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1. Area of Investment Water Refilling Station
2. Project Proponent Kenneger Aguirre
Arian Claire Bacalso
Jireh Bacarro
Ryan Paul Bonsubre
Coleen Fulguerinas
Mariel Mata
3. Brief Project The project is to establish a water refilling station
Description/Rationale - The demand at the water refilling stations that
sell purified water is now increasing.
- One of the fast expanding businesses in many
cities nationwide is the water refilling station.
- Lot of people in urban areas prefer to get their
drinking water from water stations because it’s
simply clean and safe to drink.
- Thus, starting a water refilling station business
becomes one of the most promising and
profitable businesses today.
4. Project Base Location Gravahan, New Matina, Davao City
The location is resided by a great number of renting
students from various schools in the downtown area,
more so from the University of Mindanao Matina
Campus. With this, to ensure safe drinking water in
the area, a probable market is expected to patronize.

5. Employment to be generated - 1 Operations Manager

- 1 Front Liner
- 1 Delivery Man
- 1 Driver
6. Project Proponent’s Equity:
Capitalization Water Filtration Machine Php 300,000
/ Sources of Renovation or New Store (at
Financing least 20 sq. meters) 80,000
Delivery Vehicle 500,000
Permits 10,000
Initial Supplies
a. 200 bottles round Php 40,000
b. heat gun 10,000
c. stickers 10,000 60,000
Others 30,000
Total Php 980,000
7. Total Project Cost Water Filtration Machine 1 (one)
and accessories Php 300,000
New Store Renovation Cost 80,000
Delivery Vehicle 1 (one) 500,000
Other Cost 90,000
Working Capital 10,000
Total Php 980,000
1. Product Concept Water is a basic necessity. However, its potability is
not guaranteed and thus the need of purifying it
arises, enriching it with addition minerals.
2. Target Market Residents and nearly within Davao City
3. Marketing & Promotions As for advertising, the business focuses on personal
Strategies contacts. Offering promotional schemes
Water quality and timely service will be maximized
to establish advantage from competitors.
4. Other Market Consideration -To monitor closely technological, supply and
demand developments relating to water refilling
business in the area.
-To be proactive, updated and flexible to apply new
or innovative strategies and approaches to enhance
service delivery to improve costing, distribution
1. Base Location Gravahan, New Matina, Davao City
2. Water Filtration Facility The facility employs reverse osmosis, commonly
referred to as RO, a process where you
demineralize or deionize water by pushing it
under pressure through a semi-permeable
reverse osmosis membrane.
3. Delivery Vehicle 4-wheeler mini-truck
4. Manpower Requirement 1- Operations Manager – directly manage store
1-Front-liner – deals with the customer, refills water
bottles and receives payment from customers
1-Technical Assistant (on-call) – maintains and runs
the machine
1-Driver – transports refilled water bottles to
customer’s location
1-Delivery Man – unloads and loads water bottles
5. Environmental Considerations To comply with existing water quality and
6. Timetable Immediately, renovate and prepare the business
location for the acquisition and installation of water
refilling facility.
1. Management System a. Managing partner will oversee
b. Operations manager will directly manage
the operations
c. Technical assistant – (on call) will be in-
charge of water filtration facility
1. Notes and Assumptions on the Projected Schedule 1
2. Pro-forma Financial Statements
a. Projected Income Statement Schedule 2
b. Projected Statement of Financial Position Schedule 3
c. Projected Cash Flows Schedule 4
3. Financial Highlights Schedule 5
a. Return on Investment
b. Payback Period
c. Breakeven Point & Margin of Safety
VII. Socio-Economic Impact
1. On Employment Generation Presents new employment opportunity and creates
additional jobs in the community from construction
of building premises, installation of machineries, and
up to the start of operation.
2. On Community Needs 1. To provide affordable purified water free from
2. To provide additional jobs in the community
3. On Government 1. To serve as a new source of revenue generating
entity through local taxes collected.
2. To help the LGU in meeting the increasing
demand for potable water.

4. On Environment To operate within the guidelines promulgated by the

Community Environment and Natural Resources
Office and promotes sustainable development.