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ELISA System Line

Analyzers and Reagents

> Instruments for all kinds of laboratories
> Broad range of parameters
> Proven quality

CoreLab DX
ELISA System Line
Unique Solutions

Your Advantages

> Instruments for all kinds of laboratories > High-quality products

from low to high throughput
> More than 120 assays available for detection of
> Optimised to meet your needs
– Infectious Diseases
> Easy to use and flexible – Hormones
– Tumor Markers
> Broad range of parameters, steadily growing – Autoimmune Diseases (IMTEC line)
The Instruments
For all Kinds of Laboratories

Elisys Quattro Elisys Duo

Fully automated ELISA analyzer for Fully automated ELISA analyzer

medium and high throughput Best solution for the medium throughput segment

> Up to 7 plates simultaneously* > Up to 3 plates simultaneously*

> 4 independent incubators > Built-in PC with windows software and touch screen
> Open system > Open system
> Walk-away loading capacity > Walk-away loading capacity
> Up to 8 different tests on one plate * > Up to 8 different tests on one plate*
> Continuous loading of samples, reagents and plates > Continuous loading of samples, reagents and plates
> Sample barcode reader built-in > Sample barcode reader built-in
> Direct use of HUMAN/IMTEC kit components > Direct use of HUMAN/IMTEC kit components
> Pre-programed HUMAN/IMTEC tests > Pre-programed HUMAN/IMTEC tests
> No carry over (disposable carbon tips) > No carry over (disposable carbon tips)
> Event log documentation > Event log documentation
> Clot and bubble detection > Clot and bubble detection
> QC control program > QC control program
> In-process control features > In-process-control features
> Time management software > Time management software
> ASTM interface for bi-directional communication > ASTM interface for bi-directional communication
> Dimensions routine use (incl. PC) 180 x 156 x 120cm > Dimensions routine use 125 x 95 x 115cm
> External PC required > 230/110Vac, 240VA
Flyer Movie Flyer
> 230/110Vac, 400VA

Cat. No. 16300 Elisys Quattro Cat. No. 17200 Elisys Duo Elisys Duo

* depends on the procedure of the ELISA kits applied

The Instruments
For Medium- to Small-Volume Laboratories

Elisys Uno Combiwash

One-plate fully automated ELISA analyzer Workstation with combined microplate washer,
for all kinds of laboratories incubator & shaker

> Ideal entry into ELISA automation > Large LCD display
> Optimised to meet your needs > Menu driven intuitive operation
> Walk away loading capacity > Automatic prime and rinse
> Direct use of HUMAN and IMTEC kit components > 4 wash bottles
> Combining of up to 8 parameters simultaneously* > Liquid detector for all bottles
> Pre-programed HUMAN/IMTEC tests > Up to 100 different wash programs
> 4 PL calculation mode > Easy maintenance
> Excellent cost/performance ratio > 2 incubator positions
> Easy to use software with self-explanatory > Shaking capability
structure > 230/110Vac
> Time-management and QC modules
> Interface for LIS communication
> Dimensions routine use (incl. PC) 170 x 80 x 80cm
> External PC required
> 230/110Vac, 160VA

Flyer Flyer

Cat. No. 17350 Elisys Uno Cat. No. 18460 Combiwash

* depends on the procedure of the ELISA kits applied

HumaReader HS HumaReader Single plus

Microplate Reader Microtiter strip reader

> 8-channel fiber optics, reads a complete plate > New touch screen design
in just 5 seconds > Excellent price-performance ratio
> Sophisticated on-board software > Pre-programed for HUMAN and IMTEC ELISA methods
> State-of-the-art technology > User programmable
> All quantitative and qualitative calculation > Automatic strip positioning, reading and calculation
modes available > Curve and cut-off calculation
> Accurate and precise results > Calibration automatically stored in memory
> Pre-programed for HUMAN and IMTEC ELISA tests > Built-in incubator
plus open protocols for user-defined assays
> Built-in thermal printer
> Large LCD display with touch screen
> Use of single wells, 8-well or 12-well strips
> Stores calibration curves
> Automatic filter wheel
> Plate shaking capability
> New wide range external power supply 240/100 Vac
> 4 PL calculation mode
> Kinetic reading mode
> Print programs
> Export/import programs
> 230/110Vac


Cat. No. 16670 HumaReader HS Cat. No. 18000

The Reagents
Assays of High Quality and Clinical Relevance

Infectious Diseases

HIV More than 35 million people infected worldwide EBV Primary EBV infection in childhood is
usually asymptomatic, in adults the EBV
Hepatitis B Infection leads to a variety of conditions infection results in infectious mononucleosis.
including an asymptomatic chronic
state, acute self-limiting infection and Measles More than 1 million deaths per year
fulminant hepatitis. Chronic infection is a (WHO estimate)
leading cause of cirrhosis and liver cancer.
VZV Virus causes varicella (chicken pox) and
Hepatitis C Hepatitis C is the most important cause Herpes zoster (shingles)
of chronic liver disease.
Mumps In adults the infection results in serious
Toxoplasmosa Acute toxoplasmosis in pregnant illness.
women can result in severe damage to
or death of the fetus. Syphilis Caused by Treponema pallidum –
12 million new cases per year, mostly in
Rubella During the first trimester of pregnancy developing countries and rapidly increasing
infections can lead to congenital rubella incidence in Eastern Europe
syndrome with one or more birth defects.
Helicobacter Helicobacter pylori is responible for 80 – 90%
CMV CMV can cause severe morbidity and Pylori of gastritis cases and is suspected to be a
mortality in congenitally infected major cofactor for the development of
newborns and immunocompromised gastric and duodenal ulcers.
Chlamydia Chlamydia trachomatis infections count
HSV-1 + Herpes simplex virus infections are trachomatis among the most widespread sexually
HSV-2 among the most prevalent infections transmitted diseases.
in humans.
Chagas Chagas disease is a chronic infection caused
Dengue Dengue is a very important mosquito-borne by the parasite Trypanosoma cruzi. It is
viral disease with an estimated 50 million endemic mainly to Central and South America
cases per year. resulting in 9 to 12 million of infected people
and thousands of deaths per year.

Total IgE High levels can indicate an allergy

or disposition Thyroid Antibodies
Anti-TSH-Receptor Thyroid antibody testing is primarily ordered
Hormones Anti-TPO to differentiate autoimmune thyroid
Anti-TG diseases from other forms of thyroid
Protein Hormones inflammatory diseases
FSH + LH Important for the assessment of the menstrual
cycle, the diagnosis of infertility and hormone Tumor Markers
therapy in menopause.
hCG Marker for pregnancy screening and used for AFP Early marker – for gross defects in the fetus
the assessment of hypogonadism. First marker – Germinal carcinoma and
Prolactin Used for the assessment of hyperprolactinemia primary hepatocellular carcinoma
(PRL) and therapeutic monitoring.
CEA First marker – for colorectal carcinoma
Steroid Hormones Second marker – for pancreatic, gastric,
Estradiol Monitoring of infertility treatment and breast, lung, C-cell and cervical carcinoma
assessment of ovarian function
Estriol Evaluation of fetal health and monitoring of PSA First marker – for prostate carcinoma
high risk pregnancies
Progesterone Testing of corpus luteum function and fPSA 
Marker to aid discrimination between
confirmation of ovulation prostate carcinoma and hyperplasia
Testosterone Differentiation of hirsutism and virilism,
testing of hypogonadism and hypergonadism CA 15-3 Ag First marker – for breast carcinoma
DHEA-S Differentiation of hirsutism and virilism and
testing of tumors of the adrenal cortex CA 19-9 Ag First marker – for pancreatic carcinoma
Cortisol Assessment of hyper- and hypocortisolism Second marker – for colorectal, hepatobilary
new Vitamin D Detection of Vitamin deficiency and gastric carcinoma

Thyroid Hormones CA 125 Ag First marker – for ovarian carcinoma

TSH Initial test for the determination
of the thyroid status

T3 Confirmation tests are done with fT4

T4 or T4 and fT3 or T3 in the case of low
fT3 or reduced TSH levels.
The Reagents
The Comprehensive Menu at a Glance

Hepatitis and HIV Cat. No. Other Infections Cat. Allergy Cat. No.
HIV Ag/Ab (4th Gen HIV) No. Total IgE 51015
(96 Tests) 51215 Chlamydia trachomatis IgG 51228
new (480 Tests) 512155 IgA 51328 Protein Hormones
anti-HIV 1/2 51205 C Chagas Rec IgG 51150 FSH 53020
anti-HCV 51275 Dengue IgG 51240 PRL 53030
new anti-HCV IgM 51140 hCG 53040
(96 Tests) 51250* EBV IgG 51204 LH 53010
(480 Tests) 512505* IgM 51104
HBsAg 51048 H. Pylori IgG 51222 Steroid Hormones
new HBsAg ultra sens IgA 51322 Testosterone 55010
(96 Tests) 51050* Measles IgG 51206 Progesterone 55020
(480 Tests) 510505* IgM 51106 Estradiol 55030
anti-HBs 51255 Mumps IgG 51207 Estriol 55040
anti-HBc 51260 IgM 51107 Cortisol 55050
Syphilis Screen 51005 DHEA-S 55060
ToRCH VZV IgG 51210 new 25-OH Vitamin D 55500
Toxo IgM µ-capture 51119 IgM 51110
IgG 51209 Thyroid Hormones
Rubella IgG 51208 Tumor Markers TSH 54030
IgM µ-capture 51108 AFP
52010 T3 54010
CMV IgG 51203 CEA
52020 T4 54020
IgM 51103 PSA
52030 fT3 54015
HSV 1 IgG 51216 fPSA
52035 fT4 54025
HSV 2 IgG 51226 CA 15-3 Ag 52070
HSV IgM 51126 CA 125 Ag
52050 Thyroid Antibodies
CA 19-9 Ag 52060 IMTEC-TSH-Receptor-Antibodies
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ITC 85030
IMTEC-TG-Antibodies ITC 85010
* available Q2/2015 IMTEC-TPO-Antibodies ITC 85020

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