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Successful marriage, feasible or impossible ?

Marriage has several ingredients that make the odds of success more likely, besides the obvious
ones of romantic love and sexual attraction. It has to do with the way you bring patience, respect
and compassion. Everything in life that put our minds on requires time and effort to work in the
right way , when we want something to be genuine and triumphant, we do whatever it takes to
make it happen.

Firstly , throughout history for people living in ancient centuries , marriage was seen as a
requirement . It was a proof of the emotional bond as well as the creation of economical, social
relationships between important families. For instance, it was very common the arranged
marriages in the 18 century, the traditional purposes of these types of unions were political,
military and sometimes religious. They were common place among the royalty and nobility around
the globe.

Secondly , according to different specialists in couples therapy , one of the key elements in a
healthy relationship is communication . ( lo primero que hago delimitar mi topic sentence,
entonces vos la desarrollas brevemente y das un ejemplo )

In contrast with what others may think, nowadays that freedom prevails and younger generations
opt to avoid the “sacred institution” , they prefer to focus on individual goals or decline the idea
due to the high percentage of failures .