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Formwork Structure & Concreting

Flowchart & Checklist

Formwork Structure & Concreting Flowchart & Checklist

1. Purpose

This procedure concerns the safe installation of formwork structures which have been designed for the construction of reinforced
concrete elements on site.

A flowchart indicating the review process for the installation of the formwork structure and a standard checklist are included.

2. Application

The flowchart and checklist shall be used for every formwork structure on site.

The checklist shall be customised where applicable for the particular type of formwork structure, construction method and sequence to be

3. References

SS 580:2012 Code of Practice for Formwork

WSH (Construction) Regulations

Ministry of Manpower – Circular on Safety Requirements for Formwork Structures. Circular No. OSHD/OSHI/MI046. 31 January 2013

Ministry of Manpower – Advisory for Professional Engineers on formwork safety. 18 January 2014

4. Responsibilities

The Main Contractor Project Director/Senior Project Manager/Project Manager shall oversee the process to ensure that all parties
entrusted with responsibilities related to the installation of formwork structures carry out their duties in accordance with this procedure.

Completed checklists are to be submitted to the QP(S)/RE/RTO prior to concrete pouring and filed for record.

5. Attachments

Flowchart for Formwork Structure & Concreting

Standard Formwork Structure Inspection Checklist

Flowchart for Formwork Structure & Concrete Pouring

Contractor submits PE endorsed design calculations & drawings Contractor submits Method Statement & Risk Assessment

QP(S) reviews PE submission (Min. FoS =2.0) QP(S) review

Accepted? Accepted?

Formwork structure materials delivered to site

Contractor PM/CM, Formwork supervisor, assigned responsible party to inspect

Remove formwork structure material from site Accepted?

Formwork structure installed by appointed Formwork Supervisor and trained & certified Scaffold Erectors

Site adjustments made PE Inspection Installation of reinforcement

Redesign Accepted?

PE issues COS for inspected formwork structure

Contractor submits COS and Formwork Structure checklist

attachments to QP(S)

Concrete pour take place. Formwork Supervisor checks formwork structure during concreting

End Leak present or formwork deformation?

Concreting stop for minor
PE assess safe to enter? repairs & adjustment
under PE supervision

No entry to carry out repairs allowed.

PE to advise on
YES whether safe &
advisable to continue
concrete pouring


Concrete pouring stops. PE & QP(D) to advise on follow up action (concrete to be washed out?)

Formwork Structure Checklist


Formwork Structure Location: ___________________________________________

S/N Formwork Safety Check Yes/No Action Required/Remark

1 Formwork structure including bracing and coupling
designed by PE with minimum Factor of Safety of
2 Design reviewed by QP(S)?
3 Method statement and risk assessment reviewed
and accepted by QP(S)?
4 Formwork Supervisor appointed and qualified?
5 Scaffold erectors trained and certified?
6 PE certification of lifting points for column boxes?
(Where applicable)
7 Formwork & falsework materials in good condition
and free from corrosion?
8 Formwork structure built to PE design?
9 Any deviation of formwork structure from PE
design? (if yes, PE to provide assessment report to
certify performance, in addition to COS)
10 Formwork Supervisor’s inspection checklist duly
completed and signed off? (attach to this checklist)
11 Is seating of formwork structure firm and stable?
12 Are edges & joints between formworks adequately
13 Are working platforms & access provided?
14 Are edge protection and fall protection provided?
15 Are openings securely covered?
16 Is ‘Certificate for Safe Use’ (COS) for formwork
structure issued by PE?
17 Is Location plans & photos of inspected structure
submitted with COS?
18 Are barricades and warning signs provided to
prevent access below formwork during concrete
19 Is communication provided between Formwork
Supervisor & workers during concreting pouring?
(other items) -----

Inspected by: ___________________________ (Formwork Supervisor) Signature: ________________ Date: ______________

Reviewed by: ___________________________ (Engineer-in-charge) Signature: ________________ Date: ______________

Approved by: ___________________________ (Construction Manager) Signature: ________________ Date: ______________

Received by: ___________________________ (QP(S)/RE/RTO) Signature: ________________ Date: ______________

This checklist is for facilitating the checking of the formwork structure. It does not exempt the occupier, PE and Formwork Supervisor form their legal responsibilities.