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Braden Pelly

Upland Terrace Elementary

Habitats - Science
● Grade Level: ​2nd Grade
● Lesson Length:​ 30 - 45 minutes
● Content Area:​ Science
● Objective:​ Students will research an animal of their choice and complete a worksheet
that will later be used in an Art lesson
● Utah State Standard:

Standard 4
Life Science. Students will gain an understanding of Life Science through the study of changes
in organisms over time and the nature of living things.
Objective 1
Tell how external features affect an animal's ability to survive in its environment.
a. Compare and contrast the characteristics of living things in different habitats.
b. Develop, communicate, and justify an explanation as to why a habitat is or is not suitable
for a specific organism.

● Personal Objectives:​ Students will use Chromebooks to research an animal of their

● Essential Question:​ How can you use technology to help you research a specific animal?
● Materials:​ Animal Research worksheet, SmartBoard, DocCam, Pencils,
crayons/markers/colored pencils
● Accommodations:​ For students needing accommodations, individualized attention will
be provided during worksheet activity.
● DAP:​ By combining both academic skills and art skills, students use both sides of their
brain and are fully engaged.

Phase I
Students will join the teacher on the front carpet for whole group discussion and review. As the
first and second slide of the PowerPoint is presented, students will have the opportunity to
discuss what they believe a herbivore and carnivore is is with their peers. After conversation, the
teacher will give the definition of each and ask if there is anything that anyone wants to add to
the discussion. Finally, the teacher will review habitats using a simple story about that specific
habitat. This review is designed to cover the essentials of each habitat and get the students
thinking about which animal/habitat they want to deeper research.
Transition from Phase I to Phase II
Students will be dismissed from the carpet row by row. Once students have found their seats,
directions will be given for the upcoming activity.

Phase II
Students will be given a worksheet that they will complete as they find more research on their
chosen animal. Using Chromebooks, the students can use whichever sites to complete their

Transition from Phase II to Phase III

Students will begin working on the worksheet individually using their Chromebooks.

Phase III
Students will continue using their chromebooks to research their specific animal. After the entire
worksheet is completed, students may put their worksheet away and being Reading Workshop.