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A GARRISON STATE IN THE MAKE AND -pleasing personality

-preferably with high school or college education
Senator Benigno "Ninoy" S. Aquino, Jr.
1968- Ninoy’s maiden speech on the Senate floor, he
mounted a political assault on Marcos, charging that - indoctrinate and brainwash barrio councils
the President plotted to make a “garrison state” of the
-repose faith and reliance - great provider
Result = Corregidor affair / Corregidor massacre
Garrison state - a military state in being
2. In exposing the anomalies at the PCSO, Ninoy
*crisis in our political democracy = development of a
raised the question of whether the PCSO, too, like the
garrison state or making of a military state :
armed forces, was not being used for purposes other
a. ballooning the armed forces budget than intended by law- for purposes even and against
the law
b. saddling the defense establishment with
overstaying generals and * Paeng Yabut - radio / tv caster who was ambushed,
gunned down, and left dead for the reason of
c. militarizing our civilian government offices all denouncing the saddle mismanagement of
these caveats uttered almost four years before Martial Sweepstakes ridden with irregularities, peculiarities,
law. even downright anomalies

Ninoy decided to play secret agent himself. 3. When Mr. Marcos sought to disclaim
responsibility for the Jabidah mess, Ninoy was quick
to compare the President to a Pilate washing his
hands. But what a lot of blood to be washed off.
1. In his speech on the secret army, Ninoy gave an
extra turn to the screw. What he exposed was not so 4. Ninoy also assailed the New Immorality of the
much the North Borneo aspect of operation Jabidah Marcos billion peso road for which curiously enough
as the larger implications of the project only 2 firms and their silent partner

*Jabidah - the codename for a sinister design of * P100 million pork barrel ~ shifted to the
President Marcos construction of Juanico “Bridge of Love” project
costing 66 million as “Mr. Marcos’ Folly” –– a
Operations: to secure his power in position and
luxury bridge. Birthday gift to his wife.
achieve territorial gains ; to wipe out the oppositions
and Westernizing his country * Two firms: CDCP ( Construction and Development
Corporation of the Phillipines ) ; AEDC ( Asian
Leader: Major Abdullatif Martelino ; head of Defense
Energy and Development Corporation )
Department's Civil Affair Office ; recruiter
5. Since 1969 was a presidential election year, Ninoy
Qualifications :
had ample reason, in 1968, to suspect that the
-Tausug young men ages 18 to 30 Jabidah operation was a dark sinister scheme
orchestrated by a shadowy hands to advance
-has a working knowledge of Tausug dialect President Marcos' ambitions. And he hurled back at
the President the charge of irresponsibility
-with experience in smuggling and kumpit sailing
* Sabah issue
-familiarity of the neighboring islands
6. Ninoy would call the New period's terror tactic a According to Ninoy: " the Opposition in this country
form of genocide; whether Huk or not, Pampangos was no longer the traditional opposition party but
were being wiped out. rather group of young activists- students as the new
* exposed what he called an Army and Philippine
Constabulary campaign of terror in Central Luzon, In the Bill of Rights in the Filipino Constitution,
identifying military Death Squads as group which habeas corpus is listed near-identically to the U.S.
styled themselves as the “Monkees” to counteract the Constitution in Article 3, Section 15:
terror units called the Beatles
"The privilege of the writ of habeas corpus shall not
II. Ninoy's second year in the Senate be suspended except in cases of invasion or rebellion
when the public safety requires it."
Bills filed:
* Marcos suspend the writ of habeas corpus ~ used
a. Study Now, Pay Later the rising wave of lawlessness and the threat of a
Communist insurgency as justification
b. Magna Carta of Students
* He ordered the arrest of opposition leaders and
c. Student Representation
militant activists, including his critics Senator
d. Freedom Park Benigno Aquino, Jr. and Senator Jose Diokno.

e. Youth Suffrage * Political opponents and militarist activist were

arrested and exiled
f. Automatic Teachers Retirement

1970 - the nation was in destruction

*Long riot began 50,000 students gathered on

Burgos Drive

* Majority of the demonstrators were earnest in

making their pleas be heard and not to make battle
with the police Balneg, Jessalaine Karen T.
* Police became cruel and brutal What is showed is,
our police agencies are ill-disciplined, ill-oriented,
ill-trained and ill- equipped to cope with the civil

*It was all street fighting at barricades. The street

became the battleground between the youth marching
with red flag and placard and helmeted troops
marching with truncheon (baton) and wicker shield.


spread of violence in the streets

incompetence in the government

corruption in the police forces