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TO: Richard Ronin, 15 September

M.A. 2015
Nama Anda H.R Manager
Jawatan Anda


My Name Is Nama Anda. I am fresh Application for the post of Accounts Assistant
graduate from Harvard university in
diploma accountancy. I am seeking my I am writing to apply for Accounts Assistant position advertised in
first job, with my certificate and wide a few days ago. I have done some research about your
general skills. company and I am attracted to your company’s core business.

I am fresh graduate of Diploma in Accountancy at Ungku Omar

Polytechnic, Ipoh. I have done my industrial training at UDA Angsana Sdn
Bhd which is located at Tampoi, Johor. During my industrial training I
gained knowledge of handling account receiveable and payable process,
communicating with clients and familiar with UBS Accounting System,
SAP and iFCA. Six month industrial training has helped me to build my
interpersonal skills as well as make me aware of the importance of
St. Lambhuk, 12. Market Dolan
Saran, California, USA My interpersonal and communication skills enable me to communicate
with different kinds of people from different professions. Even though I
have little work experience in this field. I believe my interest and high
+123 1229 1911 motivation will not disappoint you. I like challenges and your business field
+123 88872 22287 can be a great experience. I believe I can work under pressure and will be
fully committed to the job. Enclosed is my resume for your consideration which provides additional

m information on my background, qualifications and achievements. I look
forward to hear from you to arrange time for an interview at your

Thank you in advance for taking the time to look at my attached resume.