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D’nae Johnson

Mrs. Click


17 February 2019

Life-Threatening Allergic Reactions Rising in Children

Published: April 9, 2018
This news article focuses on how there is an increase number in the incidence of children

being diagnosed with anaphylaxis. Recent research has noticed that more children are being

checked into emergency rooms due to signs of anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is a life-threatening

type of reaction , which can occur within seconds of exposure to an antigen. This article

emphasizes on how important it is for parents to make sure there is an awareness of an allergy.

Therefore, the parents or guardians who have children with allergies need to always be prepared

and quick to treat anaphylaxis if the time comes. Also, parents have to make sure that their child

is comfortable and familiar with the allergies they are diagnosed with, so in an emergency

situation their able to provide that type of information Children with asthma and allergies are at a

higher risk to have anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis can be treated if you catch it early and treat it right


This article connects with my project topic perfectly because it is focusing on the

common types of allergies . My project also incorporates factors which include emergency

equipment that’s needed, allergic symptoms , and ways to test an allergy. This article discusses

one type of reaction out of the several that can possibly happen if someone is not aware of what

their allergic to. During my mentorship , I am working at a site where there are a lot of people

coming in and getting tested for allergies. I have noticed that a lot of people come in to get tested

for what their allergic to because they have concerns . What some people don’t know is that
there are many types of allergies. Also, there are many different ways and equipment to use to

detect an allergy and I have seen a number of them at my mentorship site. Not only does this

article provide a current situation connecting to my project topic it also gives me a lot of

information I can rely on.

When reading this article, I was specifically curious to learn more about the difference

types of allergies and some factor that play a role in them. The similarity between this article and

my topic helped me a lot because I got more information to add to my project. I know when it is

time to construct my project , I will have no problem with it due to the amount of information I

gained from the article. While reading this article a lot of questions were raised like, what are

some risk factors? Is there a way to completely get rid of an allergy? What is some emergency

equipment needed? And can some symptoms be life-threatening ? Based on what I read, I gained

better knowledge about my topic because of the information provided in this article.

Klass, Perri. “Life-Threatening Allergic Reactions Rising in Children.” The New York Times,
The New York Times, 9 Apr. 2018,