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The lesson for Grade 2-b+c for boys and girls, It was in the Math classroom. The lesson was
about tally marks. In addition, in the beginning of the lesson they will set in the carpet to
introduce the lesson by I tell them today we will learn count and using tally marks and ten
we counting to gather 5’ 10’15’20 and ask them questions. After that, I put for them the
video to learn how we use tally marks to counts, also I will stops in the first part of the video to
explain for the students what happen. For example her we have 5 square first will pot 4 lines
and the fifth line we should draw it like a slant line (like we should to across the four lines).
When the video finish I open the power point and using smart board to let students come to
count a pictures by tally marks. After that I modelling for them the activities for each groups to
help them to be understand, then I send them in their groups depend on the level and I
monitor them by using positive note cards. In the end of the lesson they sit in the carpet
and I open for them online game about tally mark, and finally, I give them exit ticket and I
Things I did well in the lesson plan:

I monitor the group during students working using positive notes. Also I differentiated the activities by
academic level by called each group and provide all resources needed for the centres and modelling for
They were also successful for the activities, and I found the hand on activities keep students
focused and busy.

Things that was wrong in lesson plan:*

Some students they finished quickly and I didn’t print for them extra activities.

Things must improve for the next lesson plan: *

• In my next lesson, when the students will finished quickly I will provide for them extra activities
to keep them busy.
Students Activity
MST Feed back

Appendix 2: MCT/MST Observation Feedback Form (template)

Tally Marks
Course Code: EPC3403

Trainee Name: Hessa School: MBK

MCT/MST Name: Radhe Date: 14-3-2019

The MCT and MST will use this form to formally observe the trainee’s performance and to give
feedback based on the selected teaching competencies.
NOTE: Refer to the course-specific, teaching competencies-based rubric included in section D of the TP Booklet

Commitment to the Profession F D C B A

- Good time management throughout the lesson. Has all the lesson plan readily available and
refers to it throughout the lesson.

Planning for Learning F D C B A

- Lesson plans engaged students and encourage student participation.

Managing Learning F D C B A
- Clear instructions which the students found fun and engaging.

Implementing Learning F D C B A
- Consistently includes a range of successful tasks.

Assessment F D C B A
- Keeps simple but effective assessment records.

Reflection on Practice F D C B A
- Lessons are well constructed and engaging.