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An Assignment

Advanced Academic Writing

Submitted by:
Kriz Adrienne T. Gumera
MAEd Student

Submited to:
Ma. Erlie R. Babayen-on

“Teaching is one profession that creates all other professions.” If

you analyze this quotation in a deeper sense, you’ll see teaching as a very

unique yet satisfying job above all. It is the noblest job you could ever imagine.

It can give you different experiences and discovery throughout the learning

process. Your teacher serves as the maneuver of your dreams and responsible

for the learning and important matters that you will need in preparation for

your future. A teacher does not just teach because they need to, they teach

because they want to. You cannot be a teacher if you don’t have the passion to

teach. You will need extended patience and understanding in dealing different

kinds of learner considering their culture, beliefs and other differences. Their

main goal is to impart knowledge in the possession and in the process, brings

out the best of every student. Also, a teacher facilitates you to be able to know

and realize of which area of specialty you are really good at. Teachers are one

of the best human beings who are always proud to see you shine in great


Furthermore, a true educator sees the strength and weaknesses of their

students, knows different techniques and strategies to handle them and most

importantly, is flexible in any classroom interventions that may occur.

Teachers are like precious gems to the lives of every student. They are valuable

and unforgettable. In a large extent, no human can behave in an acceptable

way without being taught what a good behavior is. You consciously or
unconsciously copy your teachers' behavior, and this underpins one of the

reasons why teaching is very essential.

In addition, it is your responsibility as a student to listen, respond and

learn new discoveries. Unlike any other field of expertise, teachers are solitary

because they help shape and mold every profession. Doctors perform a

successful operation with the help of their teachers. Nurses could not give

proper medical assistance without the knowledge instilled to them by their

teachers. Engineers would not be able to build huge towers and buildings if

there is no teacher who guided them and even Lawyers could not solve a court

case without the thorough trainings of their teachers. That’s how a teacher

works. This is the reason why most professionals can recall a favorite teacher

who loved being in the classroom and who made learning fun. Teachers are

often the first to spot a student's unique gifts and aptitudes in a specific

subject. Becoming a teacher provides an opportunity to nurture and encourage

their students to appreciate and develop their natural abilities and special

interests. An inspired teacher can make all the difference in a student’s

motivation to develop his own gifts and hidden talents.

If you solely talk of teaching, you can really say that Filipino teachers are

one of those devoted and passionate educator ever existed. They never stop

until every other student got what she wants them to learn. Not minding the

salary given to them which is defined as “unsustainable” according to some.

When we say teacher, we are not only talking to an educator who’s willing to

teach and give students the learning information they need but they can also
play different functions, they are coined as “Jack of all trades”. Take for

example; they instantly become your Health Officer because they tend to do

medical interventions like distributing vitamins to students. They can also

become a Social Worker who assists you on your educational dependency or

scholarships. They can also be your agriculturist who helps you plant

beneficial herbs and vegetables. They also become a scientist, doctor, emotional

adviser, guidance counselor and a lot more. Teachers do not just do the basics

but make complicated matters basic because they know how to simplify

everything to make the learning fun and a lot easier.

In conclusion, you can say that teachers are really important in society

because they prepare and influence you to become the better person you

deserve to be. Every day, you learn important lessons about sharing, respect,

valuing differences and making ethical decisions. Teachers who can enable you

to feel important and included will create safe classroom spaces, and the you

will model the behavior that leaders should emulate. For instance, your

success depends on how you manage your motivation, how you apply proper

ethics to yourself and to other and most importantly how you become

responsible by your actions towards a better and successful individual with the

help of your teacher.