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World in Conflict
World in Conflict is a 2007 real-time strategy (RTS) video game
World in Conflict
developed by the Swedish video game company Massive Entertainment and
published by Vivendi Games for Microsoft Windows. The game was released
in September 2007, receiving generally favorable reviews and several
awards.[3][4][5][6][7] The game is considered by some to be the spiritual
successor of Ground Control, another game by Massive Entertainment,[8]
and is generally conceived by its designers to be a real-time tactical game,
despite being marketed as a RTS game.[9]

The game's setting and story takes place in an alternate 1989, in which an
impending economic collapse and the failure to achieve aid diplomatically
from the West, leads the Soviet Union to invading Western Europe,
triggering World War III. The single-player story sees players assume the
role of a United States Army officer who takes command of battalions of US
and NATO forces; the main bulk of their operations focus on combating a
surprise invasion of the United States from Seattle, Washington, as well as Developer(s) Massive
operations in Southern France, Russia, and New York.[10] Entertainment
Publisher(s) Vivendi Games[a]
A March 2009 expansion pack, World in Conflict: Soviet Assault, added (2007-2008)
additional content, including additional campaign missions in which players Ubisoft (2009-
assume the role of a Soviet military officer who commands Soviet forces in Present)
Europe, Russia and the US state of Washington.[11][12][9] Designer(s) Magnus Jansén

The game offers multiplayer functionality, supporting up to 16 players Engine MassTech Game
Engine[1] utilising
online or over LAN. In December 2015, Ubisoft shut down the official
Havok physics
Massgate servers that supported multiplayer functions,[13] though the
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
player community restored these functions in 2017, through an unaffiliated
version of Massgate.[14] Release NA: September 18,
AU: September 20,
Contents EU: September 21,
Gameplay 2007
Single-player Genre(s) Real-time tactics,
Multiplayer real-time strategy[2]
Plot Mode(s) Single-player,
Development multiplayer

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