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A very good morning to the honourable judges, loyal timekeeper, teachers and

my fellow friends. Today, I am blessed to have the honour to stand here and deliver a

speech entitled ‘ How to lead a healthy life’.

What is healthy living? According to the dictionary, healthy living is living a life without

having to worry about diseases and body sizes. However, to obtain healthy living is

not easy. We have to work hard to get it and there are many ways we can practice to

lead a healthy life. Among the ways are having a proper diet, enough sleep, enough

exercise and also a proper time management.

Firstly, let us see the ways to get a proper diet. Our diet should follow the food pyramid.

We should eat enough carbohydrates such as rice, bread and noodles. We must also

eat plenty of vitamins such as fruits and vegetables. Not forgetting that we must also

eat proteins such as fish, meat and chicken. We shouldn’t eat fatty and greasy food

such as junk food like Mcdonald or Kfc. If we follow this diet well, we will surely get a

lot of rewarding benefits.

Secondly, we should practice is eating at the right time. How many of us have

breakfast in the morning? Not many maybe, as some of us might be too busy trying to

make it to school on time so we chose to skip breakfast, or maybe because our parents

woke up late and they did not prepared breakfast for us. This is wrong because

breakfast gives us energy to start our day. In fact there are many doctors that say

breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Without a proper breakfast, our

concentration span will reduce , thus making us unable to focus during the lesson.
Thirdly, we should get enough sleep everyday. An average child needs at least 8 hours

of sleep a day. For example, if we wake up at 6am , we should sleep at 10pm every

night. However, I must admit that I always tend to sleep late at night too because I

love watching the television too much. So what will happen if we do not get enough

sleep? Well, for sure we will feel sleepy in class and lose focus on what our teacher is

trying to teach which is exactly what I do in class and this is not a good practice for a

healthy life.

Moving on, We must get enough exercise every day. How many of us exercise every

day? We should exercise because when we sweat, the fats in our bodies will break. If

we do not exercise , we will become obese and this may lead to various diseases such

as heart attack and diabetes. Surely, we won’t want to die young, don’t we?

Nevertheless, our exercise routine should have various activities such as running ,

tennis or swimming so that we will not feel bored with the same activities. Make sure

you exercise and don’t say ‘I have exercised!’ when you actually haven’t.

Lastly, we should manage our time properly. Preparing a timetable and following it is

the best way we can manage our time. Our school prepares us with a timetable to

follow so that every classes can go on smoothly. Threfore, if we do not have a

timetable, we might not be able to do our activities well.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have finally come to the end of my speech. If you follow my

suggestions, I am sure we can build a healthier Malaysia together. Thank you for

lending me your ears.