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John Cummuta

Anthony Manganiello Are You Sure?

Let’s find out

It’s a matter of net income

Special points of interest:
 According to a study from You hear a lot about building wealth, time before that date when you’d like
the National Institute on but will your “wealth” really be the work to be optional for you; ideas for
Retirement Security number that will matter when you turning things around.
(NIRS), Americans— want to stop working?
The calculations won’t be complicated,
collectively—are at least
Try bringing your brokerage state- just addition and subtraction. Howev-
$6.8 trillion shy of what
ment to the supermarket to buy gro- er, when you think about it, isn’t that
they'll need to fund their
ceries. what will determine the qualify of your
golden years.
post-employment life—how much you
What you’ll need when you want work
 92% of working house- add to the money pools that will supply
to be optional in your life is income
holds miss even the most your post-employment income minus
that is sufficient to cover all your
conservative targets for how much you’ll subtract from them
recurring living a little.
retirement savings. through spending and debt?
So, in this worksheet, we’ll take a
Let’s get started. We’ll begin on the
journey through your expectations and
more positive note of your income.
Inside this issue: your numbers to see how the income
question is likely to work out for you, “It’s not how much you make. It’s
Work-Optional Income 2 at least as things stand right now. how much you end up with.”
If the picture isn’t rosy, we’ll suggest
Post-Employment Expense 2 ideas for redeeming the remaining

Can You Stop Working? 3

Your Estimated, DEPENDABLE, Post-Employment Income
Plus/Minus Retirement
This number will be comprised of your we’re trying to determine whether you As I said, the obvious first leg of this
Change the Numbers 3 estimated Social Security income at can ever STOP working. You may want multi-legged stool is Social Security.
your planned retirement age plus any to continue working for a variety of You can go to
Your Next Step 4 other dependable, predictable income reasons, but we want to calculate if myaccount/ to find your latest esti-
streams. you can get to where that work will be mated monthly benefit based on what
4 at your option, not because you’ll have age you plan to stop working.
The Banker’s Secret Don’t include any income you would
to work to keep food on the table.
have to work to generate. Remember,

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Are You Sure? Page 2

Your Work-Optional Income Streams

Estimated Monthly Social Secu-
rity Income:
Estimated Pension:

Estimated Other Income:

 Military retirement

 Annuity TOTAL Estimated Monthly

 Alimony Income
 Settlement
 Inheritance trust
 Etc.

“We believe it’s

safer to plan on it Your Post-Employment Living Expenses
costing 100% of
Experts estimate it will cost you be- living expenses, like selling unneces- TOTAL Estimated Monthly
tween 80% and 90% of your current sary vehicles, downsizing to a less
what you’re cost of living to carry on in retire- expensive home, moving to a less Living Expenses
ment. expensive region or neighborhood, and
currently paying,
any other game-changing cost drivers
UNLESS YOU We believe it’s safer to plan on it
you can think of.
costing 100% of what you’re currently
CHANGE THE paying, UNLESS YOU CHANGE THE Once you’ve determined that reduced-
PARAMETERS.” PARAMETERS. living-expense model, estimate how
much it will cost you to pay for it on a
There is a lot you can do to signifi-
monthly basis. Enter that amount in
cantly reduce your post-employment
the box to the right.

The Rest is Just Math

Just like in your life now, your post- This is where most people live in a
employment life will include both living state of self-delusion. They bop
expenses and income to pay those through life, buying whatever things or
expenses. experiences their emotions prompt
them to, deluding themselves that it
And like your life now, that income will
will all just work out OK when they
either be enough or it won’t.
wish to stop working in the future. It’s not rocket science.
Once you know whether your post-
It won’t “just work out.” It’s math, pure
employment income will or will not be
and simple. And it’s better to know the
sufficient, you’ll be in a position to
state-of-the-math ahead of time.
plan accordingly.

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Are You Sure? Page 3

Find Out If You Can Ever Stop Working

Subtract your TOTAL Estimated
Monthly Living Expenses from
your TOTAL Estimated Monthly TOTAL Estimated Monthly
Income. Income
The resulting Surplus or Deficit TOTAL Estimated Monthly
will tell you whether you are on
Living Expenses
track to EVER be able to stop

= Surplus or Deficit

Plus Or Minus Retirement “You’ll have to do

If the answer to the above subtrac- Thankfully, we’re not doing calculus working until you die or become desti- something to
tion is negative, you can never stop here. This is simple subtraction, which tute enough for the government to
make it work out,
working—at least not by following means that there are only 2 numbers take over.
your current behaviors and num- that can have an effect on your out- or you’ll have to
Sorry, but that’s reality.
bers. come, and you still have time to affect
resign yourself to
both of them. If, on the other hand, your answer
If you’re feeling disillusioned right
above is a surplus, a positive number, working until you
now, that’s good. It just means is that The salient fact is that you now know
you are on track to a time when work
you’ve lost your illusions. Knowledge is that it won’t “just work out.” You’ll die…”
will be optional for you.
the beginning of wisdom. Knowledge have to do something to make it work
acted upon is the beginning of a solu- out, or you’ll have to resign yourself to Congratulations!

How Can You Change the Numbers?

Too often over the years, we’ve seen You can increase your income.
people act as though life just happens
Think of yourself as a business. Your
to them and they have no control.
income is your business’ revenue. That
Don’t be a passenger in your life, be revenue is the result of a value ex-
the driver! Learn the power of that change with the marketplace.
Tip the balance in your favor by little word, “no.”
changing your Income and Expenses
Increase your marketplace value and
The tougher you can be in cutting you increase your revenue. That can
costs now, the faster you can tip your be at your job or through a business
You have control over and responsibil- numbers in a positive direction. Ex- of your own.
ity for both your Income and your pense is the one side of the equation
Think creatively! Work relentlessly!
Expenses. you have direct control over. Use it!

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Your Next Step

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