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‘Ss Pan n [- Ss i= Gault Tells How | Cops Wound Up | Clyde and Gul Officers Waited 12 Hours In Louisiana Ambush For Bandits Officer Refuses to Tell |< Who Gave Them Tip |, Barrow Reached for Gun|s When Told to Stop |* By Officers : By L. E. HARWOOCD The Austin American Staff ARCADIA, La., May 23.—Weary | fi ‘and footsore from an_ all-night vigil that brought its reward only after 12 hours of patient waiting, Frank Hamer, former Texas ran- ger now holding a state highway | a, patrol commission, and B. M.1} 1a (Manny) Gault, another Texas by highway patrolman, unfolded aj — drama-packed story here Wednes- Gay afternoon of the killing of Clyde Barrow, Southwest terrorist, and his gun toting sweetheart, |: Bonnie Parker. The two Texas officers related details of the last episode in the life of Barrow as they stood outside the little Bienville parish jail, near || ‘ the bullet riddled car in which Clyde and Bonnie took their last ride. while a throng of curious| Louisianans gazed through a wire | tence that surrounded the jail and the car. It was Gault, intrepid little vet- eran of many manhunts, who told the story, Hamer Refuses to Talk Capt. Hamer, according to tra-| ¥ dition, refused flatly to speak to | th reporters, “Whatever Manny says | tt is all right with me,” he said as he| *! retreated from photographers. | ° Later, however, he consented to z= pose with other members of the|* group who trapped the desperado, oe “We lay in wait for them all night,” Gault began, “after a tip that they had passed through here Tuesday afternoon.” tr: He refused to reveal who had pe given the tip, saying there were 15 plenty of reasons why he couldn’t| pj; divulge who the formant was. pl “The spot where we set the trap/ ar is about 16 miles southwest of here. We were in some bushes at a cut in the road and could look down a little bit cn them as they came into view. “It was about 9:10 before wej| 2" sighted the car and one of the Dal- | th las officers recognized it as it roll- | T° ed up the road. We knew it was | ™ them because we had a_ perfect er ™ description of the car they were | #* travelling in. = Jumped Out Into Road ere “When they had approached to | th within about 40 feet of us we ca jumped up and yelled at them to ple stop, I saw Clyde raise his hands from the wheel and then reach for | 8@ his gun. Then we iet them have it, | ‘M& I don’t know who shot first but we} re all fired at them and didn't stop until the car roiled on down the road 30 feet, veered to the left and crashed into an embankment.” Officers said Capt. Hamer was the first to reach the car and that) he swung open the bullet riddled nis door next to the steering wheel to| ., find Clyde lying back on the left/ tp, side of the seat, dead. Bonnie Par- | joa sec (Continued on page 5, col. 1) hid wa she it | ult Tells Of = [€ Police Kept 12-Hour Vigil] ai : For Pair “t (Continued from Page 1) m had slumped over forward. hands weire still on their ty, which lay at their sides. “That's about all there was to| Fj ” Gault said. to Questioned as to how the pair| Tt @ dressed, Gault said Clyde was | fie his shirt sleeves and was driv- without his shoes on. Bonnie, p said, wore a red flannel dress nd a pair of brown sport shoes, Big Crowd Gathers "Yes, che had Hght red hair,” ult said in answer to a question reporters. ‘ A great throng jammed the en- ances to the morgue here where he horribly mutilated bodies of Myde and Bonnie were taken. 7 The spray of bullets from the of- micers’ guns shot the gun out of lyde’s hand, one report said and other was that one of Bonnie's ands was shot off, Her name, tattoced on a _ kneé, erved to identify her while Clyde, © cut off a toe while in the peni- entiary to keep from working, like- vise was readily identified, Only once did Hamer make any eference to the slayings and that yas a vehement denial of a report hat officers had placed a truck ith a wheel off across the road to ow down the Barrow car. “That’s absolutely untrue,” he eqnouted. “You boys know I don’t talk} jn. bout these things,” was his an-j) th wer to further questions, th One of the officers who took part | m: the killing later said 50 slugs hit} he Sivde and that 409 bullet holes were | th ound in the body of Sonnie. he The officers used shotguns and | (‘ fles and each man was equipped | is th several of them. ro