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Using the methodology

Mobile owner, prepare a competitive strength assessment for general motors and its rivals ford,
Chrysler, Toyota, and Honda. Each of the five automobile manufacturers should be evaluated on the key
success factors/strength measures of cost competitiveness, product line breadth, product quality and
reliability, financial resources and profitability, and customer service. What does your competitive
strength assessment disclose about the overall competitive of each automobile manufacturer? What
factors account most for Toyota’s competitive success? Does Toyota have competitive weaknesses that
were disclosed by your analysis? Explain

A copetative strength assessment for Gm, ford ,Chrysler, Toyota, Honda


The major competitors of GM are domestic company like Chrysler and ford motor and foreign
companies like Toyota motor and Honda motor.

GM SWOT anlyasis

Strengths Weaknesses
1.globle presence 1.high cost structure
2.strong presence in china 2.brand dilution
3. knowledge of home market 3.bureaucratic culture
4.well performing brand 4. car recalls
Opportunities Threats
1.positive attitude towards “green” vehicles 1.fluctuating fuel prices
2.changing customer needs 2.intense competiton
3. growth through acquisitions rates

Damiler Chrysler

As the number two auto manufacture in total revenues damiler Chrysler has positioned itself as an
industry leader, with this come many strengths. The damiler Chrysler umbrella covers many well know
brands such as dodge, Chrysler, Mercedes benz, jeep.

Objectives was good in designing and product development, whereas damiler was good in engineering
and technology.

2. their product do not target the same customer.

Damiler Chrysler SWOT analyasis

Strengths Weaknesses
1.merger combined two strong companies 1. merger combined two different company
2. savings resulting from economies of scale. cultures (European and American)
3. a leader in innovation. 2. employee has been leaving at high rate.
4.stongth existing product brands. 3. damile Chrysler brand is unknown and difficult
to define
Opportunities Threats
1.merged company should be able to expand 1.has been an extended period of time without
markets, particular into aisa. corporate communications.
2.saftety failures at ford should open door for 2.damiler Chrysler does not yet have a corporate
damiler Chrysler. identity.
3.innovative car idea 3.behind in the Rsearch and marketing of hybrid

Ford motor

Ford motor company is a global company with two core businesses a)automotive b)financial services.
The automotive business consist of the design, developmet, manufacture, sale and service of cars,trucks
and service part. Ford has been focusing on cutting costs to increase margins more then its competitors.

SWOT analysis

Strengths Weaknesses
1.strong position in US market 1.poor environmental record
2.economic initiative. 2.high cost structure
3.sound financial performance 3.unprofitable Europe operations
4.significant growth in china

Opportunities Threats
1.positive attitude towards “green”vehicles 1.decresing fuel prices
2.increasing fuel prices 2.rising raw material prices emission standards 3.intense competition

Ford motor objective

1. To sell vehicles and make profit for stockholders

2.providing jobs for thousands of workers.

Toyota motor corporation

The Toyota motor corporation was incorporated in 1937 and has many strengths being one of the
industry leaders in the automotive industry. Toyota has three major brands underneath of the company
umbrella Toyota ,lexus and scion. Toyota has traditionally also been the leader in total quality

SWOT analysis

Strengths Weaknesses
1.innovative culture 1.large recalls
2.brand reputation valued as $30billion 2.weak presence in the emerging markets
3.industry leader in production and sales
4.strong brand portfolio
5. the leader in “green” cars devlopment

Opportunities Threats
1.positive attitude toward “green”vehicles 1.fluctuating fuel prices
2.incresing fuel prices 2.rising raw material prices
3.changing customer needs 3.natural disaters