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Banana Peel: An Alternative Commercial Floor Wax


In this day, floor polishes are mostly made from synthetic materials, which could be too
expensive for a lot of people. This project involves making a cheap alternative to commercially
available floor polishes through the use of banana peels, kerosene, paraffin and polyethylene wax
crystals. Instead of just throwing banana peels away, the researchers have decided to put them to
good use by making floor polish out of them. This project highlights that floor polishes made
from banana peels are cheaper than, yet as effective as those available commercially.

We prepared banana peelings and cut into pieces and measured the desired amount of paraffin
wax, polyethylene wax and kerosene needed for making the floor wax. To complete the
experiment, we mix the paraffin and polyethylene wax crystals in a pot in low heat then we
added the kerosene and banana peelings. We let it boil in 15 minutes, remove the pot from the
heat and strain it in a muslin sheet into desired container. We let the wax cool and harden
thoroughly before we apply it to the floors. We therefore conclude that the banana floor wax can
be an alternative source in polishing floors and more affordable than with the commercially floor
polishes or wax.
Chapter 1


Background of the Study

The discovery of recycling things can help community. Nowadays, people are
encountering poverty and also, we must maintain cleanliness in our home and in our school.
Some people use floor wax to make their floor shinier. They feel so comfortable when they finish
cleaning their house but the smell of the floor wax making them uneasy. So, they thought of an
idea where in they will make an eco-friendly floor wax that does have this pleasant aroma.

As of now, our country is facing a great crisis in economy. The researcher found out that
in school, they required using of floor wax (commercial) to prevent the floor shiny. Even in the
houses, floor wax is being use. So, the researcher decided to make a floor wax which is very
affordable and can give an equal quality as the commercial can.

Banana peeling floor wax is made of mostly recycled materials that can help the users
and consumers to save money, and it is less harmful to the environment compared to the
commercial floor wax that has many chemicals that is harmful to the environment and also to the
ones who is using it. This study will find out of how can banana peelings be an alternative source
in making a floor wax, how safe is the banana peeling floor wax for the environment and its
users, and how efficient is banana peeling floor wax than common synthetic floor wax.
Statement of the Problem

Banana Q and Toron vendors consume hundreds of bananas every day and every time
they cook hundreds of banana, banana peelings are being disposed with no use. That is why this
study seeks the possibility of banana peelings as an alternative floor wax. Because as we know
that common synthetic floor wax are made of artificial ingredients and this study suggest making
use of natural waste as an alternative for synthetic and artificial materials present in common
synthetic floor wax. This study aims to aims to make an effective floor wax out of banana peel.

Specifically, the study would like to answer the following:

1. Can banana be an alternative source in making a floor wax?

1.1 What are the components that are present in banana peel?

2. How effective is the banana peelings as wax in terms of:

2.1 Shine it could give

2.2 Life Span of smoothness in the floor

2.3 Texture of wax compared to other products

3. What is the difference between commercial floor wax from the wax out of banana peal?


a) Banana can't be an alternative source in making a floor wax.

b) Banana can be an alternative source in making a floor wax.

Conceptual Framework


Banana Peel
Pandan leaves


Through experimenting by steps:

1)Mix 800g. paraffin wax w/ 100g. polyethylene wax.

2)Melt the materials in a low fire.
3)While still not add wax crystals (optional)and technical dye (desired color).Stir the mixture.
4)Add 3.2 Liters of kerosene.
5)add the Banana peel.
6)Pour in a desired mold or container and allow to harden.


Alternative and Ecofriendly floor wax

Significance of the Study

This study can give benefits to the people especially to the poor once, to have a good
business and also to save money for their other needs.

Specifically in schools, it will give a benefit to the students as well as their parents to save

This study is beneficial to the following:

Students - This study may serve as a guide and reference for the students in smoothening
their classroom floors, lobby and even in stairs through banana peel floor wax.

Parents - This can minimize the cost of buying a floor wax by making the alternative floor
wax through banana peel.

Entrepreneurs - Serves as an idea to make a good source of livelihood, start a good business and
also to save money for their other needs.

Scope and Delimitation

This study is only limited for the investigation of banana (Musa paradisiaca) used as
alternative source for floor wax making. The researcher chose this study for further investigation
if the banana can be an effective source for floor wax.
Definition of Terms

For clearer understanding about the terms used in the study, below are their meanings:

a) Banana - a tropical fruit

b) Floor wax - a substance used for shining floors.

c) Citric acid - the substance that was added to improve the odor of the wax.

d )Kerosene - a substance used to gives shine to the floor wax.

e) Dye-it is a colored substance that has an affinity to the substance in which it added to.