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Mastering Your Multiple Choice Exam Thanks for downloading our exam prep app. Learning and understanding the material is a major piece of the exam prep puzzle, but often times we overlook the actual test-taking sirategies that may help tip the scales in our favor. This brief guide will help you ‘crack the code" of yourexam and will help you feel more confident with your answer selections. Contents Mastering Multiple Choice Tests Introduction Multiple Choice Methoos Section 1: The Five Methods For Test Taking Success Method 1: Look For Meticulous Pirasing Method 2: Use Common Sense Method 3: Recognize The Twin Towers Method 4: When in Doubt, Pick © Method 5: Deal with all Or None Of The Above Section 2: Even More Test-Taking Techniques Trick Questions: Two Best Answers. Changing Your First Answer Either Or Neither True-False Test Unfamiliar Answers Questions with Dates Answering Equation Questions One-Ward Answers Avoiding A Random Guess Finding The Answer Below The Right Answer Ta The Wrong Question Section 3: Code Cracking Study Strategies: Review The Course Syllabus Pay Altention To Lectures Review Past Tests Study Concepts Practice Questions Keep Course Quizzes Create Your Own Flash Cards Get Plenty Of Rest Section 4: Last-Minute Prep Tips For Cra 19 The Code Mastering Multiple Choice Tests Introduction The fact is, there is a method to mastering exams. Everyone at some point or another feels unprepared for their big exam, so take these strategies to heart and use them every chance you get. You can learn this and excel as a lest-taker, regardless of your reason for taking multiple choice tests. Multiple Choice Methods Most tests have a comman principle behind them, something we call patterning. You can studly all you want, but sometimes even the best memorization techniques will not beat the system behind the exarn. Thefts! part oi this honk nrovides vou with nroven techniques that will The first part of this book provides you with proven techniques that will help you reach the highest score possible. In the second section, you will develop your test-taking skills further by learning advanced strategies that researchers have found to be most effective against multiple choice exams. In the final section, you will learn a few study tools and tips. Although you will not have to study hard using the methods in this quide, there are some crack the code methods you can adopt that will enable you to study belier, When you combine these with your newly developed test- taking skills, you can conquer the world of at least this exam. Lets begin by reviewing the specific methods that are commonly adopted by multiple choice test masters. These techniques are priceless. Using these techniques alone, you will find your test-taking skills improve exponentially. Section 1: The Five Methods for Test Taking Success There are certain strategies that all test writers have in commen. If you master these and take nothing else away from this book, you will automatically become a better test-laker. These are the foundational methods that all writers use when creating multiple choice tests Method 1: Look for Meticulous Phrasing Great answers always sound correct. When in doubt, look for the answer that makes the most sense. A goad multiple choice test writer will always provide two poorly-written answers and one or two answers that are phrased well. Eliminate the two answers that are poorly written, Of the remaining two choices, eliminate the least clear of the two. The best- phrased answer is always the right choice. For example, of the answers below, which would you select? The term classical conditioning refers to a learning process: A, Where responses are provided with stimuli PR Where individuals are associated with seniences: