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2/17/2019 12 Physics - Test Maker @ EasyLearningHome.

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12 Physics Roll #:
Time: 35Min; Marks:20 for video lectures, past papers and other helping material
Q1) Choose the most appropriate op on. Cu ng / overwri ng is not allowed: 6 Marks
i) How many types of modula on exist?
A) 1 B) 2 C) 3 D) 4
ii) The mean value of A.C. in a cycle is:
A) 1 B) 0 C) I o D) I /√2 o

iii) Power dissipa on in a pure induc ve or in a pure capacitance circuit is ____

A) Infinite B) Zero C) Minimum D) Maximum
iv) The most common source of an A.C. voltage is ____
A) Motor B) Cell C) Generator D) Thermocapsule
v) The device which allows only the con nuous flow of an A.C. through a circuit is ____
A) Capacitor B) Inductor C) D.C. motor D) Ba ery
vi) In a pure induc ve A.C. circuit, the current ____
A) lags behind voltage by B) leads the voltage by 90 C) in phase with voltage
D) Leads the voltage by
o o
90 270

Q2) Write short answers of ANY FIVE (05) of the following: 10 Marks
i) What do you mean by amplitude modula on?
ii) In a RC circuit, will the current lag or lead the voltage? Illustrate your answer by a vector diagram.
iii) How many mes per second will an incandescent lamp reach maximum brilliance when connected to a 50 Hz
iv) What is a choke coil and where is it used?
v) What is the main reason for the worldwide use of A.C.?
vi) Define choke. What is its use?

Give explanatory answer of ANY ONE of the following: 4 Marks

3) Find the capacitance required to construct a resonance circuit having frequency 1000kHz with an inductor
of 5mH.
4) Explain the principle of genera on, transmission and recep on of electromagne c waves with an example. 1/1