Allen Lamb
First Saturdays at 7:30 am at Sacred Heart Pastor Jeffrey S. Krist
19 810-724-0687 19 Sundays at 5:30 pm before the Spanish Mass 19 19 Staffed Nursery During Worship 19 non-profit organization for
over 60 years. For informa-
West Berlin Imlay City Family of First Congregational Church tion on space rentals, call
Church of Christ Christ United Church of Christ
U.M.C. 670 N. Van Dyke
Lutheran Church - 201 E. St. Clair, Almont, MI
810-347-7915. Low rental
prices on inside and outside
Imlay City, MI 48444 275 Bancroft - Imlay City
905 Holmes Rd. - Allenton, MI Sunday Service Missouri Synod 810-798-8855 space. There is no admission
Sunday Worship 10:30 a.m. Sunday Worship Service charge. For general informa-
Corner of Almont Road Bible Study (all ages) 10:00am 7191 Imlay City Road, Imlay City
at 10:15 a.m. tion on the Flea Market,
Morning Worship 11:00am Bible Study - 9:00 am 810-724-6207
810-395-2409 1st Sunday of the
Month Evening Service 2:30pm
Worship Time - 10:30 am Nursery available and Jr. Church
for ages 3 thru 5th grade
Lapeer Center room rentals
Worship Service - 11:00 a.m. Children’s Church - 10:30 am Facebook: @FirstCongregationalUCC.ImlayCity and catering, call 810-664-
Wednesday Bible Classes (all ages) 7:00pm Contemporary Service - Wednesdays 7:00 pm Jr./Sr. High Youth Group ~ Sunday’s 6-8pm
810-724-3306 SALT Program ~ Tues. & Thurs. 4-5:30pm 2109, email lapeercenter@
Rev. Curtis Clarke COME WORSHIP WITH US!
Phone 810-724-2620 “No matter who you are or where you are Pre-School - 5th grade or see www. on life’s journey, you are welcome here!”
19 John Barker, Minister 19 19 19 Pastor William King 19
Page 11-TRI-CITY TIMES-APRIL 3, 2019

Family, friends remember Holly’s impact

By Tom Wearing Shay Jorgensen talked tional,” A loving grandmother “Holly was my dearest she plans to carry on by about some of the things Shay con- of 12 (including her extend- friend and the most beauti- applying the same positive
that made her mother spe- tinued. ed family), Holly was ful person I’ve ever lessons she learned from
IMLAY CITY — For cial, and the impact she has “She loved affectionately referred to known,” said Combs. “This her mom.
more than three decades, had on her life. collecting by the younger members of is such a shock. She is “Most of all, she taught
Holly Clendenan was the “Everything I am today dolls, the family as “Nana.” going to be dearly missed.” me how to be a good moth-
smiling face that greeted is because of what she has antiques, “She was the backbone Debby Hoeksema, er,” said Shay. “I plan to
patients at Dr. Clif taught me,” said Shay. “She singing and of the family,” said Shay’s another longtime friend strive to be as much like
Clendenan’s chiropractic was eternally positive playing old Holly husband, Keil Jorgensen. and co-worker, spoke of her as I can.”
office in Imlay City. about everything. country Clendenan “She made everybody feel Holly’s rare ability to con- Dr. Clif Clendenan
Today, Holly’s family Whenever I was down, she (Patsy comfortable and welcome. nect with others. recalled the joy Holly had
members and friends are would help me to see things Cline) songs, watching She was the glue that “She cared about every brought to his life; first as
mourning her passing on in another way. To see the old movies and cooking brought everybody togeth- patient that walked in the his employee and more
Sunday, March 31, at positive. ‘southern-style’ biscuits er.” door,” said Hoeksema. recently as his wife.
Ascension Providence “She would always tell and gravy.” One of Holly’s closest “She always had a smile on “Holly was an amazing
Hospital, following a brief me to choose to be happy,” Speaking of tradition, friends, Angie Combs, her face and remembered person,” said Clendenan.
illness. she said. “Now, that’s what Shay recalled that every recalled how the two forged everyone’s name. “She had a smile and a car-
A 1980 graduate of I’m trying to do with my Christmas Eve, Holly an immediate connection “Holly was sweet, gen- ing heart for everyone —
Imlay City High School, own kids.” would gather the family when they met 32 years uine and she taught me a even for perfect strangers.
Holly, 57, had been A mother of three around the television to ago as employees at lot,” Hoeksema continued. “The best thing was
employed for 32 years as young sons, herself, Shay watch the film, White Clendenan Chiropractic. She really helped every- that she even thought I was
the office manager at described her mother as the Christmas, while she would “We hit if off right one. pretty special,” he said,
Clendenan Chiropractic. ultimate “go-getter,” and as be in the kitchen baking away,” Combs remem- “She was sentimental “and she always made me
She is survived by a someone who consistently cookies and singing carols. bered. “Our personalities and was always there when feel that way.
daughter, Shayleen “Shay” focused on setting and “Her favorite movie, and interests clicked and I needed someone to laugh “To know that she
(Keil) Jorgensen; and son, achieving goals. though, was The Wizard of we’d spend a lot of time with, or to cry with. cared so much for me was
Justin (Tara) Herbert; along “She used to tell me to Oz and her favorite song together out of the office.” “She was like a sister to like a miracle,” he said.
with three stepchildren and write down all my goals; to was Over the Rainbow,” Combs said the two me,” Hoeksema added. Editor’s note: Holly
several grandchildren. break them down into plans Shay continued. “She col- still talked a couple times a “I’m going to miss her Clendenan’s obituary and
She married Dr. Clif and to take action to make lected old books, dolls, week and said she was dearly. We all are.” funeral information can be
Clendenan on March 14, them happen. trinkets, ruby slippers and shocked by the suddenness Maybe none more than found on page 21 in this
2015 in Metamora, MI. “She was very tradi- all things Wizard of Oz.” of her friend’s passing. daughter, Shay, who said week’s edition.

Bi-partisan bail reform effort underway in Lansing

TRI-CITY AREA — behind on bills and losing House Bills 4351-60
State Rep. Gary Howell has custody of their children. would:
introduced legislation as These are deep conse- •Make pretrial release
part of a bipartisan plan to quences for offenses that the standard and require
reform Michigan’s broken are often minor in nature.” judges to take a person’s
cash bail system, continu- According to a 2015 ability to pay into account
ing to protect public safety, Department of Justice when setting bail.
and potentially saving report, roughly 41 percent •Require that defen-
Michigan taxpayers over of jail inmates in Michigan dants have access to finan-
$100 million per year. at the end of 2013 were cial disclosure forms.
Howell, of North awaiting trial. With an •Create accountability
Branch, said the plan would average cost of $75 a day to by requiring courts to sub-
make much-needed reforms house a person in jail, mit a regular report to the
to ensure people are not Howell said it adds up to State Court Administrative
kept in jail prior to trial more than $180 million a Office to track bail cases.
simply because they cannot year in unnecessary costs Specifically, Howell’s
afford to pay for their paid by Michigan taxpay- legislation establishes a
release. Suspects would ers. penalty for anyone who
remain detained when they State Rep. Gary Howell “We can save taxpayer knowingly lies or misrepre-
pose a danger to society or discusses proposed dollars and reduce the bur- sents their status on bail
a flight risk. bail reform legislation. den on our overcrowded financial disclosure forms.
“We create a vicious jails by making common- The plan has been
cycle by keeping people bail,” Howell said. “Many sense reforms to our bail referred to the House
behind bars just because people stuck in jail end up system,” Howell said. Judiciary Committee for
they cannot afford to pay losing their jobs, falling The reforms laid out in consideration.

Your Hometown
T.J. Craven

T.J. Craven to
appear at PIX
LAPEER — Crooner formed for Operation Care • LUNCH •
T.J. Craven will appear at Package, breast cancer
the PIX on Wednesday, research functions, the • DINNER •
April 10 at 2:30 p.m. March of Dimes, Relay for • GROCERY•
With a free-flowing Life, and Easter Seals.
vocal style reminiscent of Along with many charita-
Frank Sinatra, Craven has a ble events, Craven has also
passion for the music of the had the pleasure of opening Open: Tues-Thurs 10am-7pm
crooner genre including for nationally touring coun- Fri & Sat 10am-8pm
greats such Sinatra, Dean try music artists Craig Sun 9am-3pm
(Order 15 minutes prior to close for Take-Out)
Martin and Nat King Cole. Morgan, Steve Cochran,
In addition to recreating the Trailer Choir, Wild Honey,
music of these greats, he Whiskey Falls, and Clay
has written original compo-
sitions including his tribute
to those serving in the US
Military, ‘Forgotten
Underwood. He has also
had the pleasure of per-
forming alongside Sheldon
Kay and the Juke Joint
 
  Washakie&BURNSIDE
Golf & RV Resort
Heroes,’ says Katie Beth Johnnies, Kentucky Strait, 8 810-395-2602

Chrismer of the PIX in a and the Craig John Band. Residential • Automobile NOW OPEN BAR & GRILL ~ NEW MENU ITEMS
press release.
Since the age of three,
Craven is operatically
trained and has performed Windshield Replacement Spring Rates 3461 Burnside Rd.
North Branch,MI
GAS CARD Screen Repair • Window Repair & Replacement
Leagues Now 810-688-3235
Craven has been singing several shows with Detroit
for a crowd. He started by Opera Theatre and With Any Vehicle

15041 Downey Rd. • Capac, MI 48014
memorizing all the songs in Rochester College, Repairs
(Old M-21)
an adult Christmas Cantata Chrismer says. He has (Coupon Required)
at church and hasn’t enjoyed piano and voice
stopped since. He. loves lessons for many years, and
pop, oldies, crooner, coun- the resulting skills are evi- Open Sunday!
Sunday! Every Sunday!!
Sunday!! 8-3
try, gospel, and last but not dent in his performances.
least, Elvis tunes, the press When he’s not singing, he FLEA
release says. enjoys golfing and spend- AT THE LAPEER CENTER 425 County Center Dr.
“This entertaining ing time with his horses.
20-year-old has been lend- While Craven is open to a Extensive Selection
Come see SANTA
ing his talents to the
Veterans of Foreign Wars
career in entertainment, he
also has aspirations to one of Items
Sun for Sale!
Dec 24th, 12-2
for several years,” Chrismer day become a lawyer, and VendorDoor
Pictures, Space Available
Prizes, Games
says. “His passion for sup- has never let his love of
porting the troops began
when he was only eleven.
performing interfere with
his academic endeavors.
Will Be Open New Years Eve from 8-3!!!

Since then, his experience Tickets are general

has allowed him to meet admission and the cost is Life • Home • Car • Business
and talk to many veterans
and active soldiers across
$10 per person. To pur-
chase tickets in advance,
Create VALUE for your Customers!
the United States and Iraq.
One of his favorite events
visit the PIX Box Office
located inside Gallery 194, Churchill Insurance Agency With A TRI-CITY TIMES
800-865-6981 MarketPlace Ad!
is singing the national Tuesdays through
anthem and his own song at Saturdays from 11 a.m.- 6
the Great Lakes National p.m. Tickets may also be
Cemetery’s Annual purchased over the phone
Veteran’s Day for the past at 810-664-4824 or online Bus: 810-724-6218 Fax: 810-724-3418
six years.
Craven has also per-
at www.centerfortheartsla- 243 East Third Street • Imlay City, Michigan 48444 Call (810) 724-2615 for more Information!
Page 12-TRI-CITY TIMES-APRIL 3, 2019

Announcements Honor Rolls

DRYDEN HIGH Jalynn Peters Lopez, Alondra Montoya Hoblet, Summer Rain
SCHOOL HONOR ROLL Hannah Peyerk Maldonado-Woodcock, Hood, Jacob Thunder
Dalton Raymond Avah Mikael Hughes, Ethan Scott
Dryden High School Cylie Reside Marzetti, Marcus Allen Johnson, Alice Rose
has released its honor roll Maria Ryan Mays, Dylan Thomas Juarez, Adrianna Amiyah
for the second quarter of Andrew Sisler Meyers, Shelby Christine Jurcak, Luke Daniel
the 2018-2019 school year. Joseph Thomson Mills, Lillian Margaret Keesler, Audrey Isabelle
Bold Names = All A’s Coulter Waite Morocco, Matthew Rene Kolasa, Caleb Joseph
6th grade: Annabella Weeden Orduna Salas, Kaitlyn Kosenko, Justice R
Trenton Carroll Jessica West Palacios, Kali Rebecca Kovacik, Lindsey Marie
Sontino Coscione Justin Wheeler Patrick, Brian Lee Kreiner, Daniel Francis

Photo provided
Noah Daoud 12th grade: Penzien, Clayton Lee Lara, Andres Jr.
Sean Finnigan Paige Abromaitis Rager, Christian William Makedonsky, Lily Miranda
Mikayla Fleming Jodie Adams Rivera, Margery Ann McLain, Riley James
Paige Abromaitis from Dryden High School, Noah Hall Vincent Angel Ross, Angelina Maria Muehleisen, Margaret
Wesley Hampton from Imlay City High School Mya Hill Joselyn Carpenter Roszczewski, Nolan Reese Constance Ju
and McKenzie Finn from Almont High School David Insley Virginia Cronkright Roth, Dilan John Patrick, Zoe Rose Marie
with DAR awards. Jade Insley Brady Czape Sadowski, Krysta Trinity Redd, Braydon Michael
Sarah Jones Michael Elick Jr Salcedo, Jesussebastian Rekowski, Jenna Leigh

DAR awards students

Liam Napolitano Laura Ellis Schroeder, Sarah Elizabeth Riker, Alicia Mae
Andrew Parmentier Marc Embree Shadbolt, Greyson Robert Ruiz, Guadalupe
Drew Raymond Brenden Fleming Shroyer, Brooklyn Renee Santana-Granados, Ashley
Bella Szymanski Kelsey Hempstead Siegler, Jack Anthony Smakaj, Sabrina
The John Crawford City; Lindsey Smiles, Lake Isabella Weier Caitlyn Hill Smith, Heather Elizabeth Stadelbauer, Brook Marie
Chapter DAR held its annu- Orion; and Alyssa Donovan, Lily Wright Tyler Honnold Stadelbauer, Elaina Mae Stapleton, Abby Joslyn
al awards luncheon on Oxford. Lindsey Smiles is 7th grade: Alissa Hurd Strong, Nicole Porter Thompson, Dominic Arden
Saturday, March 16, at also an award winner at the Nathan Baughman Abigail Kage Tanis, Shalyn Marie Torres, Kyle Robert
Nacho’s Taco House in state level. Klaudia Belleville Faith Kaltz Tatro, Ellianna Rose VanConant, Gabriel Robert
Imlay City. The DAR chap- Congratulations to each Tyler Biggs Nevaeh Kritzman Torres-Garcia, Dalia William
ter honors a high school student and best wishes for Jacob Burgess Emily Kruk Margarita Vermeesch, Morgan Ann
senior from each of five a bright future. The guest Ava DeVlaminck Jaylen Ledee-Rodriguez Ussery, Alaya Villalpando, Jaden Grace
area schools. Students are speaker this year was Lily Finnigan Brandon Lemke Vargas, David Giovanny Wampler, Micah James
selected by teachers and Vernece Bigger, who pre- Aiden Fitchett John Lynch Webb, Matthew Alan Wetzel, Karter Alpha
administrators and exhibit sented a program on the Matthew Hickmott Emma MacWilliams Williams, Romen Mekai Whitsett, Kylie Elizabeth
the qualities of dependabil- history of Native Americans Madison Maday Jordan Peters Zepeda, Kimberly Wood, Bianca Marie
ity, service, leadership and in Michigan. Memphis Mazur Natalie Poirier Zepeda, Yannet Michelle Zandarski, Samyrna Louise
patriotism. The DAR is an organi- Audrey Napolitano Jesse Prososki 7th grade: 8th grade:
Each student wrote an zation that promotes patrio- Moriah Nunn Alea Purdue All A’s All A’s
essay on preserving our tism and serves our local Hunter Parks Ethan Rozanski Bean, Thomas Gregory Auger, Evan Joseph
American heritage that gave communities with many Sophia Peter Kelli Schenkel Behm, Kyle David Barth, Amanda Rae
them the opportunity for a projects to support service- Kendall Phillips Olivia Schornak Burcham, Connor Joseph Belisle, Grace Lynn
scholarship award at the men and their families, and Bailey Powers Alison Sobek Craven, Michael Robert Brown, Julia Marie
national level. They also to educate citizens on the Jason Richardson Christopher Watson Deel, Dakota Jade Clark, Kayleigh Anne
received a commemoratory freedoms we hold dear. Raeshell Richardson Marc Williams Ericson, Aiden Timothy D’Ambrosio, Anthony
pin, certificate, and other DAR members have a Steven Thibodeaux Erman, Luke Joseph Jiovanni
gifts selected just for them shared heritage that traces Ian Weier IMLAY CITY MIDDLE Farrell, Kendall Nicole Eades, Jayden Alexander
by local chapter members. to ancestors who fought in Hope Wilcox SCHOOL HONOR Forti, Lexa Grayce Fultz, Kalie Marie
The 2019 recipients are the American Revolution. Connor Wolff ROLL Gaspar, Joe Andrew Galat, Sara Isabel
McKenzie Finn, Almont; See the website at www. Delaney Wolle Gass, Joseph Charles Hoblet, Monique Rose
Paige Abromaitis, Dryden; for more infor- 8th grade: Imlay City Middle Giles, Morian Charles Keesler, William Lee
Wesley Hampton, Imlay mation. Lauren Abromaitis School has released its Guzman, Hayley Melissa LaCommare, Emmerson
Destiny Ellis honor roll for the first Hainds, Lee Livingston Rose
Thomas Giles quarter of the 2018-2019 Herbert, Riley Tarin Lauwers, Elizabeth Ann
Skylar Graham school year. Hoban, Jaelynn Marie Lengemann, Lilian Patricia
Gabriel Hofmann 6th grade: Johnson, Lily Grace Lenz, Alexis Lorraine
Cody Jackson All A’s Kasprzyk, Ana Grace Livingston, Sydney Marie
Abigail Johnson Becker, Lilian Nicole Keeley, Joshua J McLain, Molly Anne
Gillian Kaltz Belan, Shelby Lynn Kinzer, Myranda Ann McMurray, Kelsea Ann
Megan Larkin Bovee, Alexis Rae Krahn, Andrea Lucero Melendez, Jacob Joel
Rilynn Lindsay Burns, Windy April Lane, Jazmyne Mae Mitchell, Kennedy Noelle
Hunter Niehaus Cameron, Addison Claire Lemier, Mitchell Roi Morse, Gabrielle Ann
Brian Oliver Jr Chind, Angela Marie Leon Ariza, Hector Rekowski, Brooke
Cherity Owens DeLuca, Diego Alesio Logan, Ahnia Mya Elizabeth
Isaiah Penzien Dennis, Wren Margaret Lopez, Sofia Yahaira Salomon Martinez, Angela
Photo provided

Jessica Peters Donahue, Lauryn Elise Lord, Dylan Thomas Schriber, Hope Olivia
Evan Purdue Fick, Aricyn Michael Marzetti, Nicholas Ray Shirling, Evan Beau
Emma Raue Fileccia, Madison Marie McMurray, Kyle Eugene Sills, Abbigail Michele
Gabriel Schultz Fox, August Scott Metter, Julia Grace Vaubel, Veronica Madeline
Lawrence, Hicks tie knot Jackson Spencer
Hunter Stayton
Gaspar, Nery Antonio
Hayes, Hannah Marie
Morris, Dante Deshaun
Nawrocki, Mercedes Paige
Webb, Sophia Alaine
Honor Roll
Taylor Lawrence of Attending the bride as Adeline Tresnak Kelly, Ian James Newell, Kasey Edward Alessandrini, Nevaeh
Almont and Courtney Hicks maid of honor was Jessica Voss Land, Tanner Patrick Newsom, Daniel Ray Nichol
of Shelby united in mar- Maggie Cumming. Patrick 9th grade: Lauwers, Sarah Rose Owen II, Joseph Howard Arreguin, Lesly
riage on October 6 at Lawrence was the best man. Haley Adamson Little, Ellieana Monet Quintana, Amarae Almeda Belbeck, Katelyn Faith
St. Thomas Presbyterian After the ceremony, a Charles Fliedner O’Brien, Charlotte Estelle Ramirez, Quintin Juan Belisle, Faith Marie
Church in Shelby. reception was held at the Avery Grondin Plummer, Sarah Patience Ridgeway, Rita Jo Brandt, Carter Mathew
The bride is the daugh- Washington Banquet Center Ashley Hickmott Schultz, Kiley Marie Rottman, Addison Breiholz, Natalia Ann
ter of Michael and Jo Hicks in Washington Twp. The Andrew Hoagg Stimson, Isaac Ray Elizabeth Carrera-Martinez, Silvia
of Shelby, and the groom is couple will reside in Utica, Joanna Livingston Tanis, Dezeray Elena Ruiz, Alexis Marie Cassandra
the son of Ron and Laurie Michigan after honeymoon- Meah Maisano Toda, Sota Sapp, Hannah Elizabeth Cooke, Kiley JoAnn
Lawrence of Almont. ing in Tennesee. Alaina Penn Zepeda, Andrea Schwab, Alyssa Joy Czapiewski, Liliana Jean
Jenna Peters Zepeda, Gonzalo Stoutenburg, Corey Ryan Denver, Jenna Ashley
Rebecca Weiss Honor Roll VanDenBerg, Kyler Robert Evans, Alyssa Noel
GVSU annouces Dean’s list 10th grade:
Jackson Abromaitis
Alessandrini, Lakynn Rose
Barrett, Hailey Faye
Weingartz, Kaden James
Whitney, Elliot Xavier
Fick, Emma Lynn
Finch, Carter Shamus
Grand Valley State and problem solving skills. Harry Atkinson Barron, Jackelin Wilcox, Zander William Flores, Mirna Abigail
University announces the Students honored for Caitlin Belleville Behrick, Fallon Kaye Wildie, Conner James Grayvold, Julia Anne
names of students who the fall semester include: Erin Boettcher Belleville, Summer Louise Zepeda, Emily Guerrero, Tiffany Lynn
were placed on the dean’s Almont: Jennifer L. Alyssa Daoud Broder, Kara Joy Honor Roll Hartman, Noah Isaac
list for the Fall 2018 semes- Curtis; Kara L. Feys; Natalie Embree Bush, Travis Charles Babcock, Chloe Elaine Howard, Gingerrose
ter concluding in December. Brandon M. Herman; Gavin Fisher Cezik, Andrew Joseph Bhatti, Laela Asmet Lona Michele
The list includes those stu- Michaela A. Kauzlarich; Reed Hall Chippewa, Anthony Ray Blanchard, Keegan Parker Hund, Beau Thomas
dents who have maintained Zachary T. Revoldt; Corey Abrielle Hurd Clark, Seyanna Marie Blevins, Robert Merc Jacobsen, Summer
a 3.5 grade point average D. Sutter; Hanna V. Ella Kage Conroy, Joshua M Brock Michelle
and been enrolled in a min- Szydlowski Jack Kaplan Cornacchia, Isabella May Chind, Nicholas Paul Jennings, Olivia Marie
imum of 12 credits. The Attica: Madison M. Riley Knox Czajkowski, Mya Dawn Colon, Sarah Marie Jones, Annabelle Nicole
honor is noted on the stu- Miller Cassie Leach D’Ambrosio, Rocco Cremeans, Gabrielle Judd, Aisha Marie
dents’ official records. Capac: Cameron D. Olivia Miller Vincent Mariesa Kent, Emma Logan
Grand Valley is dedi- Katkic; Drew M. Katkic Ashley Niehaus Diaz, Saul D’Ambrosio, Dominic Kline, Andrew Joseph
cated to providing a rich Dryden: Lyndsay K. Teagan O’Bryan Dougherty, Evan Michael Michael Lewis, Dorian Kegan
learning environment for Mosby; Andrew J. Michael Ocansey Dundas, Aubrey Jean Deladurantaye, Arabella Milana, Vincenza Marie
students, offering a wide Trombley Jenna Pagano Evans, Matthew Lynn Nelden, Cooper Jeffrey
range of majors and hands- Emmett: Bonnie A. Erin Paton Farrell, Payton Lori Douglas, Gabrielle Renee Pawlaczyk, Gregory
on research opportunities. Barnum; Brandon M. Lauren Pease Figueroa, Estefany Dupont, Travis Charles Thomas
Highly credentialed and Thompson Madison Purdue Furgerson, Aiden Edward Edson, Zachary Shawn Pries, Tyler James
responsive faculty and Imlay City: Jose A. Alexis Schuhrke Galiana, Christopher Alan Emery, Curtis Gabriel Rodriguez-Kelley, Briana
individual advisors and Hernandez; Victoria E. Cole Seidell Gottler, Ginger Felix, Favian Manuel Susanne
mentors promote a liberal Klaas; Carly M. Livingston Claire Sobek Grigsby, Hailey Marie Ferguson, Morgan Kay Rodriguez-Torres, Rafael
arts emphasis that teaches North Branch: Cade Morgan Voss Griswold, Mason Lloyd Francis, Jeffery Wayne Rojas, Yesenia Lucero
students critical thinking T. Baker Lauren Weeder Hall, Cory Evan Giles, Jaden Anthony Rosillo, Liliana Francis
Miya Wolff Hall, Jaydin D’ondrae Kai Graver, Vivian Elizabeth Ross, Brooklyn Juliana
11th grade: Hartfil, Addison Brooke Gray, Alexander Dean Schmidt, Kaitlynn Marie
Graduation list from GVSU Brendan Biggs
Kaitlyn Carter
Heiter, Gracie Ann
Hintz, Johanna Mary
Grone, Emma Lynn
Guerrero, Aalyiah Ann
Smith, Roman Alexander
Stapleton, Ellie Joy
More than 1,150 Grand Highly credentialed and Angelina DeBellis Hoffman, Hunter Arthur Harrington, Caiden Stone, Natalie Marie
Valley State University stu- responsive faculty and Kylie DeVlaminck Hund, Brie Elizabeth Michael Vanderploeg, Brady Scott
dents participated in com- individual advisors and Sebastian Durst Hutchins, Ava Scarlett Hartman, Hayden Arik Visner, Riley Paul
mencement ceremonies on mentors promote a liberal Reilly Finley Jacobsen, Cody Lee Hernandez, Ayleen Wendorf, Kemper Anthony
December 8 at Van Andel arts emphasis that teaches Tyler Hart Koralewski, Jacob Edward Hernandez, Monica David
Arena in Grand Rapids. A students critical thinking Corey Heike Kreiner, Cloey Louise Hill, Tavin Kristopher Wetzel, Drew Lynn
list of the names of Grand and problem solving skills. Kyle Hickmott Kustowski, Ezekiel James

Valley’s most recent gradu- Students who graduat- Daniela Hill LaBranche, Kylie Michele
ates follows. ed at the conclusion of the Ronald Hudson Lachat, Ryleigh Jean

Grand Valley is dedi- Fall 2018 semester in Kylie Kuligowski Lara, Suhey Yamilet
cated to providing a rich December include: Ivy Lewis Lengemann, Alexa Jenae
learning environment for Attica: Madison M. Jacob Livingston Lestage, Toriana Blair
students, offering a wide Miller, BS Marin Luxgrant Lindquist, Isabel Mae Tri-City Times
range of majors and hands- Dryden: Ryan G. P.O. Box 278 • Imlay City, MI 48444 or
Teagan Norman Little, Ewan Clarence Fax to 810-724-8552 or email to
on research opportunities. Jewell, BS Kaemen Otlewski Lopez, Alina Marie or
Page 13-TRI-CITY TIMES-APRIL 3, 2019

Imlay City grad earns

West Point admission
Zac Hellebuyck to report to academy on July 1
apply directly to the acade-
my and receive a nomina-
By Tom Wearing him for the academy the “It’s a good nervous, tion from a member of past two years. though,” he said. “I know Congress representing the
“The first time I was the work load is going to be applicant’s home state.
just trying to get in,” significant. There’s going Only about 10% of
Hellebuyck recalled. “This to be a lot packed into the those who apply for an
took a second effort, but
time I felt I was going to next four years. appointment are granted
2018 Imlay City High
get in.” “I think my biggest admission.
School graduate Zachary
Despite his confidence, challenge will be finding Cadets must adhere to a
“Zac” Hellebuyck has
he acknowledged a surge of time to sleep,” he contin- strict code of honor that
earned an appointment to
pride upon hearing the ued. “I seem to need more requires that they: “not lie,
the United States Military
news. sleep than the average per- steal, cheat or tolerate those
Academy in West Point,
“I felt a huge sense of son.” who do.”
New York.
accomplishment,” Though his hours of The academy bases a
Hellebuyck, 18, is cur-
Hellebuyck recalled. “I felt slumber may be reduced, cadet’s leadership experi-
rently a freshman at Adrian
very proud. It’s truly an Hellebuyck believes he is ence as a development of
College, where he is major-
honor to have been select- well prepared to deal with three pillars of perfor-

Photo provided
ing in physics and minoring
ed.” any challenges and obsta- mance, including academ-
in mathematics. He is also a
With his admission cles. ics, physical and military.
member of Adrian’s wres-
now assured, Hellebuyck He acknowledged the Upon graduation from
tling team.
said he plans to study elec- support of his father, R.C. the academy, the majority
An outstanding student 2018 Imlay City High School graduate Zac
trical engineering at the Hellebuyck; his mother, are commissioned as sec-
-athlete at Imlay City High Hellebuyck with admission documents to the
academy. Shayne, a teacher at Imlay ond lieutenants in the U.S.
School, Hellebuyck had West Point Academy.
His commitment to City Middle School; and Army.
hoped to attend the military
West Point requires that he his sister, Ruby, currently a
academy following his
complete four years of junior at Imlay City High
senior year.
education, followed by School.
Though not admitted
five years of military ser- “I also want to thank all
on his first try, Hellebuyck
vice. of my teachers and friends
was strongly advised by
Though he is currently in Imlay City, and the entire
West Point officials to
apply again — which he undecided, Hellebuyck has community for always giv-
did last August. not ruled out a military ing me their support over
The second effort paid career. the years.”
off with an official accep- “I’ve not decided either West Point history
tance letter from West Point way,” he said. “I’m leaving Established in 1802,
and asked that he report for that option open.” the United States Military
Reception Day on July 1, Given the academic Academy is a four-year
2019. and physical challenges he federal service academy.
Hellebuyck said he was expects to face at West The academic staff
notified of his acceptance Point, Hellebuyck admits averages about 580 and
during a phone call from to being a little nervous serves a student body of
Congressman Paul about life at the military about 4,300 cadets.
Mitchell, who nominated academy. All candidates must

Photo by Tom Wearing

Imlay City Area Chamber of Commerce

Imlay City Area Chamber of Commerce Director Shannon Hamel and
Board President Barb Yockey (center) prepare to cut ribbon at new
location of the Chamber office inside the Imlay City Police Department
offices at 395 E. Third Street last Thursday. For information about
the Chamber, membership inquiries and special events, visit www.

berofcommerce or call the Chamber office at 810-724-1361.

from page 1
entertainment and activities
attendees are welcome to
stick around and watch the
game with their friends at
Castle Creek.
Yockey said the Busker
vices; a flat screen TV; a
Roomba vacuum; liquor; a
wheelbarrow full of garden
supplies; fresh baked pies
and other goodies; a tree of
associated with the 2nd Fest Auction is vital as it lotto tickets; tools; car
Annual Michigan Busker provides absolutely essen- cleaning supplies; an
Fest, June 15-16 in down- tial financial support for Instant Pot pressure cook-
town Imlay City. the Busker Fest. er; luggage; lots of gift
Along with the chance “The auction raises certificates for local restau-
to socialize with friends, around $18,000 annually rants; art; garden decor; April 15 will be
neighbors, business leaders and those funds are neces- legal services; entry fees here before you know
and city officials, the high- sary so that the Chamber for four people for the it. Don’t wait another day
lights of the evening will can have all of activities Venture Global
be the traditional silent and for kids and teens,” Yockey Engineering golf outing; a
to file your 2018 taxes. We’ll
live auctions. said. “Like cash prizes for Mackinac Island package; get your tax return prepared,
Chamber President the ‘Tomorrow’s Buskers’ a gift basket from Indigo from your W-2’s, non-itemized
Barb Yockey said this contest, chalk drawing, the Farms; yoga gift package deduction and electronically
year’s auctioneers will be video game trailer, pickle from Peaceful Moon Yoga; filed at a fraction of the cost
Brian Rowley and Ray eating contest and pet oil changes; Eastern of others. Next day, friendly,
Krakowski, who can be parade, as well as the Michigan State Fair tick- professional service. Call today
expected to keep things Michigan Busker Fest ets; photography services; for an appointment, or simply
“lively and with plenty of Parade on Saturday night and certificates for haircuts
laughs along the way.” and all of the great enter- and nails. stop in at your convenience.
Yockey reminds all tainers. Donations of auction We look forward to helping you!

MSU basketball fans that “If not for the generous items are still being col-
they need not worry about donors and bidders at the lected at the Chamber of
missing Saturday night’s auction, we could not put Commerce office inside

NCAA semi-final game to on the Busker Festival for the Imlay City Police
start around 9 p.m. your enjoyment.” Station.
“There will still be Items up for bids For questions or more
plenty of time to come Yockey said the list of information about the 2019
out, bid and take home auction items continues to Busker Fest Auction, call 370 N Cedar Street • Imlay City, MI
all kinds of great items,
such as event tickets and
Among the items going
the Chamber office at 810-
724-1361, or contact 810-724-6431
travel packages,” said up for bids on Saturday Chamber Executive
Yockey. are: tickets to Greenfield Director Shannon Hamel Open 8am to 5pm Monday thru Friday
Of course, Auction Village; chiropractic ser- directly at 810-542-3256. Beginning February 1st Open 8am to 9pm
Page 14-TRI-CITY TIMES-APRIL 3, 2019

Tickets on sale for Almont Lions: 75 years and counting

Friday talent show Esther LaMothe, Past
Lions International
Director, presents a cer-
By Maria Brown tificate of appreciation to Almont Lions Club
IMLAY CITY — See local talent on President Pat Ohlert at
stage and support the school’s choir program Saturday’s 75th anniver-
this Friday, April 5, by attending the Step Into sary celebration of the
the Spotlight Talent Show at the Imlay City Almont Club at the Lions
High School Auditeria. Hall. The event included
The night’s lineup includes 20 junior and a catered dinner, speech-
senior high students who will be vying for es, socializing and award
cash prizes up to $250. The show begins at 7 presentations; including
p.m. LaMothe’s presentation
Step Into the Spotlight is sponsored by the of the prestigious ‘Melvin
Imlay City School Choirs and all proceeds Jones Fellowship’ to
from tickets and refreshments will benefit the longtime Almont Lion,
program. Phyllis O’Brien. A com-
Tickets can be purchased from any choir plete report and more
member. Cost is $5 in advance or $6 at the photos from the event

Photo by Tom Wearing

door for adults. Student tickets are $3 in will appear in the
advance or $4 at the door. Wednesday, April 10 edi-
“Spend your Friday night with us. You tion of Tri-City Times.
won’t be disappointed,” said Alan Demski,
Imlay City Schools Director of Choirs.

Dispatch log...
Editor’s note: The fol- •15:57 Incorrigible •02:30-06:00 Parking •19:49 Citizens Assist March 22 enforcement agency on
lowing is a compilation of Minor (200 block E. Third Enforcement (City Wide) (Newark Rd./S. Cedar St.) •property damage traffic eastbound I-69 in Imlay
activity and reports from St.) •Multiple traffic stops •20:37 Private Property crash at N. Van Dyke and Twp.
area police departments: •17:06 Animal Problem were made throughout the Damage Accident (700 Bowers roads in Imlay Twp. •suspicious circum-
(200 block N. Almont Ave.) day. block S. Cedar St.) •property damage traffic stances at the Goodland
In Imlay City •Multiple Traffic Stops March 25 •Multiple traffic stops crash at eastbound I-69 and Twp. cemetery in Goodland
March 20 throughout the day •02:30-06:00 Parking were made throughout the the rest area in Attica Twp. Twp.
•02:30-06:00 Parking March 22 Enforcement (City Wide) day. •animal complaint in the March 27
Enforcement (City Wide) •07:23-08:01 School •06:38 Motorist Assist March 31 200 block of Almont Ave. in •welfare check in the
•04:15 Suspicious Traffic (Middle School) (N. Cedar St./E. Capac Rd.) •02:30-06:00 Parking Imlay City 6000 block of Lierman Rd.
Circumstance (100 block E. •16:08 Welfare Check •10:36 Suspicious Enforcement (City Wide) •welfare check in the in Imlay Twp.
Third St.) (400 block Main St.) Circumstances (6600 block •09:18 Assist Lapeer 2000 block of Slattery Rd. •assist motorist at N.
•08:00 Citizen Assist •20:10 Operating While Newark Rd.) County Sheriff Department in Attica Twp. Van Dyke and Martin roads
(Almont Ave./First St.) Intoxicated (S. Cedar St./ •16:39 Private Property (200 block Brown City Rd.) •family trouble in the in Goodland Twp.
•08:23-09:00 Monitor Newark Rd.) Damage Accident (Newark •11:37 Citizen Assist 3000 block of Hosner Rd. in •property damage traffic
Traffic (Weston Elementary) •21:29 Road Hazard (S. Rd./S. Almont Ave.) (500 block N. Cedar St.) Dryden Twp. crash in the 7000 block of
•13:58 Funeral Escort Cedar St./Engle St.) •20:14 Civil Matter (100 •16:31 Private Property March 23 Shawn Dr. in Imlay Twp.
(Muir Brothers Funeral •Multiple traffic stops block Bancroft St.) Damage Accident (S. Cedar •neighborhood trouble •reckless driving at
Home) were made throughout the •21:43 Operating While St./E. Borland Rd.) at Imlay City Rd. and Candy Larson and Belle River
•16:06 Private Property day. Intoxicated (1800 block S. •Multiple traffic stops Lane in Attica Twp. roads in Attica Twp.
Damage Accident (500 March 23 Cedar St.) were made throughout the •property damage traffic March 28
block N. Cedar St.) •02:30-06:00 Parking •Multiple traffic stops day crash at N. Mill and Sutton •fraud in the 6000 block
•19:35 Welfare Check Enforcement (City Wide) were made throughout the April 1 roads in Dryden Twp. of Kahler Rd. in Imlay Twp.
(600 block Cambridge Ln.) •01:58 Assist Almont day. 02:30-06:00 Parking •damage to property in •assist other law
•19:54 Suicidal Person Police Department (200 March 26 Enforcement (City Wide) the 2000 block of Ray Lane enforcement in the 6000
(300 block N. Almont Ave.) block N. Main St.) •02:30-06:00 Parking 07:21-07:35 Traffic Control in Imlay Twp. block of Hunters Creek Rd.
•20:16 Citizen Assist •18:13 911 Hang Up Enforcement (City Wide) (Middle School) •ORV complaints at in Imlay Twp.
(100 block E. Third St.) (600 block Maple Vista) •05:04 Alarm (1800 08:27-09:00 Traffic Control Atwell and Newark roads in •assist fire department
•21:10 Alarm (1900 •19:43 Domestic/No block S. Cedar St.) (Weston) Attica Twp. in the 2000 block of
block S. Cedar St.) Assault (600 block •08:20 Animal Problem 09:29 911 Hang Up (1000 •ORV complaints at Winslow Rd. in Attica Twp.
•Multiple Traffic Stops Cambridge Ln.) - Dispose of Injured Deer block S. Blacks Corners Imlay City Rd. and Garner •neighborhood trouble
throughout the day •20:17 Larceny (1800 (Newark Rd./Blacks Rd.) Dr. in Attica Twp. in the 700 block of Sunset
March 21 block S. Cedar St.) Corners Rd.) 11:14 Private Property •peace officer duties in Dr. in Attica Twp.
•02:30-06:00 Parking •Multiple traffic stops •08:57 Suspicious Damage Accident (2000 the 600 block of N. Van •juvenile complaint in
Enforcement (City Wide) were made throughout the Vehicle (Bancroft St./E. block S. Cedar St.) Dyke Rd. in Imlay Twp. the 6000 block of Bowers
•07:21-08:08 Monitor day. Fifth St.) 13:14 Abondoned Auto (300 •suspicious circum- Rd. in Imlay Twp.
Traffic (Middle School) March 24 •09:27 Assist Daytona block W. Capac Rd.) stances in the 4000 block of March 29

Legal Announcements
Beach PD with Locating 13:31 Private Property Imlay City Rd. in Attica •animal complaint at
Vehicle Owner (400 block Damage Accident (1800 Twp. Bowers and Lake Pleasant
S. Almont Ave.) block S. Cedar St.) •property damage traffic roads in Attica Twp.
•11:57 Welfare Check 13:45-14:24 Traffic Control crash at Summers and •alarms in the 4000
(300 block W. Fourth St.) (High School) Armstrong roads in Arcadia block of Cade Rd. in Imlay
•21:20 Property Damage Multiple traffic stops were Twp. Twp.
Accident - Car/Deer (N. made throughout the day. •animal complaint at •property damage traffic
Cedar St./E. Capac Rd.) Brown City and Bowers crash in the 4000 block of
CITY OF below at a public auction to the high-
est bidder. The sale will be held on •21:38 Assist LCSO roads in Goodland Twp. Loggers Pass in Arcadia
IMLAY CITY May 1, 2019, at 9:30 a.m. local time at with BOL (M-53/Armstrong In Lapeer County: •animal complaint in the Twp.
SIDEWALK the main entrance to the Lapeer
REPLACEMENT BID County Court Facility, 255 Clay Rd.) Complaints handled by 300 block of Jonathon St. in •operating under the
The City of Imlay City is Street, Lapeer, Michigan, that being •22:07 Neighbor the Lapeer County Sheriff’s Almont influence of alcohol in the
requesting sealed bids for removal the place of holding Circuit Court for Dispute (400 block W. Department, in addition to •ORV complaints at 900 block of N. Van Dyke
and replacement of sidewalks. Lapeer County, Michigan. The prop-
erty will be sold to pay the amount
Fourth St.) traffic stops: Imlay City and Brown City Rd. in Imlay Twp.
Specifications and bid proposal sheet
can be obtained at the City Office. then due on the Mortgage, including •Multiple Traffic Stops March 18 roads in Imlay Twp. •road hazard at Newark
Each unit price in the bid sheet pro- interest, legal costs, attorney fees and throughout the day •family trouble in the •alarms in the 6000 and Lake Pleasant roads in
posal must be filled out to be accept- any taxes or insurance which may be March 27 8000 block of Kohler Rd. in block of Sunnys Way in Attica Twp.
ed. Area to be removed and replaced paid by the mortgagee before the sale.
will be determined by unit prices and The property to be sold is locat- •02:30-06:00 Parking Goodland Twp. Imlay Twp. •operating under the
available budget. Please contact Ed ed in the Township of Burlington, Enforcement (City Wide) •vehicle off the roadway March 24 influence of alcohol at
Priehs, DPW Superintendent, with County of Lapeer, Michigan and is •08:24 Vehicle in at Larson and Belle River •road hazard on west- Imlay City and Summers
any questions at (810) 724-2135. The described as: Roadway (S. Van Dyke Rd./ roads in Attica Twp. bound I-69 in Attica Twp. roads in Imlay Twp.
bid shall be submitted in a sealed Part of the W half of the SE 1/4
envelope entitled "Sidewalk of Section 32, T10N, R11E, WB I-69) •sick care for medical in •noise complaint in the March 30
Replacement Bid" by no later than Burlington Twp., Lapeer Co., •10:52 Animal Problem the 4000 block of Payne Rd. 3000 block of Slattery Rd. •vehicle theft in the 900
3:00 p.m. on Friday, April 19, 2019 to Michigan, described as beginning at a (100 block W. Capac Rd.) in Attica Twp. in Imlay City block of Caster Dr. in Attica
the attention of the City Manager, 150 point on the S Section line that is N
N. Main Street, Imlay City, MI 48444. 89°49’35” E 270.00 ft from the S 1/4
•23:21 BOL for •welfare check on east- •assist other law Twp.
The City of Imlay City reserves the corner of said Section 32, thence N Intoxicated Persons - UTL bound I-69 in Imlay Twp. enforcement in the 800 •assist motorist on west-
right to accept or reject any or all bids, 0°28’4” E 350.00 ft, thence S (6900 block Newark Rd.) •animal complaint in the block of Mitchell Lake Rd. bound I-69 in Attica Twp.
to waive any irregularities and to 89°49’35” W 41.41 ft, thence along •Multiple Traffic Stops 5000 block of Hunters in Arcadia Twp. •assist motorist on east-
accept the bid deemed to be in the best the centerline of the Wilson, Hodge
interest of the City. and Slattery Drain, N 21°10’22” E throughout the day Creek Rd. in Attica Twp. •assist other law bound I-69 in Attica Twp.
Lynn Eutsler 397.77 ft, thence N 89°49’35” E March 28 March 20 enforcement at Lake •property damage traffic
City Clerk 140.77 ft, thence S 0°28’4” W 370.50 •02:30-06:00 Parking •assist other law Pleasant and Lum roads in crash in the 4000 block of S.
14-1 ft, thence S 89° 9’35” W 170.00 ft,
thence S 0°28’4” W 350.00 ft, thence
Enforcement (City Wide) enforcement at Imlay City Attica Twp. Van Dyke Rd. in Almont
•06:23 Private Property and Mitchell Lake Rd. in March 25 Twp.
MORTGAGE along the S Section line, S 89°49’35”
W 70.00 ft to the point of beginning. Damage Accident (1900 Attica Twp. •suspicious circum- •vehicle off the roadway
SALE block S. Cedar St.) •peace officer duties in stances in the 700 block of at N. Van Dyke and Bowers
THIS FIRM IS A DEBT tax i.d. 004-032-026-30
COLLECTOR ATTEMPTING If the property described in this •Multiple Traffic Stops the 5000 block of Clear Sunset Dr. in Attica Twp. roads in Goodland Twp.
TO COLLECT A DEBT. ANY notice is sold at a foreclosure sale, throughout the day Lake Rd. in Arcadia Twp. •welfare check in the •road hazard at S.
INFORMATION OBTAINED then under MCL 600.3278, the March 29 •road hazard at N. Van 4000 block of Sutton Rd. in Summers and Hunters
WILL BE USED FOR THAT Mortgagor(s) will be held responsible Attica Twp.
PURPOSE. to the buyer of the property at the
•19:51 Road Hazard (S. Dyke and Caldwell roads in Creeks roads in Attica Twp.
Notice is hereby given that foreclosure sale, or to the Mortgage Van Dyke Rd./EB I-69) Goodland Twp. •suspicious circum- •road hazard at Bowers
Default has occurred in a Mortgage holder, for damage done to the prop- •20:37 Private Property •road hazard on west- stances in the 8000 block of and Wheeling roads in
given by Mildred A. Bailey, a single erty during the redemption period. Damage Accident (700 bound I-69 in Imlay Twp. Norman Rd. in Goodland Imlay Twp.
woman, mortgagor, to Independent The redemption period will
Bank, mortgagee. The Mortgage is expire six (6) months after the date of
block S. Cedar St.) •assist other law Twp. •misdemeanor arrest
dated October 1, 2008, and was the foreclosure sale, unless the prop- •22:47 Assist Lapeer enforcement in the 100 •assist other law warrant at Imlay City and
recorded on October 6, 2008, in Liber erty is determined abandoned under City Police Department block of N. Main St. in enforcement in the 2000 Lake Pleasant roads in
2352, on page 827 of the Lapeer MCL 600.3241a, in which case the (Imlay City Rd./N. Summers Almont block of Lake George Rd. in Attica Twp.
County records, subject to a redemption period will expire 30 days
Modification Agreement recorded at after the date of the foreclosure sale, Rd) •vehicle theft in the Attica Twp. April 1
Liber 2357, Page 828, and further or when the time to provide notice •Multiple traffic stops 7000 block of Crowe Rd. in •abandoned auto at •alarms in the 6000
subject to a Modification Agreement under MCL 600.3241a(c) expires, were made throughout the Goodland Twp. Hunters Creek and Lake block of Ewalt Rd. in
recorded at Liber 2685, Page 157. whichever is later.
The balance owing on the Mortgage Dated: March 20, 2019
day. March 21 George roads in Attica Twp. Goodland Twp.
as of the date of this Notice is SMITH, MARTIN, March 30 •welfare check at west- •animal complaint at •sick care for medical at
$17,201.50, including interest at 24% POWERS & KNIER, P.C. •02:30-06:00 Parking bound I-69 and Summers Bowers and Lake George Five Lakes and Imlay City
per year. The Mortgage contains a By: Henry L. Knier, Jr. (P46393) Enforcement (City Wide) Rd. in Attica Twp. Rd. in Attica Twp. roads in Attica Twp.
power of sale clause and no proceed- Attorney for Independent Bank,
ings have been instituted to recover Mortgagee •01:09 Intoxicated •misdemeanor arrest March 26 •property damage traffic
any part of the debt owing. 900 Washington Ave., P.O. Box 219 Person (200 block E. Third warrant in the 500 block of •property damage traffic crash at Capac and Yale
The Mortgage will be foreclosed Bay City, MI 48707 - (989) 892-4574 St.) Evans Rd. in Attica Twp. crash at N. Van Dyke and roads in Lynn Twp.
by selling the property described 13-4 •12:39 Private Property •civil matter in the 7000 Martin roads in Goodland •property damage traffic
Damage Accident (500 block of Weyer Rd. in Imlay Twp. crash in the 3000 block of
CALL 810-724-2615 to publish your legal block N. Cedar St.)
•16:31 Private Property
•sick care for medical
•animal complaint at
eastbound I-69 and Lake
Bowers Rd. in Arcadia Twp.
•family trouble in the
announcement or email: Damage Accident (S. Cedar
St./E. Borland Rd.)
on Sandlewood Ct. in Attica
Pleasant Rd. in Attica Twp.
•assist other law
100 block of Elk Lake Rd.
in Attica Twp.
Page 15-TRI-CITY TIMES-APRIL 3, 2019

Grant to boost security

in Dryden school district
Upgrades planned for elementary, jr./sr. high
By Maria Brown said they plan to use the Whitmer. funds to install new “Every parent should
access control systems at have the peace of mind
DRYDEN — State both the elementary and that their children are
grant dollars will help jr./sr. high schools. receiving an education
Dryden Community Additionally, they plan that allows them to achieve

Facebook photo
Schools make their school to install new classroom their dreams under the saf-
buildings more secure. door locks plus acquire est possible conditions.”
They were one of 135 some new doors for the Grant applications
public school districts high school. were reviewed by a com- Using state grant dollars, Dryden Community Schools plans to install
to receive a 2019 Administrators also want mittee that included repre- safety bollards in front of the elementary school, among other safety-
Competitive School Safety to buy a new two-way sentatives from the MSP, related projects.
Grant, announced last radios and, at the elemen- Michigan Association of
week by the Michigan tary school, they hope to Chiefs of Police, Michigan In total, 366 applica- had not received school public charter schools and
State Police (MSP). install bollards at the front Sheriffs’ Association, tions were received, safety grant funds in the nine intermediate school
Dryden was awarded entrance. Michigan Department of requesting over $46 mil- past. districts/regional educa-
$51,204 and no match is “Safety for our chil- Education, Michigan lion in funding for security The 2019 program tional service agencies.
required as part of the pro- dren should always be a Association of Non-Public enhancements. Per the awarded $25 million total Grant recipients will
gram. top priority,” said Schools and other school appropriation, priority was to 135 public schools, 66 have until June 1, 2020, to
Supt. Mary Finnigan Governor Gretchen safety professionals. given to applicants who non-public schools, 20 spend their awards.

City benefits from low interest on bonds Fish Fry Suppers in Capac
CAPAC — Residents can enjoy Fish Fry
Lower interest rate to result in reduced millage for residents Suppers at St. Nicholas Catholic Church Hall, 4331
Capac Road, from 4-6:30 p.m. on March 22, April 5
By Tom Wearing fund construction of a new Assuming a 1% annual on April 10. and April 12. The all you can eat dinners include $3 million fire hall at 571 increase in taxable values, In a related matter, fried and baked fish, fries and baked potato, maca-
E. Borland Rd. Youatt was informed the George Ananich, who rep- roni and cheese, cole slaw, rolls, desert and bever-
IMLAY CITY — The City Manager Tom average millage rate on the resents the architectural age. The cost is $10 for adults; $5 for children and
city’s ability to qualify for Youatt pointed out the bond sales will be reduced firm of H2A Architects, free for kids under age 5.
a low interest rate on its original ballot language to 1.8335 mills; represent- noted that three contrac-

Send us your announcements

recent sale of unlimited- had been based on a pro- ing an overall savings for tor’s bids had been received
tax general obligation jected interest rate of about taxpayers. for the fire hall project.
bonds to build a new fire 3.5%. Youatt said the city Out of those, Ananich
hall will benefit taxpayers. “As a result of getting benefitted from both the recommended Superior TRI-CITY AREA — Do you or a family mem-
The city received four a lower-than-expected timing of the bid process Contracting Group, whose ber have a recent accomplishment or milestone
bid proposals for bond pur- interest rate, we now and the A+ S&P Global bid of $2.72 million was you’d like to share and celebrate with the commu-
chases, which were expect the millage rate to rating that was recently the lowest of the three. nity? Then send us the details and we will gladly
reviewed by Tom Colis of fall below two mills,” said awarded the city. Though Ananich had help you share the news on our Announcements
the Miller-Canfield law Youatt. “That will be a “We were fortunate to not worked with Superior page.
firm. benefit to our taxpayers.” have hit a good time in the in the past, he had con- Engagements, weddings, anniversaries, special
On March 26, the bid Based on the original market and with our strong tacted references who birthdays, births, promotions, graduations or other
was awarded to R.W. Baird millage rate of 2.0463 that S&P rating,” said Youatt. offered good recommenda- educational achievements, success in competition—
of Milwaukee, WI., whose appeared in the 2018 ballot “As a result, we are not tions and good responsive- we post these and other announcements in our pages
proposed 3% interest rate language, homeowners going to have to levy as ness. He added that he felt free of charge. We encourage you to include photos
for 20 years was the lowest whose properties are val- many mills to Imlay City comfortable with accept- when possible.
of all bidders. ued at $100,000 (or taxable taxpayers.” ing the low bid. Send submissions to or
Last August, Imlay value of $50,000) would Youatt said the funds Youatt hopes a ground- Tri-City Times, P.O. Box 278, Imlay City, MI
City residents approved a have paid an average of from the bond sales are breaking ceremony at the 48444.
2.0463-mill tax increase $102 annually for a period scheduled to be deposited site of the new fire hall can Have questions? Contact us at (810) 724-2615.
for a period of 20 years to of 20 years. in the city’s bank account take place later this month.

Free live entertainment

with Solid State Radio
Editor’s note: The following his comedy routines. Dave has
guest column was submitted by been in the entertainment industry
Katie Beth Chrismer of the Lapeer for nearly 20 years, starting off on
Center for the Arts and the PIX the #1 morning show in Lansing
Theater in Lapeer. She may be before transitioning to his real pas-
reached at 810-664-4824 or via sion, standup comedy. Dave has
email to been seen at comedy festivals all

T he PIX Theatre is proud to

announce April’s edition of our
monthly radio show, Solid State
over the United States, including
Laughfest, Grand Rapids Premier
Comedy Festival and Canada’s
Radio Live at the PIX on Friday, Border City Comedy Festival.
April 12. These shows are filled Keith Stanley, better known to
with fun, music and comedy and his musical friends as “Brother
the theatre has partnered with Stone” is a singer and songwriter
Lapeer’s own Solid State Radio to from Clio, Michigan. He inherited
Photo by Tom Wearing

broadcast them live. Please join his love of music from both of his
the audience as comedian Dave parents, his mother sang with a
Wellfare and musical guest Keith gospel group and his father loved
“Brother Stone” Stanley take the country music. Brother Stone
blended those influences with his
own taste in ’80s “big hair bands”
and oldies. His songwriting career
took him to Nashville for a time, A job well done
as well as spending some time in Imlay City Mayor Joi Kempf presents a plaque to Dana Walker, commending her
Texas with artists and writers for her years of outstanding work as executive director of the Imlay City Downtown
there. Life has brought Brother Development Authority. Walker recently resigned to take another position. She is
Stone back to Lapeer, where he joined for the photo by husband, Lance Walker, and her mother, Marcia Dunlop.
now calls home, and where he is
currently putting the finishing
touches on a new album. He’ll be

We’ve Got Your Printing Needs Covered.

bringing his favorite songs to per-
form here at the PIX - a mix of

Keith ‘Brother Stone’

country/outlaw country and a
pinch of Americana. SMALL
Stanley. Mitch Gill, host for Live from Quantity With the addition of our digital press we can now service all your full-color jobs quickly and
The PIX, was born and raised in economically! With over 25 years of commercial and small job printing in the area, we
Michigan, and he has been a pro- Not too long ago small quantity full-color jobs were have put ourselves in position to cover all your needs large or small. No matter how com-
just not cost efficient. The cost of film, plate, and plex, Page One Printing has the experience and now the technology to get the job done.
fessional announcer for more than
make-readies drove the price beyond reach. Today’s
25 years! He was a disc jockey on We specialize in digital printing of all types. We offer promotional materials, business
technology eliminates these costs and creates a high
the radio for 13 of those years. quality product. cards, stationery, invitations, carbonless forms, posters, custom design, custom business
While in radio he held the posi- forms and much more. We pride ourselves on making sure your order is completed cor-
tions of Morning Host (which rectly and when you need it. We treat every order with a personal touch.
made the most of his outgoing and
fun personality), and Production
SPEEDY Give us a try on your next digital job!
Director (which took advantage of
his voiceover and production Turnaround We know you will be pleased and we know you’ll like our prices.
Dave Wellfare There is no cost for admission
to our new series of Friday eve-
ning shows, but it is recommended
With the change in technology comes improvement
in the cycle time for your project. What used to re-
quire a week can now be done in a couple of busi-
Page One Printing
stage this month. to reserve tickets in advance, as ness days.
Short on stature and big on seating is limited in the theatre. To
personality describes comedian get your ticket, please visit the
Dave Wellfare. His contagious PIX Box Office located inside
energy fills any venue, and he
brings an “in your face” intensity
Gallery 194, Tuesdays through
Saturdays from 11 a.m.-6 p.m.
SPECIAL 594 N. Almont Ave.
Designs Imlay City
to comedy while tackling real life Tickets may also be reserved over
issues with a sarcastic twist. This the phone at 810-664-4824 or on We have award-winning designers on staff to help 810.724.0254
former radio personality brings his our website www.centerforthearts- with your custom design and layout needs.
animated stage persona to life in lapeer.
Page 16-TRI-CITY TIMES-APRIL 3, 2019

Classif ieds
Tri-City Times Classifieds also Online!
Buy, Sell or Trade at

Boats Pets Apartment For Rent Work Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted

ALUMINUM BOAT with a – AKC adorable, healthy, great COME HOME TO Mildred Simpkins CHANIC for mobile. Based in SITE WORK COMPANY
(2000) 15 H.P. Johnson Motor. family dogs. $1,000.00 - Call Income Tax Service Imlay City. Email resume to LOOKING FOR OPERATORS
Fish finder, trolling motor, trail- 210-415-4421. PT-11-4 HICKORY SQUARE 38 years experience!
tln@commercialrepair@gmail. AND LABORERS TO JOIN
er and more. $1,700. Call 810- ................................................ APARTMENTS $40 for (1040)
$25 for each additional form
com HW-14-4 OUR TEAM. Must have valid

751-9902 after 3 p.m. B-14-4 ................................................ driver’s license. Send
................................................ IMLAY CITY 810-724-6618
LIVE IN NANNY/ message or resume to
For Rent HOUSEKEEPER. Must speak jacklyncontracting@gmail
1, 2 & 3 BEDROOMS! English. Bloomfield Hills, MI HW-13-4
For Sale
ROOM FOR RENT: Imlay City 1 Bedroom ......Starting at...$600
CALL: 724-2615 248-613-9014. HW-13-4 ................................................
area. House privileges with or ................................................
CRAFTSMAN MINI TILLER extra ammenities and privacy. 2 Bedrooms.....Starting at...$650
CULTIVATOR. 4 cycle, ready Older female preferred, fur- 3 Bedrooms.....Starting at...$850
to work. $200 810-417-2249 nished with many extras. $600
FS-13-5 per month. Call for more infor- Call Us Today!
mation 810-620-6773. FR-14-
Published in print and online! The City of Imlay City is seeking to fill a vacant City

loader, runs good, good condi- *Some conditions apply. E.H.O. Commissioner position with the City.
tion, new bearings in washer. Eligible candidates must have been a resident of the
$200. 810-417-2249. FS-13-5
................................................ HALL FOR RENT CAPAC VILLAGE: 2 bedroom
upstairs apt. for 1 or 2 adults,
RATES: City for at least on (1) year and not be in default of any tax-
es or bills to the City. This position is to fill the remainder
CALL MARY RILLEY 50+, spacious, lots of storage, One Week - of a term that will expire in November 2020. Interested
Farm Equipment applicants shall complete and submit a Board and Com-
810-650-9744 appliances and all utilities,

except AC included, carport,

20 words - mission form, provide a cover letter, and submit a resume
no pets, security deposit $12.00 to Tom Youatt, City Manager, 150 N. Main Street, Imlay
M A C H I N E RY  AND Classifieds Work! required; call 810-395-2226
and leave message.
Two Weeks - City, Michigan 48444 by no later than 4:30 p.m. on Fri-
day, April 12, 2019.
810-417-1829. Please leave CALL 724-2615 APR-2-16
20 words -
$18.00 The City of Imlay City is an equal opportunity employer.
message. FE-13-5
................................................ Three Weeks -

Marlette Livestock 20 words -

Marlette Livestock Want to Lease $22.00
Marlette LivestockAuctions
Livestock Auctions LOOKING FOR FARM LAND
Four Weeks -
UPCOMING DAIRY & 20 words -
Hayable. Call 810-417-1829. $24.00
13 @ 12:00 PM
April 13 @ 12:00Expecting
PM ................................................ 25¢ a word over 20 JOB OPPORTUNITY
Library Page
- A Variety of Sizes of Feeder Steers
April 13 @ 12:00 PM
& Heifers Including A Group of 300-

- A Variety
Expecting of Sizes of -Feeder
& Heifers Including A Group Cows & Cow of
500# Colored Feeders
A Group of (20+)Steers
Colored Bred
Pairs Seeking Experienced Part-time, Entry-level position
Tanker Driver
- A Variety of Sizes of Feeder Steers - A Group of Black Angus Cow/Calf
500# Colored Feeders
& Heifers Including A Group of 300-
- Colored
A Group of (20+) Colored
Pairs w/Jan-Feb Calves
Basic Clerical and Task Operations
500# Feeders - Angus/Piedmontese Bred Heifers
Cows & Cow
- A Group of (20+) Colored Bred Calf
- Reg. Pairs
Yearling Bull & Mini $9.45 per hour
- A &Group
Cows ofPairs
Cow Calf
Black Angus
Black Angus Yearling Bull
- Fresh Dairy Cows & Heifers
BENEFITS Must have high school diploma or equivalent,
- A Group of Black Angus Cow/Calf - Bred Dairy Heifers From Short
Pairs w/Jan-Feb Calves
- Angus/Piedmontese Bred Bred toHeifers
Springing Valid Driver’s license and reliable transportation.
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Page 17-TRI-CITY TIMES-APRIL 3, 2019


Times unveils 2018-19

All-Area wrestling team
Three Imlay City All-Staters headline squad
By Kevin Kissane “It will be great having him back
Tri-City Times Sports Editor for three more years.”

Photo by Kevin Kissane

Max Frangedakis, Capac, 103
TRI-CITY AREA — From start pounds.
to finish, these grapplers set the stan- Frangedakis managed a 38-12
dard for excellence with their perfor- mark, a success rate of 76 percent,
mances on the mat. while gathering 15 pins during the
Here is a look at who made the 2018-19 campaign.
2018-19 edition of The Tri-City Times The sophomore earned the distinc- Capac’s Trevor Boers drives to
All-Area wrestling first team lineup tion of weight class champion at the the hoop in a game this season.
and the numbers they generated along GTC Tournament; provided seconds at

Boers nets
the way.
Photo provided

the Caro Tournament and Sandusky

Dallas Stanton, Almont, 103 Tournament; plus notched a third at a
pounds. Division 4 district hosted by Sandusky
Stanton posted a 36-13 mark, a

berth among
High School.
Imlay City’s Joe Harper (standing) 73.5 percent success rate, with 15 pins “He stepped up this year and
competes at nationals. during the 2018-19 campaign. worked very hard,” Capac Coach Jake
The freshman collected a first at

Harper earns
Nemecek said. “Max was often the

state’s best
the Sandusky Tournament, a second at lightest wrestler at the tournament but
a Division 3 district hosted by he didn’t let that stop him,” he noted.
Montrose High School; plus furnished “We are looking for big things
a third at the Yale Tournament. from him in the next two years.

podium spot
“He is a joy to be around,” Almont This was his second year on By Kevin Kissane
Coach Mat Dwyer said. “Dallas is Tri-City Times Sports Editor
always wanting to get better,” he
noted. All-Area page 18 CAPAC —

at Nationals
Capac’s Trevor Boers
netted an appearance
Imlay City’s on the honorable
Wesley mention portion of
Hampton the Associated Press
By Kevin Kissane squares off Division 3 All-State
Tri-City Times Sports Editor against an boys’ basketball team
Algonac foe which was announced
IMLAY CITY — during a match recently.
Imlay City’s Joe Harper this season. Boers
Boers laid the
gave a good account of He took fourth foundation for those
himself, notching a in the 135- postseason accolades by amassing 410
placewinning perfor- pound weight points over 24 contests, an average of
mance at the USAW class at the 17.1 points per game, this winter.
Junior (ages 16-18) Division 3 state
Photo by Kevin Kissane

That ranked him first on the Capac

Folkstyle Nationals this finals. squad and second out of those who
past week. attained Tri-City Times All-Area first
The tournament was team status.
contested last Friday He finishes with 1,209 career points,
and Saturday in Cedar the second best total by a boys’ basket-
Rapids, Iowa. ball player in school history.
Harper, representing Team Imlay City’s The 6-9 senior center also pulled
Donahoe, began his tournament path Hunter down 324 rebounds. That left him with
Friday against Chamberlain Park High Mullins works a school record-setting output of 847
School’s Nash Hutmacher. That bout for a fall dur- rebounds for his career.
drew to a close with Hutmacher pre- ing a match Boers also blocked 101 shots (equal-
vailing by a fall with 1:37 gone. this season. ing a school record he set during his
He then evened his mark at 1-1, Mullins took junior campaign) and finished with a
thanks to a 7-4 win against Odessa’s fourth in the school record-setting total of 277 blocks
Nick Wright. 160-pound for his career.
Harper followed it up with a 4-3 weight class In addition to those numbers, Boers
victory over Columbine’s Zachary at the Division handed off 96 assists and registered 20
Schraeder, leaving him 2-1 at the end 3 state finals.
Photo by Kevin Kissane

of day one’s encounters. Boers concluded his fourth season
He went up against Greenfield on Capac’s varsity as an All-Greater
Wrestling Academy counterpart Dustin Thumb Conference East first team
Harper page 18

Zimmerman competes at Kentucky Tourney

Almont grad travels with Clevland State in starting lineup
By Kevin Kissane at Arlington, in on the Cleveland State Belmont University
Tri-City Times Sports Editor Richmond, Kentucky, is University squad. (942), Cleveland State
where play was contested Eastern Kentucky’s University (944) and
ALMONT — last Friday and Saturday. 875 total topped the Tennessee Tech (952).
Almont’s Grace Zimmerman, a sopho- standings. They were Cleveland State
Photo by Kevin Kissane

Zimmerman helped the more, posted 18-hole followed by Northern University returns to
Cleveland State rounds of 82 and 86 on Illinois (888), Oakland action this Saturday and
University women’s golf Friday. (904), Dayton (916), Sunday at the Dolores
team register a 12th- She then carded a IUPUI (917), Ball State Black Falcon Invitational.
place finish at the final round output of 81, (922), Ohio and Akron Stone Ridge Golf Club,
Colonel Classic this leaving her with a (923 each), Austin Peay in Bowling Green, Ohio,
past week. 54-hole total of 249. State (931), University serves as the tournament Grace Zimmerman lines up a putt during her
The University Club That placed her fifth of Cumberlands (931), venue. high school playing days at Almont.

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Page 18-TRI-CITY TIMES-APRIL 3, 2019

Stanton Frangedakis Sandzik Dempz Phillips Rojas Hampton Dwyer Thorner Kruse

that was on a mission this of the best in the state,”

All Area: year,” Almont Coach Mat
Dwyer said.
Imlay City Coach Tony
D’Ambrosio said. “Cristian
from page 17 “Unfortunately at districts is a hard working young
Capac’s squad. he had a bad draw and man and it shows on the
Dakota Sandzik, wound up with losses com- mat,” he noted.
Imlay City, 112 pounds. ing to the eventual state Wesley Hampton,
Sandzik forged a 42-13 champion and runnerup,” Imlay City, 135 pounds.
Guerrero Mullins Battani Tank Harper
record, good enough for a he noted. Hampton generated a
success clip of 76.4 per- “I look forward to see 51-5 record, good enough
cent, while accumulating how far he will go his for a success clip of 91.1 and in matches,” Capac
26 pins this winter. senior season.” percent, while contributing Coach Jake Nemecek said.
The sophomore This was his third year 28 pins this winter. “Bryce has one of the best
notched thirds at the Caro on Almont’s squad. The senior furnished attitudes on the team and
Tournament, Tri-City Mason Phillips, Imlay firsts at the Caro got a lot of big wins for us
Times Spartan Invitational City, 119 pounds. Tournament, Tri-City this year,” he noted.
in Imlay City, Blue Water Phillips managed a Times Spartan Invitational This was his second
Area Conference 29-15 record, good enough in Imlay City, a Division 3 year on Capac’s squad.

Photo by Kevin Kissane

Tournament hosted by for a success clip of 65.9 district hosted by Montrose Joe Harper, Imlay
Cros-Lex High School and percent, while furnishing High School and at a City, 285 pounds.
Division 3 districts in 20 pins this winter. Richmond High School- Harper wound up with
Montrose. The sophomore based Division 3 regional; a 43-6 record, good
“He moved up a obtained a third at the Caro provided a second at the enough for a success clip
weight class and pushed Tournament plus provided Blue Water Area Almont 135-pounder Mathew Dwyer finds him- of 87.8 percent while accu-
through an injury at the a fourth at The Tri-City Conference Tournament self in charge of his match at the BWAC mulating 30 pins this win-
beginning of the season,” Times Spartan Invitational hosted by Cros-Lex High Tourney. ter.
Imlay City Coach Tony in Imlay City. School; plus added a fourth
D’Ambrosio said. “No “Mason showed the at the Division 3 state Landon Kruse,
matter the circumstances most improvement from finals hosted by Detroit’s Almont, 145 pounds.
he was able to compete at last season,” Imlay City Ford Field (earning All- Kruse finished with a
the highest level and con- Coach Tony D’Ambrosio State accolades as a result). 34-12 mark, an 85.5 percent
tribute to the team.” he said. “Other teams also Hampton wraps up his success rate, with 18 pins
noted. had to account for him in career with over 150 career during the 2018-19 cam-
This was his second the lineup,” he noted. wins and 100 career pins. paign.
year on Imlay City’s This was his second “He is willing to do the “Landon is an exciting
squad. year on Imlay City’s extra,” Imlay City Coach kid to watch,” Almont
Gavin Dempz, squad. Tony D’Ambrosio said. Coach Mat Dwyer said of
the sophomore competitor.

Photo by Kevin Kissane

Almont, 119 pounds. Cristian Rojas, Imlay “Wesley is a leader on and
Dempz fashioned a City. off the mat,” he noted. “It doesn’t matter how big
41-7 mark, an 85.4 per- Rojas wound up with a “He has etched his leg- or who he is coming up
cent success rate, with 23 33-7 mark, an 82.5 percent acy as one of the best against he brings it every
pins during the 2018-19 success rate, with 17 pins Spartan wrestlers to ever single time,” he noted.
campaign. during the 2018-19 cam- come through.” This was his second
The junior claimed a paign. This was his fourth year on Almont’s squad. Imlay City 112-pounder Dakota Sandzik wraps
first at the Sandusky The freshman contrib- year on Imlay City’s Ricky Guerrero, Imlay up his mat counterpart in a match this winter.
Tournament; provided a uted thirds at the Blue squad. City, 152 pounds.
Water Area Conference Mathew Dwyer, Guerrero put together a great things in the future.” The junior garnered a first
second at the Blue Water
Tournament hosted by Almont, 135/140 pounds. 16-10 record, good enough This was his fourth year at The Tri-City Times
Area Conference
Cros-Lex High School as for a success clip of 51.5 on Imlay City’s squad. Spartan Invitational in
Tournament hosted by Dwyer notched a 39-11
Cros-Lex High School; and well as a Division 3 district mark, a 78.0 percent success percent, while accumulating Robbie Battani, Imlay City; pulled up sec-
in Montrose. 10 pins this winter. Almont, 189 pounds. ond at the Blue Water Area
obtained a third at the Yale rate, with 20 pins during the
“He came on this year The sophomore regis- Battani forged a 42-8 Conference Tournament
Tournament. 2018-19 campaign.
and competed with some tered a sixth-place showing record, good enough for a hosted by Cros-Lex High
“He is a great wrestler The freshman obtained a
first at the Sandusky at the Tri-City Times success clip of 84 percent, School; took thirds at a
Tournament and Blue Water Spartan Invitational. Imlay while gathering 33 pins this Montrose High School-
City High School is where winter. based Division 3 district
Dallas Area Conference
Stanton Tournament hosted by Cros- the action unfolded. The senior took first at and a Richmond High
(right) goes Lex High School; furnished “He leads by example the Yale Tournament; regis- School-based Division 3
head to a third at a Montrose High and is a great young man.” tered a third at a Montrose- regional; plus furnished a
head with a School-based Division 3 Imlay City Coach Tony based Division 3 district; seventh (good enough to
mat coun- district; plus contributed D’Ambrosio said of the plus supplied a fourth at the lock up All-State acco-
terpart dur- sophomore grappler. “Ricky Blue Water Area Conference lades) during the Division
Photo by Kevin Kissane

fourths at the Yale

ing a match Tournament and at a came up huge for us in sev- Tournament hosted by Cros- 3 state finals contested at
this season. Division 3 regional hosted eral duals,” he noted. Lex High School. Detroit’s Ford Field.
by Richmond High School. “He is a team player and “He had a great season “After a devastating
“He is a competitor,” we would not be as good and career,” Almont Coach knee injury last season he
Almont Coach Mat Dwyer without Ricky in the line- Mat Dwyer said. “Robbie has persevered to prove
up.” joined the 100-win club this himself as one of the best

Athlete of the Week

said. “It’s going to be excit-
ing to see how far he can This was his second season,” he noted. wrestlers in the state,”
make his mark on the sport year on Imlay City’s squad. “Unfortunately, Robbie Imlay City Coach Tony
in the future.” Hunter Mullins, Imlay had an injury after districts D’Ambrosio said.
Hunter Thorner, City, 160 pounds. and couldn’t compete at “Looking forward there is
Capac, 140 pounds. Mullins posted a 39-8 regionals. He was a state- no doubt Joe will be one of
Thorner provided a mark, an 83.0 percent suc- qualifier and we were look- the top contributors on our
32-13 record, good enough cess rate, with 20 pins dur- ing forward to seeing how team,” he noted.
for a success clip of 71.1 ing the 2018-19 campaign. far he would go this year. It This was his third year
percent, with 26 pins this The senior won his has been an honor and a on Imlay City’s squad.
winter. weight class at the Blue privilege to have coached Second team- Nathan
The sophomore supplied Water Area Conference this young man the last Schocke, Capac, 103/119
a first at the Sandusky Tournament hosted by Cros- three years.” pounds; Aiden Finn,
Tournament plus collected a Lex High School; provided This was fourth year on Almont, 119/125 pounds;
third at the GTC seconds at The Tri-City Almont’s squad. Austin Torres, Imlay City,
Tournament as well as a Times Spartan Invitational Bryce Tank, Capac, 130 pounds; Lane
Sandusky High School- in Imlay City, a Division 3 215 pounds. Jackson, Almont, 152
based Division 4 district. district hosted by Montrose Tank supplied a 32-19 pounds; Mason Smith,
Imlay City 285-pound Almont 119-pound “He is two-time regional High School and a mark, a 62.7 percent suc- Almont, 160 pounds; and
grappler Joe Harper took junior wrestler Gavin qualifier and someone we Richmond High School- cess rate, with 19 pins dur- Issa Abu-Joudeh, Almont,
eighth at the USAW Dempz went 41-7 in his can always count on to go based Division 3 regional; ing the 2018-19 campaign 215 pounds.
Folkstyle Nationals this weight class this past plus pulled up fourth (secur- The sophomore took
past week. winter. out and give it his all,”
Capac Coach Jake Nemecek ing All-State honors) during third at the GTC Coach of the Year-
For his effort, Harper For his effort,
shares our Boys’ Athlete Dempz shares our Boys’ said. “Hunter is one of the the Division 3 state finals at Tournament and at a For direct-
of the Week honor. Athlete of the Week hardest workers in the room Detroit’s Ford Field. Sandusky High School- ing Almont
honor. and that has shown on the “He will be missed based Division 4 district; to a 20-12
mat,” he noted. deeply,” Imlay City Coach provided a fourth at the overall
“We are excited to see Tony D’Ambrosio said. GTC Tournament; plus mark, Mat
Be sure to pick up your t-shirt at the Tri-City Times office.
where his hard work will “Hunter is one of the hard- added a sixth at the Caro Dwyer
CITIZENS take him in the years to est workers in the room,” he Tournament. earns Tri-
come.” noted. “He took a lot of lumps City Times
PIONEER • CINCINNATI “With his work ethic in the room and we forced All-Area Dwyer
TRAVELERS This was his second
SELECTIVE year on Capac’s squad. and attitude towards life him to get out of his com- Coach of
THE HARTFORD there is no doubt he will do fort zone both at practice the Year accolades.
Writing For Many Major
Insurance Companies
• Life Insurance • Automobile • Homeowners • Builder’s Risk • Workers’ Comp
• Farm Owners • Motorcycles • Mobile Homes • Fleet Auto • Bonds & RV
& Boat • Commercial • Travel Trailers • Special Events
from page 17
Life is an Adventure. Protect it.
649 N. Van Dyke 810-724-0199 • Text 810-395-5748 Olmstead next. That clash
Imlay City ended with Olmstead up

Page One Printing

That meant Harper
would square off versus
MO West Championship
BEST PRINTING. BEST PRICE. Wrestling adversary Mario
Quezada for seventh place
honors. Their confronta-
594 N. Almont Ave. • Imlay City, Michigan 48444
Photo provided

tion concluded with

(810) 724-0254
Quezada registering a 6-1
For his performance,
“Quality Commercial Printing at the Best Price in Town!” Harper earned All-America Imlay City’s Joe Harper (left) stands on the awards stand after taking
recognition. eighth place at the USAW Folkstyle Nationals.
Page 19-TRI-CITY TIMES-APRIL 3, 2019

Imlay City grad is winning pitcher

By Kevin Kissane There Walsh University Harper threw 144 total pitches. It
Tri-City Times Sports Editor used a three-run second scattered was her fourth victory this
inning; a three-run third; a 17 hits en season.
IMLAY CITY — Ali four-run fourth; a five-run route to the Walsh University was
Harper, a 2018 graduate of fifth; and a one-run seventh complete not as fortunate during
Imlay City High School, to prevail. game win. game number one of the
was the pitcher of record Davenport countered She walked doubleheader versus
for Walsh University in a with a four-run first inning; a two and Davenport, dropping an
Ali Harper
16-10 game two win against one-run second; a one-run struck out 11-1 verdict.
Davenport on Monday, third; a two-run fourth; a one- one along the way. Harper did not play in
March 25. run fifth; and a one-run sixth. The freshman also that confrontation.

Almont graduate tees it up in college

By Kevin Kissane with an ed him fifth on the Taylor University team two
Tri-City Times Sports Editor 18-hole Roosevelt squad. (299 apiece), Olivet
round of Taylor University took Nazarene (302), Ava Maria
ALMONT — Charlton 86. team honors at tourna- (303), Indiana University-
Zimmerman, a graduate of The ment’s end, thanks to an East (308), Mount Vernon
Almont High School, teed players output of 284. They were Nazarene (314), Bethel
it up for the Roosevelt were followed by Dalton State College (318) and
University (Chicago, scheduled Zimmerman (285), Missouri Valley Huntington University
Illinois) men’s golf team at to go out (288), Holy Cross, Indiana (329).
the Purgatory Intercollegiate and play again the follow- and Parkland College (290 Roosevelt University
this past week. ing day, but poor weather each), St. Francis, Indiana plays again this Tuesday
Purgatory Golf Course, conditions wiped that round and Grand View University when it competes at the
in Noblesville, Indiana is from the books and left the (295 each), Culver- USF Spring Invite. Inwood
where the action unfolded. tournament as an 18-hole Stockton (297), Mount Golf Course, in Joliet,
Photo provided

Zimmerman, a senior, instead of a 36-hole event. Mercy University (298), Illinois is where the action
started things off Friday Zimmerman’s 86 land- Roosevelt University and unfolds.

Dryden grad gets

Almont’s Jack Miles picks up the pace for Lake
Superior State University during a meet.

Miles competes four hits for Delta

for Lake Superior DRYDEN — The
Delta College baseball
team, which counts Dryden
In the
By Kevin Kissane up 16th among 5000-meter graduate Evan Pocius Delta
Tri-City Times Sports Editor run contestants. He stopped among their ranks, split a College
the watch at 15:54.52. pair of games with dropped a
ALMONT — Jack Miami University Schoolcraft College last 10-6 ver-
Miles, an Almont High junior Jack O’Neil was the Thursday. dict to Pocius
School graduate, competed event pacesetter. He Whaley Park, in Flint, Schoolcraft College.
for the Lake Superior required 14:55.03 to is where the action took There Schoolcraft
State University men’s accomplish the feat. place. College used a one-run first
track team March 23 at Lake Superior State In the opener, Delta inning; a three-run fifth; a
the Blizzard Buster University returns to College claimed a 6-4 win one-run seventh; and a
meet. action April 5-6 when it at Schoolcraft College’s five-run eighth to emerge
Miami University, in competes at the East expense. victorious.
Oxford, Ohio is where the Lansing, Michigan-based There Delta College Delta College scored
action unfolded. Auto Owners Spartan took advantage of a two- two times in the first and
Miles, a senior, pulled Invite. run first inning; a one-run second innings plus once

Kautz competes for

fifth and a three-run sixth during innings six and
to prevail. eight.
Schoolcraft College Pocius headlined for

Northwood golf
countered with a two-run Delta College at the plate.
second inning; a one-run He finished four for four
fifth and a one-run seventh. and scored a pair runs.
Pocius, a sophomore, With the results, Delta
By Kevin Kissane scores were announced,
did not register an at bat for College now stands at
Tri-City Times Sports Editor Findlay took first with a
Delta College in that clash. 7-10-1 overall.
609 total. They were fol-
ALMONT — Tyler lowed by Missouri-St.
Photo provided

Kautz, a 2018 graduate of Louis (614), Eastern

Almont High School, com- Michigan (620), Tiffin
peted for the Northwood (633), DePauw University Drivers are 23 times more
University women’s golf (636), Saginaw Valley State Grace Whitney returns a shot for Wright State
team at the Perry Park (639), Maryville University University in a match this season. likely to be involved in a car
Spring Fling this past week. (645), Northwood (647), accident while texting.
Perry Park Golf Resort,
in Perry
P a r k ,
McKendree University
(654), Malone University
(656), Lewis (663),
Whitney wins twice Virginia Tech Transportation Institute

Drivers are 23 times more

is where
the tourna-
Bellarmine University and
Ohio Dominican University
(666 each), Southern
for Wright State likely to be involved in a car
accident while texting.
ment was Indiana (667), Lake By Kevin Kissane With the outcome, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute

contested. Superior State University Tri-City Times Sports Editor Wright State University
Kautz (673), California- raises its mark to 9-10 and
began her Kautz Pennsylvania (705), Ohio IMLAY CITY — 1-0.
tournament Valley University (739) Former Imlay City High Whitney, a sophomore,
path on Saturday, carding and Kentucky Wesleyan School standout Grace teamed up with Luisa
an 87 over 18 holes. (765). Whitney helped the Wright Pelayo for a 6-1 second
She followed it up Northwood returns to State University women’s doubles win against
Sunday with an 88. leaving action this Monday and tennis team defeat host Maria Koo and Elizabeth
her with a 36-hole output Tuesday when it competes Northern Kentucky, 5-2, on Rozin. YOUR HOMETOWN
of 175. at the NC 4K Classic. Saturday, March 23. She also picked up a YOUR AGENCY NAME
That placed her fifth on Jefferson Country Club, in It was the Horizon 6-3, 6-2 victory over INSURANCE AGENCY
the Northwood squad. Blacklick, Ohio serves as League opener for both Hannah Watton at sixth
CITY • 000.000.0000
When the final team the tournament venue. combatants. singles.

Measel runs strong for U of D Mercy track YOUR AGENCY
OR LOGO(810)
CITY • 000.000.0000
By Kevin Kissane Mercy women’s track team registered a 26th among a 4:09.53 566 S. Cedar (M-53)

Tri-City Times Sports Editor at the Winthrop Adidas 400-meter hurdle partici- clocking Imlay City
Invitational on Saturday, pants that day. She posted along the
ALMONT — Former March 23. a time of 1:08.56 en route. w a y .
Almont High School Rock Hill, South In addition to that, M e a s e l ’s
standout Rebecca Measel Carolina is where the meet Measel ran a leg on the U split was ®

competed for the was contested. of D Mercy 1600 relay that 1:01.4.
University of Detroit Measel, a sophomore, placed 19th. They logged Measel

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Reading Month a hit in Almont

ALMONT — March dent in the school to use
is an exciting time of year and enjoy. Winners are
for those who love to read! Malayna Tappen, Jenna
At Almont Middle School, Kline, Mikayla Wheaton,
the library takes center Carlie Johnson, Aiden
stage during March is Lougheed, Noelle
Reading Month with Bourdeau, Olivia
events, contests, and activi- Borkowski, Emma
ties to introduce that love of Maltagliati, Adriana Gjoka,
reading to every student. and Beau Jackson.
To kick off the events, The Writing Contest
Library Media Assistant, challenged students to write

Photo provided
Sharon Kuhn, hosted a from one of three prompts
Scholastic Book Fair. With related to book writing and
the generous help of sever- literature. The three entries
al parents, the event was a judged “Most Creative”
great success. were written by Ryann Bookmark Design Contest Winners: Malayna Tappen, Jenna Kline,
The fair focused on Louwsma, Andrea Mikayla Wheaton, Carlie Johnson, Aiden Lougheed, Noelle Bourdeau,
Frederick, and Nicholas Olivia Borkowski, Emma Maltagliati, Adriana Gjoka and Beau Jackson.
Nicholas Morfino and Morfino. All of the top
his mom pose for eight entries were given a
photo. prize. Ryann Louwsma told
helping students build their Mrs. Kuhn, “I love writ-
own home library of favor- ing.” Ryann plans to add to
ite books. Students who her story and even continue
bought books received a the storyline and characters
raffle ticket for every book into a series.
they purchased. Eleven of Throughout the month
those students were award- of March, it is tradition at
ed a free book from the AMS to compete for the
book fair. Battle of the Coins. Each
A Bookmark Design homeroom class takes on a
Challenge was the next friendly rivalry to bring in
highlight of the month. the most coins for purchas-
Students combined their ing new books and teaching
artistic talents with clever materials for the library and
reading themes to create classrooms. The competi-
tion took on a horse racing

Photo provided
impressive, colorful
designs. The top ten designs theme this year where each
were awarded a prize and class could name their
Zachary Throop (right) those students were able to horse and watch it advance
and his mom enjoy see their bookmarks printed on the horse race banner Almont Middle School students Juliana Ljuljdjuraj, Natalia Radisavljevic,
reading activities. and available for every stu- near the library. Aubrey Tessmer, Samantha Hill, Charlotte Verougstraete hang out with
Many of the teachers books for Reading Month activities and events.
worked with their students
‘Bradley Bingo’ on tap to develop clever strategies
and the rivalry became
coming weeks, many of
those books will be pur-
emphasizes a dynamic
reading element for all stu-
reading fun!
Editor’s note: A big
fierce. The winning horses chased along with carefully dents. thank you to Sharon Kuhn,
CAPAC — A ‘Bradley Bingo’ event at St. John’s were named, “5,286,000 chosen titles to expand the Reading is such a vital the Library Media Assistant
Lutheran Church is planned for Thursday, May 2 at 6 Points” and “Malloy” with genre selections and update part of learning and with at Almont Middle School,
p.m. The event is being hosted by the Conrad an honorable mention to many nonfiction subjects. competition, challenges, for providing the informa-
Community Center. Participants have a chance to win “Moto Moto” rounding out This aligns perfectly with a and encouragement Almont tion and photos for this
an authentic Vera Bradley bag or accessory for a prize. the top three posts. The new teaching module that Middle School is making article.
Prizes cannot be substituted, two prizes per round. Almont Middle School
Cost is $20 for tickets purchased by April 18; $25 at PTSA has graciously
the door. Volunteer to host a table of 8, hostess ticket offered to support a pizza
is just $15. Tickets include 10 rounds of Bingo and party for the two top earn-
Grand Finale Bingo; door prize and complimentary ing classes.
coffee, tea, and water. BOY snacks or soda. Additional At the end of the month,
Bingo cards and dabbers available for a donation. Call everyone won. The students
Lori at 810-395-7889 to order tickets and for more put together a “wish list” of
information. books for the library. In the Photo by Tom Wearing

Deserved recognition
Michelle Breen, owner of Charlie Brown’s Creme Cone in Almont, is
presented an honorary plaque from Almont Lions Club President
Pat Ohlert, in recognition of her many years of generosity and
dedicated support of Lions Club causes. Also pictured are Lions
Josh Zender and Kim Schall.

Daley advocates for car insurance reform

LAPEER COUNTY “The Senate is taking reducing auto insurance
— State Sen. Kevin Daley the lead on reforming the rates would mean to them.
said last week’s announce- no-fault system with the Residents can tell their
ment made by the Michigan first bill of the term setting stories about what lower
Catastrophic Claims the stage for future auto insurance rates would
Association (MCCA) that a reforms,” Daley said. mean to their family at
nearly 15 percent increase “The comprehensive w w w .
in its per-vehicle assess- reform seeks to add flexi-
ment will take place later bility, combat fraud and “It is important for resi-
this year shows the faults of reduce burdensome costs. I dents to let their voices be
the current system and a think yesterday’s announce- heard,” Daley said.
desperate need for reform. ment will only further fuel “I encourage drivers to
“Michigan residents current legislative efforts.” submit their stories as we
pay the highest premiums Daley added that a new continue taking testimony
in the nation and yester- website has been launched and gathering important
day’s announcement will to allow drivers to let poli- information needed to pro-
lead to even higher rates,” cymakers know what vide meaningful relief.”
said Daley, R-Lum.
“This fee increase,
which will surely be passed
on to consumers, further
Boost band with Jet’s Pizza
illustrates the need for IMLAY CITY — The Imlay City Band Boosters
meaningful reforms to are hosting a fundraiser with Jet’s Pizza from 4-10
make auto insurance more p.m. on April 8, pick-up only. Ten percent of all pur-
affordable.” chases will go to the Boosters to raise funds for band
The MCCA announced concert uniforms.
on Wednesday that its
assessment on auto insur-

Got something you’d like to share?

ance companies will
increase by $28 on July 1
from $192 to $220. The
increase will ultimately be or

passed on to drivers in the
form of higher rates.
Page 21-TRI-CITY TIMES-APRIL 3, 2019

~ Holly Clendenan, 57 ~ ~ Cheryl A. English, 60 ~
Holly Clendenan, age Branch, MI; two step- Church, 395 Cedar St., Cheryl A. English, 60,
57, of Attica, MI died daughters, Tricia (Joe Imlay City, MI. Reverend of Metamora, passed away
Sunday, March 31, 2019 at Galazka) LaValley of Jim Sheldrake will offici- suddenly March 26, 2019
Ascension Providence Washington Twp., MI and ate. A Celebration of Life at Ascension Providence
Rochester of Rochester Allison (Seby) Kottackal will follow at Castle Hospital in Rochester
Hills, MI. Holly Elizabeth of Chicago, IL; her sister, Creek Golf Club, 5191 Hills. She was born May
Toombs was born February Cathy (Mark) Madeline of Lum Rd., Attica, MI, from 26, 1958 in Almont, the
11, 1962 in Dearborn, MI. Attica, MI; her brother, 3-8 p.m. daughter of John and
She was the daughter of Glenn Toombs of Attica, Friends may gather at Virginia (Ignasiak) Mayer.
the late Glenn and the late MI; and twelve grandchil- the church after 12:00 She married Randy
Juanita (Courts) Toombs. dren, Riley Herbert, p.m. for the funeral ser- English on July 27, 1984.
Holly was a graduate of Deegan Herbert, Ryker vice, Wednesday, April 3 Cheryl had worked for L
Imlay City High School, Martin Jorgensen, Zadyn at Imlay City Christian & L Products in Romeo.
Class of 1980. She Glenn Jorgensen, Beaudry Reformed Church. She enjoyed cooking, bak- Denise Flannagan of
received her associate’s Jorgensen, Trey LaValley, Those wishing to ing cookies, watching the Almont; and many nieces
degree from Mott College friends. She loved to dote Landon LaValley, Brendan make memorial contribu- local wildlife and loved and nephews.
and became a certified on her grandchildren. Galazka, Dylan Galazka, tions may direct them to spending time with her She was preceded in
massage therapist through Holly enjoyed sports, espe- Logan Marta, Lance Marta Four County Community family, especially her death by her parents and
Baker College. She mar- cially football, and liked to and Abigail Gerstenberger. Foundation, 231 E. Saint
grandchildren. her father- and mother-in-
ried Clifton James boss her boss around! Holly was preceded in Clair St., Almont, MI
Clendenan on March 14, She is survived by her death by her parents, 48003. She is survived by her law Merlin and Marline
2015 in Metamora, MI. husband, Clif Clendenan; Glenn and Juanita Funeral arrangements husband, Randy; her two English.
She was employed as one daughter, Shayleen Toombs; and her grand- were made by Muir sons, John (Anita) English Visitation was held
the office manager at (Keil) Jorgensen of Attica, son, Bex Brand Jorgensen. Brothers Funeral Home, of Metamora and Jacob Sunday, March 31, 2019
Clendenan Chiropractic for MI; one son, Justin (Tara) The funeral will be 225 N. Main Street, Imlay (Rebecca) English of at Muir Brothers Funeral
32 years. Herbert of Imlay City, MI; held at 1 p.m., Wednesday, City, MI. Please be sure to Shelby Twp.; grandchil- Home in Almont. Burial
Holly loved to spend stepson, Joshua (Bethany) April 3, 2019 at Imlay sign our online register at dren, Stella, Selina and will be made in New River
time with family and Clendenan of North City Christian Reformed Evelyn; her siblings, Alice Cemetery in Port Austin.
Pringle of Lapeer, Jack To sign the online
Mayer of Almont, Jim guestbook please visit
~ Dr. Merle Bennett Haney, MD, 92 ~ Mayer of Capac and

Dr. Merle “Ben”

Haney, M.D., age 92, of
Almont Raider fan, and
was inducted into the
played for a period of time
in the office, and later put ~ Trace Elling, 92 ~
Almont, MI died Almont High School away by Dr. Haney in a
Wednesday, March 27, Athletic Hall of Fame on cherished special file. If Trace Elling, age 92, of
2019 from complications September 7, 2018 for pro- you are one of Dr. Haney’s Attica, MI died Friday,
of the flu at William viding free physicals to “legacy” babies or a rela- March 29, 2019 at Villages
Beaumont Hospital of Almont athletes for over tive of one of those babies, of Lapeer. Trace Elling was
Troy, MI. Merle Bennett 25 years. the family welcomes you born July 29, 1926 in
Haney was born May 2, He was preceded in to the Celebration of Life Imlay City, MI. She was
1926 in Winona Lake, IN. death by his wife, Ruth visitation or the the daughter of the late
He was the son of Ralph Ann Haney, on March 3, Celebration of Life memo- Heine and the late
and Mary (Van Dyke) 2003. Ben married Faye rial service to look through Wemelina (Prime) Ettema.
Haney. Wallace Bristol July 16, the mother and baby pho- She attended Imlay City
Dr. Haney grew up in 2005 in Almont, MI. His tos and take the picture High School. Trace worked
Warsaw, IN. He graduated wife, Faye Bristol, preced- home with you. on the family farm until
from Warsaw High School, ed him in death on August The family will wel- she married her husband
Class of 1944. After gradu- Hospital as fellow chief 17, 2015. He lost his son, come friends for the Garrett.
ation, he enlisted in the surgical resident (1958- Paul Bennett Haney, in Celebration of Life visita- Trace and Garrett
United States Navy. He 1959), and Snyder Clinic 1983; an infant sister at tion on Wednesday, May 1 Elling married on May 27, of Lapeer, MI; one brother,
served from June 1944 in Winfield, KS (1959- birth; his brother, George between 1-3 p.m. and 1944 in Imlay City, Gerrit Ettema of TX; and a
through June 1946 during 1960). Robert Haney, in 2019; his between 5-7 p.m. at the Michigan. They started daughter-in-law, Lora
World War II in the Pacific In 1960, Dr. Haney, his brother, Rollin Joel Haney, First Congregational their own farm on Elling. Trace was preceded
theater. Following his ser- wife Ruth, together with in 2010; and his stepson, Church of Almont, 201 E. Wheeling Rd. where they in death by her husband,
vice in the Navy, he earned their three children moved Kenneth Bristol in 2017. St. Clair, Almont, MI. A raised their family and Garrett; her son, Daniel;
his bachelor’s degree in to Almont, MI in order for He is survived by his Celebration of Life memo- lived most of their lives. four sisters, Effie (Andrew)
the sciences with cum Dr. Haney to enter into daughters, Beth (Bob rial service will be held on Trace worked for 14 years Laarman, Christine
laude honors in 1950 from practice with Dr. G. Clare Heckart) Haney-Heckart Thursday, May 2, 2019 at at Almont Community (Everett) Vander Ark,
Manchester College in Bishop. In 1968, Dr. and JoAnn (Jerry Herbert) 11 a.m. with both Reverend Hospital as a nurse’s aide. Minnie (John) Van Soest,
North Manchester, IN. Haney opened a private Haney; his brother Paul Bill King, pastor of First She loved to garden and and Hattie (Neil) Prince;
While at Manchester practice on North Main St. Jacob Haney and his sister Congregational Church of always had beautiful flow- four brothers, Jan Ettema,
College, he met his future in Almont, MI. In the Margaret Ellen Palmer; his Almont, and Reverend Dr. ers to cut for her family. Bill (Wilma) Ettema,
wife “Ruthie.” Ben mar- 1990s, Dr. Haney moved two grandchildren, Marcel Lamb, pastor of Trace was a master seam- Henry (Doris) Ettema and
ried Ruth Ann Jones his practice and joined Dr. Rebecca (Nick) Demeduk Imlay City United stress and quilt maker, she Bernard (Elaine) Ettema.
December 27, 1952 in Harrington in Imlay City. and Carolyn (Eric Methodist Church, officiat- also was very good at knit- The funeral services
Winona Lake, IN. Ben In 1995, he joined the Williams) Herbert; one ing at the First ting and crocheting. She were held Tuesday, April 2,
earned his Doctorate of McLaren Hospital system great-grandchild, Ellie Congregational Church of was a long time member of 2019 at Imlay City
Medicine in 1954 from until his retirement in Demeduk; his step-chil- Almont, 201 E. St. Clair, the Imlay City Christian Christian Reformed
Northwestern University in 2002. dren, David (Mary) Almont, MI. Those wish- Reformed Church. Church, 395 Cedar St.,
Chicago, IL where his Dr. Haney was a mem- Bristol, Paul (Susan) ing to make memorial con- She was preceded in Imlay City, MI. Officiating
grandfather, Dr. George ber of the Almont Archery Bristol, Ellen (George tributions may either plant death by her husband, was Reverend Alex Snider,
Henry Van Dyke also Club, an Almont Wilson) Bristol and Beth a tree in Dr. Haney’s mem- Garrett Elling, on August pastor of the Imlay City
received his doctorate Congregational Church Bristol. He also left behind ory or contribute to 19, 2000. Christian Reformed
degree. Sunday school teacher, an many nieces, nephews and Northwestern University - She is survived by four Church. Burial followed in
Dr. Haney had his Almont School Board friends. Cancer Research, 7725 sons, Thomas (Connie) Goodland Township
internship at Chicago Member from 1968 - 1972, Dr. Haney was a gener- Harlem Ave., Bridgeview, Elling of Imlay City, MI, Cemetery, Imlay City.
Wesley Memorial Hospital a member of Imlay City al surgeon and practitioner IL 60455. Michael (Margie) Elling of Please be sure to sign
in 1955. During his resi- United Methodist Church but one of his greatest joys Funeral arrangements Lapeer, MI, Gary (Patricia) our online register book at
dency, Ben worked at and Lay Elder, and past was his OB-GYN practice. were made by Muir Elling of Imlay City, MI and
Passavant Memorial president of the Lapeer He delivered hundreds of Brothers Funeral Home, and Bradley (Robin) Elling share your memories.
Hospital in Chicago, IL County Medical Society. babies during his almost 50 225 N. Main Street, Imlay
(1955-1957), Veterans
Lakeside Hospital in
Ben enjoyed sewing, pho-
tography, gardening and
years in practice. Over the
years, photos of the moth-
City, MI. Please be sure to
sign our online register at ~ Kevin Gunn, 64 ~
Chicago, IL (1957-1958), loved trees. He also loved ers and babies were taken to
Passavant Memorial by his office staff and dis- share condolences. Kevin Gunn, age 64,
athletic sports, was an avid
of Capac, MI, died
Wednesday, February 6,
~ Douglas Miller, 82 ~ 2019 at McLaren Lapeer
Region Hospital.
Douglas Miller, age October 31, 1959 in Imlay will be held at 1 p.m., Kevin Bruce Gunn
82, of Imlay City, MI, died City, MI. Doug worked for Thursday, April 4, 2019 at was born March 27, 1954
Friday, March 29, 2019 39 years at A & P grocery St. Paul’s Lutheran in Detroit, MI. He was the
surrounded by his family stores. He was an assistant Church, 200 N. Cedar St., son of the late Robert and
at his home. Douglas manager at the Imlay City Imlay City, MI. the late Patricia (McLear)
William Miller was born and Marlette stores. Doug Officiating will be Gunn. Kevin grew up and
October 22, 1936 (actually and Ginger enjoyed travel- Reverend Alan Casillas, graduated from high
next door to where he cur- ing, camping, and people pastor of St. Paul’s school in Detroit, MI. He
rently lives) in Imlay City, watching. He liked to go Lutheran Church in Imlay moved to the Dryden area
MI. He was the son of the out the farm with his sons City. Burial will follow in in 1978. He married
late Orval Edward and the and grandchildren and tin- Imlay Township Cemetery, Dorothy Ettema on
late Florence Irene (Smith) ker with the farm equip- Imlay City. November 5, 1988 in Gunn.
Miller. Doug grew up in ment and their Model “T”. Those wishing to make Imlay City, MI. Cremation has taken
Imlay City and was a He enjoyed sitting memorial contributions He was employed by place.
graduate of Imlay City with Ginger on their front may direct them to Grace ANAD Corporation (for- A memorial service
High School, Class of porch in the evening sun- Hospice, 1985 Gratiot, merly Romeo Rubber) in will be held at 11 a.m.,
1954. He served in the U. shine watching everyone City, MI and Brian Ste. 1C, Marysville, MI Romeo, MI as a janitor for Saturday, April 6, 2019 at
S. Army between 1955 go by. Doug was a life- (Cecile) Miller of Imlay 48040. 26 years. ANAD manufac- Imlay City Christian
and 1958 at the end the long member of the City, MI; ten grandchil- The family will be tured rubber parts for the Reformed Church, 395
Korean War. He was sta- Lutheran church and a dren; twelve great-grand- available for visitation 11 auto industry. Cedar Street, Imlay City,
tioned with the 3rd devout Christian. He liked children; and a special a.m. - 1 p.m. Thursday, Kevin enjoyed floating MI. Dr. Mike Warnars and
Armored Div. in Germany. to joke and loved watching niece, Michelle Mott of April 4 at St. Paul’s in his brother-in-law’s Kendra Ettema will offici-
Doug had worked at the the Detroit Tigers play Grand Rapids, MI. Doug Lutheran Church. pond in the summertime. ate.
local A & P grocery store (win or lose). was preceded in death by Please be sure to sign He also enjoyed listening The family will be
from the time he was 16 Doug is survived by his parents, Orval and our online register book at to music, especially the available for visitation
years old. his wife, Virginia “Ginger” Florence Miller; and his to blues. 10-11 a.m., Saturday, April
He married Virginia Miller; two sons, Jeffrey sister, Connie Mott. share condolences and He is survived by his 6 at Imlay City Christian
“Ginger” Frantz on (Denise) Miller of Imlay The funeral services memories. wife, Dorothy Gunn; three Reformed Church.
sisters, Debbie Rinna of Arrangements have

To share one of these obituaries with a friend or a loved one

Saline, MI, Nancy Kirby been made by Muir
of Attica, MI, and Carolyn Brothers Funeral Home of
Gunn of Detroit, MI; and Imlay City, 225 N. Main

VISIT US ONLINE AT: his brother, Tommy Gunn

of Mt. Clemens, MI.
Street, Imlay City, MI.
Please be sure to sign
Kevin was preceded in our online register at
death by his parents, to
Robert and Patricia Gunn; share condolences and
and his sister, Cathy memories.
Page 22-TRI-CITY TIMES-APRIL 3, 2019

Civil War reenactors visit library April 8th

Library staff takes kids on journey through history ing programming at the
library, call 810-724-8043
or visit the website at
in preserving the Union and
building our great nation.
The 15th Michigan
als of civilian and military
The 15th Michigan is
By Tom Wearing activities. gence during the Civil War continues today to be funded through member- Summers said partici- as a way for soldiers to 15th Michigan info devoted to public educa- ship dues, donations and
pating members of the 15th occupy their time during The 15th Michigan tion, by fostering and pre- fundraising activities such
IMLAY CITY — On Michigan Reenactors will lulls in battle. Volunteer Infantry, serving the history of the as parades and living histo-
Monday, April 8, staff at bring along uniforms for “This program is going Company B is a Civil War Civil War era (1861-1865). ry portrayals and demon-
the Ruth Hughes Library dress-up, along with “pre- to be a lot of fun for the reenacting regiment found- The organization does so strations. Current dues are
will welcome members of tend” muskets and related kids, and for adults, too.” ed in 2009. by conducting Civil War $20 per year.
the 15th Michigan Civil Civil War paraphernalia. The Ruth Hughes The founders wanted to battle reenactments, mili- To become a member,
War Reenactment Troop, “We plan to make Civil Memorial District Library experience first hand the tary drills, parades, memo- visit online at
starting at 6 p.m. War-era toys and play is located at 211 N. Almont Civil War soldier’s life rials and historically accu- reenactor@15thmichigan.
The program focuses games like ‘shut the box,” Ave. in downtown Imlay through authentic reenact- rate living history portray- us.
on America’s Civil War said Summers. “Shut the City. ing and inform the public
period and is offered in box’ was created by ancient For further information about the importance of the
conjunction with the
library’s “Tree House
mariners, but it had a resur- about this and other upcom- role of the Civil War soldier
Upcoming sports action
Travels” program.
Tree House Travels is Baseball quad, 4 p.m.
designed to introduce Wednesday, April 3 Capac, Sandusky at Brown
young readers to various Dryden at Lakeville, 4 p.m. City, 4:30 p.m.
important times in the his- Thursday, April 4 Friday, April 5
tory of the United States. Almont at Davison, 4 p.m. Almont at Kearsley Relays,
Last month, the library Cass City at Imlay City, 4 p.m.
featured a program on the 4 p.m. Tuesday, April 9
Vikings, who first came to Saturday, April 6 Dryden at Kingston quad,
America around 1000 A.D. Almont at Armada 4 p.m.
To complement the Tournament, 9 a.m.
educational program, par- Imlay City at Marlette Girls’ Soccer
ticipating children were Tourney, 10 a.m. Wednesday, April 3
encouraged to read the Monday, April 8 Capac at Imlay City,
book, Viking Ships on Almont at Rochester Hills 4:30 p.m.
Sundays. Lutheran Northwest, 4 p.m. Thursday, April 4
Mandy Summers, Ruth Tuesday, April 9 Imlay City at Lapeer,
Hughes’ Activity Director, Lutheran North at Almont, 6:45 p.m.
said Tree House Travels 4 p.m. Monday, April 8
appeals to fans of the Magic Imlay City at Goodrich, Imlay City at Birch Run,
Tree House series, which 4 p.m. 4:30 p.m.
followed characters ‘Jack’ Capac at Bad Axe, 4 p.m. Tuesday, April 9
Photo provided

and ‘Annie’ as they trav- USA at Dryden, 5:30 p.m.

eled to and explored vari- Softball
ous destinations through Wednesday, April 3 Boys’ Golf
the process of craft-mak- Civil War reenactors will visit the Ruth Hughes Library in Imlay City on Dryden at Lakeville, 4 p.m. Wednesday, April 3
ing, games and related Monday, April 8. Almont at St. Clair, 4 p.m. Capac at Yale, 3 p.m.
Thursday, April 4 Monday, April 8
Imlay City at Marysville, Almont, Imlay City at

Lapeer County VA seeks volunteer drivers

4 p.m. BWAC Jamboree,
Friday, April 5 Timberwood, Armada,
Capac at Dryden, 4 p.m. 4 p.m.
LAPEER COUNTY — The Lapeer County Veterans Affairs Department is searching for a few Saturday, April 6
good volunteer drivers to transport veterans to and from their VA medical appointments. Imlay City at St. Clair, Girls’ Tennis
The LCVA will host a pizza party from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Thursday, April 11 at its office 10 a.m. Wednesday, April 3
287 W. Nepessing in downtown Lapeer. Monday, April 8 Imlay City at Bad Axe,
LCVA staff and current volunteer drivers will be on hand to answer any questions and provide C-PS at Dryden, 4 p.m. 4 p.m.
details about the program. Tuesday, April 9 Saturday, April 6
Volunteers drive veterans to and from VA medical facilities in Yale, Flint, Saginaw, Pontiac, Ann Capac at Bad Axe, 4 p.m. Imlay City at Lapeer
Arbor and Detroit. Invite, 9 a.m.
Boys and Girls’ track Monday, April 8
For more information call (810) 667-0256. Thursday, April 4 Flint at Imlay City,
Dryden at Deckerville 4 p.m.