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My controversy project topic is probably to me the most difficult and engaging topic and i have

many reasons on why i say that and why I haven’t switched it. But one of the reasons i kept this

topic is because how diverse this topic can go and because of people’s beliefs and a prime

example of people reactions when hearing unknownism one point of view That this promotes

satanism and that they should be thinking this way against the ideology and should be promoting

god instead of unknonism.While others think that The ideology is a way to be different and not

believing everything and the

The first point of view shows the negative opinions on the topic which is what most people go

straight into because of the symbol or the image but don't know the background of it. Or know

why this was started according to ​“All y’all n*ggas wearing upside down crosses,

even my little partners, stop that sh*t. You look lame,” Offset said. “All that worship the devil

sh*t. Get with God man.” he stated this without even asking or trying to understand the creators

point of view which is what most people think when they see a upside down cross and 666 not

knowing that the creator choose this because it represent the african american culture.

And one point of view respects the ideology and believes that the ideologies are created because

of how people are raised and think from there on.and he even gives his opinion on how the first

point of view responded which is ”in a black community where christianity has strong roots,

these signs had too much history to easily be embraced without the baggage of their existing

meanings thereafter.”,”SahBabii’s failure wasn’t a failure of inquiry or the succumbing to the

devil but of the ability to conquer signs that were too crystalized and abhorred in the Christian

mythos of this era.”,” and this shows that people are starting to realize and breaking their barriers

that they are expected to not to break and to just follow and this evidence evans come the higher

which comes from the same source also ​” Stephen Hawking wrote in his international bestseller

A Brief History of Time, “people have not been content to see events as unconnected and

inexplicable. They have craved an understanding of the underlying order in the world.”

And last the point of view that comes from the creator which is that unknownism is was created

to give young people or the african american culture a way of thinking outside of what we are

being taught and stated in it says “about everything. The 6 protons, 6 electrons, and

6 neutrons that was some knowledge I got from my uncle. That’s carbon, and carbon helps make

melanin. It’s in everyone. 666, that’s the number of man. So Unknownism,”"You don't know

everything. It's always another answer to something. It's just basically seeking the truth. The

upside-down cross - Christianity, that was forced on my ancestors.” which these sources show

that he didn't create this ideology to spread a bad image and to turn people against god.

In conclusion these point of views can make you think different about the ideology but it is all

based off of your beliefs which is understandable but in order to to understand this topic you

have to try and attempt to understand someone else point if view because everyone options are
different because of the areas we grow up in which is what i personally did and now believe and

support this ideology.

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