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I/we M/s COSMO INSTRUMENTS INDIA PVT. LTD., having its registered office at Plot no.
261, Sector – 08, IMT Manesar, Gurgaon – 122050, Haryana through its Authorized Signatory
Mr. Saneet Kumar do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as under:-

1. That I/we undertake that the plot premises shall be used only for carrying out
approved industrial activity and shall not be used for any non-permissible activity
including showroom/godown /office etc.

2. That I/we undertake that the Basement shall be used only for the permissible usage,
as guided by HSIIDC i.e. for Parking, Storage & Utilities only, if it satisfies the public
health, fire safety and structure requirement and not for any other purpose including
industrial manufacturing shall not be carried out in the Basement.

3. That I/we undertake to comply with the relevant building by laws of HSIIDC as well as
Town & Country Planning Department, Haryana, and I/we shall construct in
accordance with approved building plans and would not violate the same at any point
of time.

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4. That I/we undertake that we shall not install any relay /communication tower shall be
installed on the building/top roof without prior written permission of the corporation

5. That I/we undertake that the compoundable violation, if any, shall be got regularised
by us by payment of applicable compounding fee.

6. That I/we undertake that the zoning violation / excess coverage /other violations shall
be rectified removed by us and that we shall be solely liable for consequences thereof
or any loss of life or property due to such violations.

7. That I/we undertake to restore the violation within the compoundable limit and the
expenditure incurred on such measures shall be borne by us.

8. That I/we have verified about the construction violation, if any, existing at site, we
shall be solely responsible for payment of penalties / compounding fee and/or removal
of the same and/or damages caused due to the same.

9. That I/we undertake to remove the unauthorized tubewell/borewell for the site, If

10. That I/we undertake to pay the all the dues against water charges / Maintenance as
and when demanded along with applicable interest thereon.

11. That I/we undertake to comply with all the rules and regulations of HSIIDC as
applicable on said plot from time to time including terms & conditions of provisional
transfer, Industrial Policy of the State Government and Estate Management
Procedures-2015 of HSIIDC, as amended from time to time.

Place : ..............................
Dated : ..............................

Witnesses :-