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Cult of celebrity


There appears/seems to be

Whether the public will eventually tired of these remains to be seen.

Cars …. Benefits for people who own them.

Urban pollution which is … emissions can lead to …
Noise polution which is caused by cars is …
Todays, more than ever, our children grow up in a world saturated with the mass
media. Most frequently, the media depict a world of celebrities in which unhealthy
behaviours such as drug addiction, smoking and drinking heavily, and illicit sex
affairs are exalted. Moreover, celebrities are everywhere in the mass media and
used to sell almost every product out there. Certainly there are some role models for
youngsters among today’s celebrities to emulate; there are also many who provide a
decidedly negative influence. Teens who try to follow these celebrities may fall
victim to several negative matters.

To begin with, celebrities, generally, can earn much of money and public know who
they are. For instance, you are famous cricket player, what makes up you to be
renowned? It is your hard work, your perseverance, and your effort. Celebrities
manifest their abilities to shine in our life. By having a role model in their lives, teens,
thus, can sketch their path and follow their model to success in life. Moreover,
celebrities are always the stimulating character for children. It is not so hard to
collect celebrities’ information, no matter their images, their activities or their
personal life have been circulated in the media. Youngsters can learn from their
favourite celebrities’ experience that the way they deal with life under any situation.

However, most of the children have access to several media, and are susceptible to
what they view. They are ductile to different messages in the media due to their
brains are still developing. It seems that those who spend more time on media are
more likely to interpret the real world in ways that echo the recurrent messages in
the media. It appears like every day there are more and more glamorous exposures
on the media of illicit activities of celebrities. Children see their favourite celebrities
doing drugs or drinking alcohol, and partying, they think they should too. This
conveys the message in order to be cool or to have fun you have to need these
substances. At this point, I want to share my own experience that is I was started
smoking with the influence of Al Pacino watching his movie Scarface. It is seemed
like normal to me. So, this is how children may begin to think that it is not a big deal,
and this can induce serious problems leading to and including alcohol or drug
addiction and even several risk- taking behaviours.

After analyzing the both points of view, in my opinion, I lean on the fact that media
coverage of celebrities is capable enough of making children in negative side. In this
instance, as parents or mentors, we have to be aware of what we allow our children
to see and listen to. In addition, the media ought to play positive role to build a
sensible nation, because today’s child is tomorrow’s citizen. Furthermore, celebrities
need to change their bad habits and should realize that they need to be more
concerned with themselves, particularly with their portrayal in the media.
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The glittering of limelight seems very fascinating and catchy. The

celebrities are living lager than life. The entertainment industry is
gradually increasing at wild pace. Media plays a pivotal role in the
publicity of celebrities from the recent past. As regarding this,many
assert that media coverage of celebrities is having a negative effect on
children. In my perception, it is very true.

To begin with, it has been seen that the fast pacing media over the years
has changed the dynamics of the lifestyle of the people.The substantial
news channel and the other sources of entertainment such as
newspapers,magazines and social sites portrays the life of celebrities in a
very fascinating and interesting manner. In country like India,the
celebrities are considered as incarnation of God. The youth's are mostly
influenced by the on goings of their favourite celebrity. Media shows that
the celebrities are consuming alcohol and abuses in the public. In relation
to this, the developing mind of children opts the habit of their favourite
celebrity and influenced immensely. This may result in bad
behaviour,scorn towards the elder and largely effect the studies of a
child.Media itself must understand the seriousness of this issues.
Sometimes, the rumours of link ups,breakups and many more spreads in
the society swiftly as fire in the jungle.

Moving further,nowadays the young actors and actresses are in limited

relationships. The casanova image of celebrities, immensely attracts the
young minds. The media attributed numerous factors by portraying
various news such as. Firstly,drinking of celebrities, which affects the
mind children. Secondly, the crimes sometimes celebrities done, for an
illustration some has case of rape and others are having case of
abusing,violence and drugs. So media has to be aware that what they are
showing is directly influence the young moulded minds.

To recapitulate,I would like to say that parents and guardians must take
care of the watching habits of children and should keep them away from
the uncouth media reports.

There are variety different perspectives on the question of whether or not the appearance of
celebrities on mass media is having adverse influence on children. While some people still
hold a conservative view that media coverage of celebrities can effect children's behaviors
and development in a negative way. It is my personal belief that the biographies and
achievements of famous people can benefit children in many ways.

Opponents of the appearance of the famous argue that celebrity scandals damage the
children's perception of success. Some singers, and actors, for example, are infamous for
their abuse of drug and alcohol. However, that is only a small number. Many celebrities
inspire and uplift children through their life and accomplishments and motivate children to
gain similar achievements. Furthermore, a large of number celebrities came from poor
families, and had to face many hardships and overcome many obstacles on their way to
In addition, many celebrities devote their time and resources for the advancement of
society. Indeed, their products such as songs, art pieces, and films contain the undeniable
value for people all around the world. Moreover, some famous people have established
charity funds to help people living in developing countries and those having serious
diseases. Bill Gates, for example, takes actions to help the poor in third world countries, and
Angelina Jolie gives humanitarian aid to help many people from all walk of life.

All in all, it has been proven that celebrities are known as people who have the interests of
society at heart. Celebrities create activities that can benefit communities, especially the
children in many ways. In other words, celebrities not only teach children the way to be
successful but they also raise their knowledge about the world.

In the past, news about famous people may have been confined to
gossip columns in newspapers; these days it is not uncommon for
celebrities to feature as front page news. There is evidence that
the public feels there is too much news coverage of famous
people. Not surprisingly, there is concern about how this might
be affecting people, and in particular children.

One of the possible negative consequences of the 'cult of

celebrity' is the tendency to confuse fame and notoriety. Celebrity
scandals are just as likely to receive publicity as celebrity
achievements. Indeed, some famous people have received more
attention for their misuse of drugs and alcohol than for their
successes on the stage or in sports. Children who crave attention
may come to see misbehaviour as normal.
The emphasis on individuals in the public eye may also be
at the expense of serious news coverage. Next to the superficial
excitement of celebrity gossip, news about serious events and
issues that have a more profound effect on people's lives may
seem uninteresting. Children may be forming a very distorted
picture of how the world works.

The negative influence of celebrities on children can also

be seen in children's career aspirations. These days, young people
are much more likely to see themselves as potential sports stars
or entertainers. The prevalence of these figures in the mass media
may convey the impression that such positions are plentiful.
Children may be developing unrealistic expectations that they too
will become rich and famous.
In summary, the 'cult of celebrity' may be affecting
children in a number of undesirable ways. It is important that
children be taught to critically evaluate what they see in the media
so that they can form a more realistic view of society, acceptable
behaviour, and indeed themselves.

Today, celebrities appear to become a spotlight of the mass media. Almost

half of the news coverage on television and the Internet is devoted to the
celebrity gossip. Not surprisingly, many people are worried that this
attention to the famous people has an impact on them, especially on their
children. This essay will compare both negative and positive consequences
of this effect on infants.
Fame is a great responsibility for public people as their admirers are very
sensitive to any acts of their idols. Celebrity scandals and gossips can
quickly reach the public which perceive it very negatively. This means that
celebrities who received attention for overuse of drugs or alcohol are likely
to get public disgrace. Therefore, children may see that this behavior is

On the other hand, too much news coverage to famous people seems to
have a negative influence on the choice of children of their future
professions. As recent surveys showed, inspired by the fame and wealth,
children now prefer more to become an actor/actress or a sports star than
it was in the past. Many schools for preparation of so-called stars and
various advertisements about famous people may mislead with the fact
that this profession is highly required and easy reachable. This may
confuse children who should not choose their future job because of the
influence of the mass media, but from the basis of their own interests.

In conclusion, parents should be more worried about their children’s

attitudes to the ‘cult of celebrity’. They should teach to distinguish
shortcoming stars from truly talented ones and to put right priorities in

In recent times, the number of cars running on the roads have increased
tremendously. Driving a car has become a stutus symbol and luxury item
to show-off, without realizing the side-effects contributing to global
warming and various health issues. There are various measures to control
increasing number of vehicles one the road, precipitating few of them

One of the ways to reduce cars on the road is to create awareness on the
pollution and chemicals exuded by vehicles, effecting environment and
health of general public. Volunteers from various communities, NGOs,
organisation and government officials should come together to
propogate worst effects of pollution on our surroundings and health.
They can organize information sessions, display banners on roads and
streets demonstrating ill effects and use media to educate people about

Another method to help reduce traffic and vehicles is "Car Pooling" while
travelling to offices. People can pool cars with their collegues or
neighbours by creating forums and displaying the car and need for car
information. Organizations can also contribute by propelling employees
to use car pooling and not bring their cars to offices.

Thirdly, according to my rumination, government should also invest in

developing seemless transportation systems in the cities to propell
people to use more of public transport and less of their personal cars.

Lastely, medical institutions should also create awareness about the

benefits of cycling which will descourage people to use car for short
distant destinations. And if celebrities can join hands with medical
institutes to create awareness on goodness of cycling then this will
definitely change people's mindset.

To conclude, I would like to say that there are various ways we can reduce
global warming and pollution to perpetuate our environment like creating
spreading knowledge on ill effects of pollution and goodness of being
healthy but unless each individual himself doesnt take initiatives, changes
cannot be restored.

Common Problems
1. Talking too generally about the topic.
Most of these essays start off with ‘Nowadays……’ or ‘In
modern life….’ followed by general information about the
topic. In my opinion, this is the worst start you can possibly
make. Remember that you are supposed to answer the
question not write generally about the topic.

2. Not including a thesis statement

This is the most important sentence in the essay. Not
including one will lose you marks in several different ways.
I will tell you more about this below.

3. Not outlining what you are going to do

If you don’t include a sentence outlining what your essay
will say, the examiner doesn’t really know what you are
going to write about in the rest of your essay. This will also
lose you marks. I’ll show you how to write an outline
sentence below.

4. Trying to write a ‘hook’ or be entertaining

Remember this is an IELTS exam, not a university essay.
There are no extra points for being interesting, in fact
being boring will probably help you. This will help you
avoid ‘flowery’ language.

5. Using an informal style

Know your audience. You are expected to write in an

academic style.

Good and Bad Examples

Question: There is a good deal of evidence that
increasing car use is contributing to global warming
and having other undesirable effects on people’s
health and well-being.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this


Good Introduction
Rising global temperatures and human health and fitness
issues are often viewed as being caused by the expanding
use of automobiles. It is agreed that increasing use of
motor vehicles is contributing to rising global temperatures
and certain health issues. Firstly, this essay will discuss
the production of greenhouse gases by vehicles and
secondly, it will discuss other toxic chemicals released by
internal combustion engines.

Bad Introduction
Nowadays, cars are a very popular way of getting around.
Day by day many more people drive cars around but
others feel that they cause global warming. Global
warming is one of the most serious issues in modern life.
They also affect people’s health and well-being which is
also a serious issue.

As you can see the bad example talks about the topic very
generally, copies words and phrases from the question
and doesn’t include a thesis statement or outline
If your introductions look something like this, don’t worry.
Most of my students write introductions a lot like this when
they first start in my class and the structure below always
helps them fix any problems and write very effective

Structure of a Good Introduction

If you use this structure you will not only score higher
marks but you will also save time in the exam. If you
practice enough, introductions will become easy and you
will do them in just a few minutes. This will leave you lots
of time to focus on the main body paragraphs where you
can pick up lots of mark.

An IELTS writing task 2 opinion essay should have three

sentences and these three sentences should be:

1. Paraphrase question
2. Thesis statement
3. Outline statement
That’s it. Simple! Let’s look at each sentence in more

1. Paraphrase Question
Paraphrasing means stating the question again, but with
different words so that it has the same meaning. We do
this by using synonyms and flipping the order of the
sentences around.
Question: There is a good deal of evidence that
increasing car use is contributing to global warming
and having other undesirable effects on people’s
health and well-being.

Paraphrase: Rising global temperatures and human

health and fitness issues are often viewed as being
caused by the expanding use of automobiles.

The synonyms I’ve used are:

Increasing- expanding

Car use- use of automobiles

Global warming- rising global temperatures

People’s health and well-being- human health and fitness

As you can see, I then switched the order of the sentence


I have therefore demonstrated to the examiner that I can

paraphrase and have a wide range of vocabulary. These
are two of the things that the examiner is specifically
looking for and you will gain marks for including them.

You should practice this with past paper questions.

2. Thesis Statement
This is the most important sentence in your essay. This is
your main idea and I often describe it to students as how
you feel about the whole issue in one sentence. It tells the
examiner that you have understood the question and will
lead to a clear and coherent essay.

Let’s look at the thesis sentence from the previous


Thesis statement: It is agreed that increasing use of

motor vehicles is contributing to rising global temperatures
and certain health issues.

It is always just one sentence long so you will have to

practice summing up your opinion in one sentence. It
should also address the micro-keywords and not the topic
in general.

You should start your thesis statement with:

It is agreed that….. or it is disagreed that….. (Opinion


The main cause(s) of this issue is….. (Causes and


The principal advantage(s) is (xxxxx) and the main

disadvantage is (xxxxxx). (Advantage and disadvantages).

For a discussion (of two points of view) essay you should

state both points of view clearly.
Let’s look at another example:

Some aspects of celebrity culture have a bad

influence on young people.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this


To keep things simple, we have two options-

1. Agree that some aspects of celebrity culture have a

bad influence on young people.
2. Disagree that some aspects of celebrity culture have a
bad influence on young people.
My essay will argue that celebrity culture does have a bad
influence and my thesis statement will there be:

It is agreed that the some famous people’s lifestyles have

a detrimental effect on the youth of today.

I have stated my opinion in one sentence and used

synonyms to make sure I don’t just repeat the question.

Thesis statements are very important but only in question

that ask you for your opinion. Some IELTS questions do
not ask you for your opinion and in these cases you can
leave it out.

3. Outline Statement
Now that you have paraphrased the question and told the
examiner what you think in your thesis sentence, you are
now going to tell the examiner what you will discuss in the
main body paragraphs. In other words, you will outline
what the examiner will read in the rest of the essay. This
should be one sentence only.


Question: There is a good deal of evidence that

increasing car use is contributing to global warming
and having other undesirable effects on people’s
health and well-being.

Outline statement: Firstly, this essay will discuss the

production of greenhouse gases by vehicles and secondly,
it will discuss other toxic chemicals released by internal
combustion engines.

So what I have done is just look at my main body

paragraphs and wrote about what they contain. You
should have only one main idea per paragraph. In this
essay, I have only two main body paragraphs, so I only
need to say two things in the outline statement.

Main body paragraph 1- production of greenhouse gases

by cars.

Main body paragraph 2- toxic chemical produced by car

Again, your main body paragraphs should have
only one main idea so it should be easy to spot these and
then write a sentence about them.

For advantages and disadvantages essays and problem

and solution essays you could write something like this:

Advantages and disadvantages: this essay will first

discuss the (main advantage(s)) followed by an analysis of
the (main disadvantage(s)), and finally will come to a
reasoned conclusion.

Problem and Solution: This essay will analyse the

principal problem(s) and offer solutions to this issue,
before coming to a reasoned conclusion.

Final Example

Question: Learning to manage money is one of the

key aspects to adult life. How in your view can
individuals best learn to manage their money?

Good answer: One of the keys to adulthood is appreciating how to budget your
finances. It is clear that the best way someone can learn this, is by managing money
during childhood. Firstly, the essay will discuss the importance of parental
involvement during childhood and secondly, the essay will look at the importance of
having a part time job during childhood.

As you can see, the above introduction follows the structure I laid out above.
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Writing Task 1

Writing Task 2

There is a good deal of evidence that increasing car use is contributing to global warming and having other
undesirable effects on people’s health and well-being.
What can be done to discourage people from using their cars?
There is now a general agreement that pollution from cars has a negative effect on people’s health. On obvious
example is the increasing number of respiratory diseases such as asthma and lung cancer. Excessive use of personal
cars has led to other problems as well, such as traffic congestions and higher rate of road accidents. Although
some people believe that cars have brought man benefits to mankind, in my view, people should use their cars less
frequently. In this essay, I will outline three ways which people could be encouraged to do so.
Restricting car use by passing new laws is one of the ways to reduce the number of personal cars on the streets.
Setting higher taxes for car owners can also act as a deterrent. Limiting the number of hours that personal cars
can be used would encourage people to use public transportation. However, governments may be criticized for
exerting too much control over people by taking such measures.
Another way to tackle this problem is to raise public awareness about the negative consequences of suing cars.
People who are very well-informed are less likely to drive their own cars. Mass media can be very useful in this
regard. For example, some TV or radio programs can warn people about health problems related to car pollution.
In Vienna, for instance, most citizens ride their bicycles around the city which indicates that they feel responsible
about their environment.
Providing alternative means of transportation may be the best way to discourage car use. Increasing bus routes as
well as lengthening the hours of their service can be a viable option. Cycle lanes are also a suitable option which
can help reduce CO2 emission as well. Expanding subway and monorail system, particularly in metropolitan cities,
can encourage people to use public transportation mainly because they are very reliable.
Car use which is one of the contributory factors of global warming is a major problem which should be addressed.
Informing people about its negative impact, providing caring citizens with alternatives and taking punitive
measures should lessen the adverse effects of car pollution. (350 words)

It is evident that the mass car ownership is associated with several environmental and health issues, including global

warming, lung cancer, and anxiety. Although the convenience of possessing a car has made it almost an inexorable

trend, there are measures that governments can take to discourage unnecessary car use.

The first, and also the most effective measure could be to make it expensive to own and use a car. This measure can

be implemented by taxing heavily on initial car purchasing, congested roads using, and petrol consuming. By doing

so, people might start considering reducing their car use, especially for the unnecessary trips. However, there is a

drawback of this approach that it is often the poorer residents will suffer from the increased cost. The poor might have

to cut some necessary trips because of the financial burden, whereas the rich ones would be able to maintain their

convenience from car use. Therefore, this measure may be effective, but not fair to the poor.

Another way to discourage people from using their cars is to encourage them using alternative transports, such as

trains, buses, and bicycles. Evidence has shown that cities, such as Tokyo and Paris, where better public transport

systems are offered, car use rates are lower and roads are less congested. People will only be most willing to use

public transports when they are almost or even more convenience than driving their cars. Therefore, governments

could invest more in infrastructure and transport system design and construction in order to provide adequate and

competitive alternatives.

To conclude, increasing the cost of having and using a car could be an effective way to reduce car use; however,

improving and encouraging public transport use could be the better and more sustainable way to achieve this goal.