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A ENYA URBAN ROADS AUTHORITY Bice and ste urban roads ‘TENDER INVITATION NOTICE, ‘The Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) is State Corporation established under the Ministry of Roads by the Kenya Roads Act, 2007 with the core mandate to Manage, Develop, Rehabilitate and Maintain urban road network. Asa leading Government Agency with the above mandate, KURA wishes to invite bids using restricted tendering method pursuant to section 102() of PPADA 2015 from eligible constructien companies for road Works ‘which must be dane before 1* June 2019 for Madaraka day celebrations ss described below tobe funded through Roads Maintenance Levy Funds (RMLP within various Regions. Interested bidders MUST be registered with the National Construction Authority in vacious categories as indicated below: = ck ‘Tender Number Let | tender Name Budget | Region | LeNgth | eg, my & eS" |e mmaravisenos |_| RRORENTOY pal al tor va fterinteiost |g serouso| sour] a [sae TRIOS | | RATTAN OF TORR] 3a] gg) AE 2019 1B] LOT IBROADSIN | 4025145940 | “pre _— Sakon TRF as OT on | a a caren 07208-| | wumoununeror_|sazesarco | Sur 188 Bidders may examine and oblain detiled tender documents duving normal working hours, from the Regional ‘Supply Chain Orfice South Rift Region and KURA Supply Chain office (HQ) IKM place 4 Floor Opposite Bishop Gate 5% Ngong Avenue upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Kshs. 1,000 (Kena Shilings One Thowsand (Only) for each document in form of a Banker's Cheque payable to the Kenya Urban Roads Authority. The sae {information may be accessed in websites at wor Jas tenders, tp supplier easy go ke. Bidders wl be required to attach a copy ofan official receipt o the bid document When subruitng as proof of payment. For those who will download the document, they will b required to provide their details by registering at KURA Supply Chain office (HQ) IKM Building 4 Floor Opposite Bishop Gate 5% Ngong Avene immediately after the site visit and before submitting the documents Qualification for Tendering (Mandatory) ‘The bidders are expecied to include the following in their bids:- (@) Certified copy of Certificate of incorporation (b) Certified Copy of VALID Registration Certificate & valid license withthe National Construction Authority in the clases specified above (0) Acopy of VALID Tax Compliance Certificate (Will be verified on the KRA TCC Checker Bn (@ Cenlfed copy of RECENT CRT2 form -C12 montha Systm generated Irom Dasiess FeBisTaON, TUE to which leads to disqualification; (©) Biers shall serialize all pages foreach tender document submitted failure to which the bidder shall be clisqualfied. Note: (© Certification of documents shall be original and executed by commissioner fr Oaths; {G) Dit diligence shal he carted out on the documents submitted bythe bidders from the source of origin ‘and the outcome shal be used for recommendations or dsqualifictions NB: The certification must be by a Commissioner for Oaths. ‘The criteria of evaluation of bids ‘The criteria shall be as described in the tender documents Description of Works ‘The description and scope of works sas described inthe tender documents. ‘Mandatory site visits and tender opening shall be held on the date and time as pe te schedule below, starting a the indicated places; TT RE SES 5 pe ar snraeuparamats-—framersearoy raps ff me ees = arena rE TET ES va a Soar mace BT ORE OE mamurarawne| | peoreme ctor TenderNumber | | tnder Name Dae [ime < [veme t re ten a Fd Maecene oN va [eermar eta | evi | sooone | AEN owe ERUEIRTTATE| —|scamnrioe oe oe a Inergovenen oF Lorie 2y/sra019 Prices quoted should include all taxes and must be expressed in Kenya Shillings and shall remain valid fra period ‘of 120 days ftom the date of tender opening. Completed tender documents enclosed in separate plain sealed envelopes and clearly marked withthe respective “Tender Number and Tender Name should be adessed ard sent to ‘The Director General, Kenya Urban Roads Authority, ‘C/0 Director @RACM) Nairobi ‘or deposited inthe respective KURA tender boxes located at KURA 4 Floor IKM Builing 54 Ngong Avenue ‘opposite Bishops Gate ‘on o before as indicated in the table above. ‘Tenders will be opened immediately thereafter in the presence of tenderers or their representatives who choose to attend. Late bide wil nt be accepted,