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Orange Ornithine

Colored Carbamoyl Phospate

Cats Citruline

Always Aspartate (enter the cycle)

Ask Arginosuccinate

For Fumarate (leave the cycle)

Awesome Arginine

Umbrellas Urea (leaves the cycle)

While the enzyme are

Can Carbomyl phospahte synthetase 1

Our Ornithine transcarbomylase

Aunts Argininosuccinate synthetase

Aim Arginosuccinate Lyase

Accurately Arginase

1. pembentukan carbomyl phosphate in mitocondria of liver cells. Ammonium ion react to carbon
dioxide produce by the mitochonrial respiration to create catalyzation of carbamoyl phospate oleh
carbomyl phosphate synthethase 1.

2. Pembentukan citruline created by the reaction of ornithine transcarbomylase.

3. pembentukan arginosuccinate sythentase . dari bertemunya carbonyl carbon yang diserang amine
in aspartate to produce arginosuccinate synthetase. ATP kemudian dipecah menjadi AMP dan

4. Pemecahan Arginosuccinate synthetase, membentuk arginine dan fumarate yang akan membentuk
ikatan antara urea dan suklus asam sitrat

5. arginine yang sudah diproduksi akan dipecah menjadi urea dan ornithine. Yagn mana ornithine
akan kembali ke siklus di mitokondria