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Technical Information Sheet

ESIS the Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of 100% Genuine Solid Epoxy Compound, used for backing wear liners in cone an d gyratory crushers. Epoxy crusher backing compound are highly compressive and have impact strength in nature that facilitates heavy duty crushing.
g Compound

HPG Crusher Backing Compound CBC-5200

100 % solids epoxy compound
High compressive & impact strength
Extreme heavy duty crushing
Excellent volumetric stability
( No formation of gap between backing and liners or main frame )
Safe & more economical than molten zinc Cone Crushers
Gyratory Crushers
Simple in application -just mix Resin &
Hardener and pour into a cavity Large gyratory crushers
Minimal amount of filler settlement Mobile Cone Crushers
H P G Crusher Backing

Code Description Package Size
CBC 5202 HP G Crusher Backing Compound 10 KG
Appearance : COLOUR : RED
Viscosity : @ 250 C - 10,000 + 200 cps
Coverage : 170 cubic inches / Gallon.
Curing Time : <= 8 Hours
Maximum operating temp : 121° C
Mixing Ratio By Volume [ R : H ] : 17.8 [ R ] : 1 [ H ]
Compressive strength : 21000 PSI
Tensile strength : 8500 PSI
Hardness : 95 Shore D
Working Time : >= 20 min
Impact Strength : 2.7 ft lbs / inch
SURFACE PREPARATION: It is absolutely necessary that the surface to be coated must be free from oil,
dust, rust, wax, grease and moisture. If the surface is not clean then it affects bonding of product to the metal
APPLICATION PROCEDURE : The resin part has to initially be stirred to disperse any settlement. Entire
contents of Hardener to be added slowly to the resin part. Proper stirring helps in proper mixing.. The
mixture has to be poured from one place to fill the cavity and to avoid air gaps.
• This system is totally solvent free, during application by brush or spray and there is no fog formation. During
application avoid contact with skin or eyes. If still there is contact then clean with fresh tap water.
• Always keep the product away from direct heat.
• Avoid higher quantity of mixing as it will reduce pot life, Change in Hardener ratio will not increase or
decrease the pot life, but it will affect the properties of the final product.

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