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Philosophy of Nursing

My philosophy of nursing is to provide children and families with the care and tools that they

need to reach their full potential in life through an attitude of empathy and respect for all. I

believe that nursing care should not be directed at the removal of disease, but rather the

encouragement and facilitation of wellness in mind, body, and spirit. By shifting the focus of

healthcare from disease prevention to health promotion, the nurse empowers the patient to view

him or herself as capable of achieving their utmost level of health and functionality. Also of

critical importance in this philosophy is the focus on family. One of the main principles of

integrative nursing states that a person is inseparable from their environment, and, especially in

the pediatric population, that environment is comprised of the family. By caring for the patient’s

support system as well as the patient, the nurse has the opportunity to extend her influence and

allow the family to focus all of their time and energy on their child’s healing. Another important

piece of this philosophy is the nurse providing the patient and family with tools to facilitate their

own health and wellness. I hope to be a nurse that shows her patients that their lives and their

health belong to them, and that they have the capability and strength to be an active participant in

their care. I have seen nurses act both as the guiding force behind a patient finding their own

independence and as the smothering caretaker that prevents a patient from learning how to really

embrace their disease process and care for themselves. The nurse has a huge amount of influence

here, and it is important that they facilitate independence at every opportunity. The final piece of

my philosophy is to provide care that is both empathetic and respectful, no matter what identities

the patient may hold. No matter a patient’s sexual orientation, race, political affiliation, language,

or any other defining characteristic, it is my job as a nurse to adapt my care to serve every unique
patient in the most respectful and empathetic way possible. Nursing is a profession that is meant

to provide care to all people, and it is on each and every individual nurse to bring this to her

practice on a daily basis. I believe that, by incorporating each of these components into my

nursing care, I can become a strong and impactful nurse that can change lives and shape the

future in a positive and meaningful way.