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1 'l'hc technology used t<.1 reacl pencil or pen

l. When the conrputer is workillg on given
instructions, it is callccl marks on a nrultiple choice ansr've r sheet is

(A) output (A) ocR

(B) storage (B) OMI{
(c) processing (c) Pos
(D) input (D) MICI{

[Iexadecinral has a base value clf 8. '['he variablc C]ustBalance stores the
amotutl ol' money owcd by custottters.
(A) 6 CustlJalancc i s MOSI' l ikely ofdata type
(B) 8
(c) 16 (A) intcger
(D) 18 (B) character
(C) real
(D) amay
3. Wtrjch of the lblk:wirrg is NOT' a functiou o['
the control unit'/
9. The MOS]'sr'ritable device fbr ttre output of
(A) Readinshuctions zuchitccttral clrawing is a
(B) InterPretinstructiorrs
(C) DirectoPcrzrtions (A) plotter
(D) Executeirrstructiolrs (B) laset'Printer
(C) graphicstablet
'I'he r.rnit oF storage usecl to represent (D) lightpen
4. a

charactcr is
Wlrich ol'ttre tbllowing output is an exatnple
(A) bit .10' ofa harclcopY?
03) bYte
(() word (A) Au oral spcech delivered by a speirker
(D) kilobYte 0f) Abillproduced fi'om a;:rinter
(C) 1'hc displaY on a monitor

5. Which of' the tbllowing storage media (D) A pictnre on a wall procluced fiorn tl
provides sequential acccss only'7

(A) FloppYclisk
"l'hcclccimitl equivalentof0000l I I l" is
(B) Magneticdisk 1l'
(C) MagnetictaPe
(D) OpticalDisk (A) B

0r) t2
(c) ls
6. Which of thc fclllclwing storage nredia uscs (n) 28
lascr technology to stclre cltrta'?

(A) Floppyclisk
(rJ) MagnctictaPc
(c) CD ROM
(D) I larcl Disk

GO ON'I'O'fl Ili NI':X]'l)AGli

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12. 'fhe IICD representation of(-l 5) is . is a oompany that wtites

17 Quality Devclopcrs
progran'rs to do specific jobs {br other'
(A) 1000000lull conrpanies.'lhese prograrns arccalled
(B) r0n00101111
(c) 0000000u u r (A) gcneral-purposesoftware I

(D) r01100010101 (B) special-purposesoftware

(C) cLrstorn-pu.rposesoftware
(D) ofl'-the-shell'sofrware
13, ln modern cou'rputers, the CPU speecl is
rleasured in

(A) kiloherlz 18. Whjch ol'the lbllowing is NO'I'a soflware

(B) gigabytes intcrface?
(c) kilobytes
(D) gigaherlz (A) Cionunand.driven
0f) 'Iouch screen
(C) Menu-clriven
14. Which of the following is NO'f a type o1' (D) GraphicalUserlnterface(GUI)

(A) Wordprocessor 19, An airlinc rqservation system is m examp|e of

(B) Spreadsheets
(c) Windows (A) batchprocessirrg
(I)) SmaftDraw 0f) rcal time processing
(C) intoractiveprocessing
(D) tlistributedptoce.ssing
15. Wrictr of the fb llolv ing is N0'1' fi.rnction of im
-fhe natne of the interfhce usccl by blincl
(A) Contro I inpuUoutput operaticltts persons to pcrform operations on a comptlter
(B) Providesccurity is
(c) Perbrmcalculations
(D) Provicle a li'ienclly ilrterlace (A) scnsor
(I3) icou
(C) braille
16. An exarnple ol' nrultitasking is (D) touchscreen

(A) doing a backgrouncl save while

typing a docurneut 21. Which ol'the ftrllorving is NO'f a type of
(B) allowing many users to use the tr;urs mi ss ion rneditrm?
(c) allowing one tlser to ttse one (A) C'oaxial
progl'am 0l) Twistecipair
(D) opening orre progratn by nlany users (c) Mcxlem
(D) Microwave

-fO'I'lllr NtiX'I Pr\(il]
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27. Which of the following items CANNOTbe

22. Persons at a clowntown cafe realized that
they were able to access the Intemet on their
laptop computers' 'fhe cafe could be (A) Tcxtdocuments
considered as a
(B) Parcels

(A) rnetroPolitanareanetwork
(C) Soundfiles

(B) hotsPot
(D) GraPhicimages

(C) localareanetwork
(D) satellite
28. Whichof the followingpairsofitems is used
to create a web Page?

Whiclt of the following technologies does

NOT facilitate the transferring of data
(A) I-lomePageandWebsite

between computers in adj acent buildings?

igl I{TMLandauthoringtool
(C) ISP and web browser

(A) FibreoPtic
(D) InternetandURL
(B) Bluetooth
(C) TwistedPair
29. Which ONE of the following statements
(D) Microwave
BES'| describes the term'information'?

(A) It is raw facts.

24. A group ofpersonswhosharecomrnoninterests
(B) Itismeaningful.
urri by posting messages. and
"orn*unicate (c) It is not the resultofProcessing'
replies on the Internet is referred to as a/an Does nothave anY value'

(A) poclcast
(B) newsgroup
30. Wrichofthefollowingcontol stnrctures is the
(c) uploader
MO ST appropriate for reading data from
(D) surfer

from a (A) Sequence

25. Uploading or downloading data to or (B) Selection
remote comPuter is done using (C) RePetition

(A) filetransferProtocol
(D) Recursion

(B) interrelaYchat
(C) blogeing
31. Inword processing, an efficientway to Frove
(D) instantmessaging
itr" g* paragruph to place it after the 5tr'
paragraph is

26. Eachwebsite on the Intemetcanbe accessed (A) copy andPaste

by entering a unique address' Ttris address copy, cut and Paste
referred to as the (c) cut, coPY and Paste
(D) cutandPaste
(B) H'TN4L
(c) FTP


32. Prescrrtzr(ion soflwarc erll<lrvs
the uscr Io 37. !\ihich ol'the following {brnratting [.carur.c.s is
I. tr.ackchangcs
runiquc to nunrbers in spreaclslreeis,?
II. design rablcs
fJ enhance;rublicspeakjrrg
(A) Bold
ry. devclopgraph.stor.eportiln.salesclata
(B) Custom
(c) ltalics
(A) | and [l orrlv
(D) Indent.

0l) II anct III orily

(C) IIIanclIVontv 'l"o ccntrc the
(D) I,ll, III ancilV title rows oI.a spreaclsheet the colun:ns

33. lVhiclr of tLre followiug acrions (A) ucntr.e align ttre title rows
colrsiclerecl to be a comprrtcr.c:rirne.,)
i.s i,lO.l. (IJ) celrtrc align the titlccolunrns
(O) ruergc ancJ centre title rows
(A) ll.ncryprion
(D) merge ancl celllre ti lle colurnns
(R) Piracy
(C) InrlustriaiJlspionage:
39, Formulzrc in
(D) Flacking
a sprendshect involve

(^) oell adclresses, value.s ancl labels

34. Which ofthe foltowing pr.ccautions is NOl.a 0l) ceil acldresses, values ancl
physical restrictiou r,r,ith respect to rlatir malhenratical opera tors
(c) ccll acldresses and labels
(D) cell adch'esses and values
(A) Firewall
(B) l,ocl<ing up theharclware 40. Tcleconlnntin.q can be IIES f rJescri[red as
(C) Irire pr.oo{'cabinets
(D) Biornetricsystens (A) " uraking a conurunicatiou trctweerr
35. 'I'hc pair ol' .tiles usccl
to produce rnergc:d
0f) working from home by conncctingl
horneiurd office
lettels cluring a nrail merge i.r
(C) wodcing from horne by having
(A) ltrirnary clocument ancl clata source (D) making a cormnunioation [rc;lwecrr
(B) prirnaryclocumentanclmelgecllefters
(Cl) datarsourceanclurcrgccllettel.s
(D) llriurary documeut nnd current letter
' J',

I 41. Which o1'the lbllorving statenrents is NO f
ri ol'prinrary kcys'?
tl 36. 'fext entcrecl into zr spreaclshcet is alignccl
,i towards thc lel't by clefaull. 'l'hesc entrics are ( )'['hcydonotcontainblankvalue.
Gf) Theyareuniqueidenrifiers.
(C) 'l'hey are alr.vays in text lbr-rn.
(A) r,alues (D) 1'hey may tle conrposccl ol'one or
i 03) labels rnore atttibutes.
(C) lbnnulae
(T)) {irnctions

GO ON -l'O TI-IE NEXl' J)./iGIl

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42. Mrich lbl krwi ng cluties is NO'l' expectccl
o l' the 47. 'fhe tilllowing variables s, t irnd u ltave treen
o I'a clata basc aclnr i nistra tor? assigncd the values shown.

(A) Creating ancl uraintainiug clata s=5

clictionary t=6
(tl) Managingsecurity tt-3
(C) Maintainingperformance
(D) Writingprograms Which ol'thc following statcn'rents does NOT
cvaluate to true?
43. Which of the f<rllor,ving tenns does NO'f (A) u>Tanclt<=7
refer to a fbrm o{' infionnation processing'/ (B) s<toru<s-2
(C) u -'2 >'= I
(A) Process control (D) t<>4ors='5
(B) Datavaliclalion
(C) Autorlation
(D) Scientificclataprooessing' ,18. Which of tlie folkrwing algorithms satisfies the I'

rcquirement of asking the user to input two I

nu mbem, calculating thc average and displaying

44. IVlctlrotls tlrat czrn Lrcr usecl Ibl valiclatiorr arrcl thc result?
verifi cation of'clata are
(A) display'llnter tlvo nurnbers'
(A) r'angcchccks input n,.b
(B) clata typechecks g = (aa-b)/2
(C) inconsistencychecks display c
(l)) all o ['thc above
0l) input a, b
c: (a+b)/2
45. A fielcl in a tablc th:rt appeatrs as at malch of' display c
the prirnary key in anotlrer table i.s callecl it
(C) clisplay'Entei'trvonumbers'
(A) cancliclzrtekey input a, b
(B) secondarylccy c = a'l'b/Z
(C) fbreignkey tlisplay c'
(D) courpositekcy
(D) irtput a, b
c =. a't blZ
46. Given thc firllowing algorithm clisplny c

k=i .
j: j -l-k

the value clisplayecl for lc is

( r\) l0
(B) il
(c) l-)
(D) l4
0l _s29010/sPLic2008
-7 -

49. Which ofthe followingalgorithms cloes NO t 53. Errorc thatoccuriuaprogram when the rules
display four consecutive num bers?
of the programming languages are NOT
obeyecl are called
(A) fbrv=2to5
display v (A) Syntaxemors
(B) Logicalenors
(R) h= I
(C) Executionenors
while h < 5 (D) Run-tinrecmors
disptay h
h.=h-r I
cnd rvhilc 54. Which of the fbllowing is NO'l' a rype ol.
prclgrun error?
(C) for k = 7 down to 4 steJr -l
clisplay k (A) l-ogicerror
(B) Syntaxeror
(I)) f=6 (C) Run time error
rvhilc 1'< 3 (D) Debugenor
displny f
f={'- I

55, Which of the fbllowing is not a rerm used to

describe theprocess ofrnanua lly going tll
50. The variables h and s are assigned the fu lowing a progranr looking for errors?
values, h :4.and s^:3 * h. Display h -l- s*2
willshow (A) 'hacing

(B) Drym
28 (C) Debugging
(B) 30 (D) Docurnentation
(c) 32
(D) 38
56. Which of the following is an exanrple of'a
conditional construct'l
51. Which ol'the lbllowing languages is only
urderstoocl by computers'l (A) Iror-Next
(B) [1i-then-else
(A) 4GLs (C) Wrilc-endwhilc
0f) Machineliurgrmges (D) For-enclfor
(C) Nahuallan$rages
(D) Procedurallanguages
51. Wrich o1'the following reserved words in
Pascaldisplerys data and places thecursoron
52. Which of the followirrg languzrges is NOT a a new linc?
high-level Iangr-rage?
(r\) write
(A) C (B) read
(B) COBOL (C) writeln
(c) ASSEMBLY (D) rcadln

CO ON'I'O'fl lt1 NllX'T PAG[:j

58. anurnber 60.
Prograrn implernentation involves The tenn used toclescribc amemory location
ofstcps. W[ichofthefollowingstepsisNOT whose value changes during program
legitirnate? execution is

(A) Executing (A) constant

(B) Bonding (B) volatile
(C) Compiling (C) vzuiable
(D) Linking (D) clynarnic

59. Which ofthe following identifiers isNOT a


(A) input
(B) totalCost
(C) 9Corurt
(D) NumCount